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Hope Clinic For Women



Midwest’s Largest Late Term Abortion Mill is on the Market

     November 2016

Written by: Angela Michael

                                                                                                                                                        Possible buyers from out of state have been paraded in and out of this notorious late term abortion facility for the past few weeks. Today, it was a three some from Tennessee.  Last week a realtor from Arkansas was courting Hope Clinic operations manager and abortionist, Erin King. Former executive director of Hope Clinic, Sally Burgess, was listed as the LLC manager agent for this PTAC. You see, Abortionist, Hector Zevallos, is still the owner. He and his current wife reside in California and operate several mills along the coast. Zevallos brought abortion to Granite City , Illinois, in 1974, telling the Sisters of Divine Providence, who ran the former St. Elizabeth’s hospital across from the abortion mill, that this would be a health clinic for women. The word abortion was never mentioned. Years later the nuns realized what was taking place, but did nothing to stop it. They depended on abortion money to keep the Catholic hospital afloat.  One day we confronted Sr. Mary Thomas, former CEO of St. Elizabeth’s, asking why she was allowing the chief abortionist of Hope Clinic for Women LTD, Yogendra Shah, to be the head of obstetrics inside the former Catholic hospital, while at the same time crossing the street to murder babies?  She answered, “How do you expect us to pay our bills?” In shock we answered, “Sister, don’t you believe in Jesus? Let Him worry about your bills.”

Now, it seems Zevallos has been fighting health issues and, being in his eighties, he wants to unload this real estate. Both Hope Clinic abortionists only lease the abortion mill building to do their grisly trade, where over 400,000 have been killed.

Maybe we could find a rich philanthropist to purchase the building and turn what the devil has meant for harm, into something good. Better yet, since Granite City has so many prolife churches and pastors, let’s pool our money and really do something to stop abortion in Granite City; let’s purchase the abortion mill.  

It seems for years, now and then, we hear the rumor, “Have you heard, Hope Clinic is closing?” Well, contrary to these constant rumors, Hope Clinic is simply for sale, that is, unless the right person buys it. :)  Still, it is no excuse for the apathy towards witnessing and praying outside this abortion mill. Granite City, this is your fight, you do have a dog in it. Listen, this is God’s war; He only asks that we show up for the battle.  And, in closing, if you feel led, just cut the check. :)


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