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Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois, Butchers Another Pregnant Woman

July 1, 2016

A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good just because it's accepted by a majority. A.W. Tozer

Written By: Angela Michael

HOPE CLINIC butchers another pregnant woman, and their private ambulance service "Abbott", arrived at little after 1:00 pm. rushing inside to retrieve the late term woman. She had been inside since 8:00 a.m. That's five hours she was left to bleed out. Only 18 clients today , and several were from the day before, indicting late term. Three cars were left on the parking lot, two were from the day before. One, was the injured womanís car . They covered her up in a black sheet so no one could view another "botched abortion". Last documented butchered abortion patient, was April 16, 2016. But abortionist Erin King says "she needs to kill more babies" abortionist donít need oversight or to be regulated. They police themselves.. Well, they might have just killed yet another woman in Granite City, Illinois.  They rushed the motionless woman over to Barnes -Jewish hospital . pictured on left is a recent rebuke, in St. Louis, Missouri which covers up the gross negligence and malpractice at the hands of Hope Clinic and their butchers.  This couldnít have happened at a busier weekend as we celebrate the birthday of our Nation, many people are gone or busy with week end plans. Today, aging abortionist 74 year old Yogendra Shah killed this woman's late term baby and he may have killed this woman. More info & pictures to come.#‎LETTHEMDIE  

Will update with more information as we receive it and condition of victim.

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