"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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  Yes, the “rouse” continues as Kathy Sparks Lesnoff President, CEO of Greatest Lie going and “Cash-Cow pregnancy health centers aka MOSAIC plans yet another annual fundraising banquet. Last year we picketed her banquet, where Kathy hired several religious speakers to appeal and attract more donors to fund her lifestyle. Again, many attendees came over and spoke to us in disbelief, but we also had a  few pregnant women with us who were refused help as they were told they didn’t qualify for help. This was shocking to her donors. We informed them of the obstacles Mosaic puts before pregnant mothers and how often many cross our paths going into the abortion mill in GC to get instant help. Kathy is a window dresser.  A charmer, as she has her hands in every churches pockets in Missouri and Illinois, appealing for financial donations so she can prevent abortion, yet in reality she does very little to help pregnant women. To be honest, most pregnant women seeking assistance from Sparks/Lesnoff are not at her center wanting an abortion, they need assistance with their pregnancy. Which, Mosaic makes pregnant girls qualify in order to receive anything.


C2 Mobile - Mobile Medical Unit
p: 618.407.0108
 May I introduce you to Mosaic’s latest money pit, which lies dormant since its inception.
*C2 Mobile is currently unavailable as we accept applications for a qualified driver. The only time this 400.000-dollar state of the art mobile unit moves, is at Sparks/Lesnoff’s fundraisers. They manage to locate a driver then and park it right in front for donors to view. Again, Mosaic juggles various excuses according to their website as to why their mobile unit is not in operation.


Mosaic is consistently changing their website because we keep pointing out their untruths. Here is an example from their current website post: Do you provide material assistance to expectant mothers (diapers, formula, etc.)? Material assistance is provided at the completion of First Steps - Childbirth and Parenting Classes. We have exposed this “excuse” from Mosaic staff to “turn pregnant women away” if they don’t meet Mosaic’s qualifications i.e.; taking classes, in order to receive minimal assistance. Hence, they wind up at the abortion clinic, as many have offered “it’s just easier to get an abortion, than to get help”, with their pregnancy.

  Unfortunately, as we discovered many years ago fighting on the frontlines of the abortion battle, you are going to witness the hard truth of the abortion/ prolife movement, or lack of. The abortion industry has its untruths and money grabbing problems too, but the prolife movement is no better. Actually it’s hard to tell both apart. The prolife movement has turned into a financial business. Pregnancy centers are perpetual fundraisings ministries and they tug at your heartstrings. But you will never win the battle fighting abortion in the “compassionate” way. This is and has always been the American churches problem. Ironically, they never seem to lift a finger to fight the battle from the advantage point they have.  Matthew 16:18   “The gates of hell cannot prevail against the church of Jesus Christ”. But, they have to show up for the battle. Somehow they too use the excuse it’s not their problem and just throw money (pregnancy centers) at the problem which only makes them fatter. This may ease the churches conscience, but the cancer in our society thrives and grows.  Let’s hope the the “empty chair” reveal at yet another one of Mosaic’s upcoming fundraisers will be the announcement of Kathy Lesnoff’s retirement from the “ pregnancy cash cow business”, in Jesus Name we pray.

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