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 Nov. 2016

Written By: Angela Michael

“The kindest acts of the wicked are cruel” Proverbs 12:10

We did not want to give credence to this abortion documentary but we felt the truth needs to be exposed as the progressives always twist it to their liking. It’s all about the “packaging” when it comes to sales and it’s no coincidence this docudrama is being released on the anniversary of Roe V Wade, 2017. The abortion industry is struggling and tarnished with recent Planned Parenthood scandals and cover ups. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/what-its-like-to-provide-abortions-where-access-is-almost-nonexistent_us_57ab79b8e4b0ba7ed23ebd23  

Hope Clinic advertises for us: This should tell you how effective our ministry is   http://www.hopeclinic.com/what-to-expect/


  • Park in front of Hope Clinic for Women, or if that lot is full, in the back.
  • Unfortunately, on most weekends there are protesters on the sidewalks. They do not know you and the circumstances of your life, so do your best to ignore their harassment. Please do not speak to them or take anything from them. It is illegal for them to touch you, block your path, or move onto the clinic property. If you believe they have done something illegal, please report it to the guard. Some women wear hoodies and headphones to block out the noise. On Saturdays, we have clinic escorts wearing purple vests who help shield you from the protesters as you enter the clinic. The ultrasound van on the street belongs to the protesters, not the clinic, so don't be fooled into going there.
  • Move as quickly as possible to the guard's desk by the front door. 


Erin King and Hope Clinic mislead people and want them to think there are no ‘’protesters’’ that are actually there to help women and their babies. They only interviewed a few screamers that come once a month on Saturdays. We are the only ministry that is constantly out there for the past 24 years with our mobile pregnancy unit, complete with ultrasound, testing, baby supplies, food, clothing, shelters, resources, physician referrals and prenatal care follow-up and adoption services. Yes, we also take those unplanned pregnancies and adopt them. That is why Erin King didn’t interview our ministry for her docudrama. We would have exposed more of the abortion industries lies to sell abortions. In this trailer Erin King complains of “protestors” telling her they are killing babies. What is not true about that? What else is growing inside the mothers’ womb? Erin King also doesn’t like the fact that we have pointed out “she is hurting women.” She is. When another private ambulance, Abbott, shows up and hauls another abortion client over to Missouri--not the hospital sitting 75 ft. across from the doors of Hope Clinic--it’s not because the abortion client is doing well, it’s because Erin, you have injured another abortion client. That is why we have documented those incidents and we have pictures of ambulances. Again, this is why Erin King didn’t interview our ministry. Hope Clinic only wants women to think that loonies are standing out in front of the abortion facility.   

 Woman killed by abortion

These are the stories that Hope Clinic and Erin King don’t want women to tell: http://www.smallvictoriesusa.com/Articles/2016/Let%20Them%20Die.html









Just to list a few. There are more. There are many stories on our website of abortion bound clients that stopped their scheduled abortions due to our presence and came out to consult and confirm with our ministry. Many of our adoptions walked back out of Hope Clinic and into our arms for real help and real hope. We have personally adopted babies that were scheduled to be murdered. Yes, Erin, it’s murder to take an innocent life; and you do it every day and you receive money for abortion services. Nothing inside Hope Clinic, like many abortion mills, comes free. You pay now and you pay later. But the abortion staff won’t tell women that. Why is it the abortion mill doesn’t help post-abortive women when they are suffering the side effects of abortion trauma? Maybe because it may make them look bad. You see, Erin King, like most abortionists, want to convey the message that abortion is a reasonable solution to a problem. Erin King, like other abortionists, refer to this packaging as “healthcare.” So, this evil act upon an innocent human being is acceptable.                                                                                                  

 In all my years of being out in front of this abortion mill in Granite City, Illinois, I have suffered through the worst weather conditions and the rudest, crudest behavior and physical, and verbal attacks from clients, workers, and passersby. But, I have also heard the stories from thousands of women on why they find themselves in a place they should not be, and for some it is truly heartbreaking and we understand why many feel this may be an answer, but, we tell them we have another. And, sometimes, there are days, when all you can do, like I have done many times, is just listen, and offer to pray or hold them before they walk into Hope Clinic. And yes, I will admit I’m very disappointed with the lack of free on the spot help from these prolife agencies that do nothing more than collect money and take a salary, but do very little to help distraught, struggling pregnant women. There appears to be corruption in everything nowadays, but we’re not all that way. And let’s face it; most knowledgeable people know that abortion is not healthcare; it’s birth control. The underreporting to the State of Illinois is obscene. On far too many occasions, Hope Clinic does not report full income from surgical abortions on yearly reports, or their census being accurate as far as ages, residency, abortion complication transfers. etc. No one is enforcing state laws inside Hope Clinic. They police themselves, due to the irresponsibility and dysfunction of Illinois regulators. The tragic stories of child rapists coming to Hope Clinic to force young girls to undergo abortions to get rid of the evidence are never told by Erin King .But our ministry will tell you and we have documented several cases and in turn helping law enforcement capture and prosecute these criminals.

There are good reports and many thanks for our ministry being there you may view on our website. This is just one. 

http://www.smallvictoriesusa.com/Articles/2007/Thanks%20be%20to%20God!%20Danielles%20Story.html This is why Erin King wants to feel good about murdering babies. When Hope Clinic has to hire their own private ambulance service(Abbott) and not dial 911 to transfer abortion clients over state lines after an abortion procedure, instead of the hospital sitting a few feet across the street from Hope Clinic’s doors, this should tell you and women something. Maybe that abortion is not safe. Maybe that Erin King is trying to cover up her surgical negligence. These are the stories women need to tell.

But, how many “botched abortions” transfers from Hope abortion clinic will it take for the State of Missouri to have oversight or investigate?  If Illinois has to mandatorily report abortion complications from Hope Clinic, why don’t Missouri hospitals?   

    This is why “abortion,” the most unregulated and lucrative business, needs policing and a good house cleaning. It just makes sense. We don’t allow people to do their own appendectomies at a kitchen table. We don’t allow cupcake bakers to operate from their homes without inspections and oversight Why are we allowing an abortion mill to perform invasive surgical procedures on women who suffer “life threatening”  complications by negligent abortionists who then proceed to cover up their “dirty deeds” in another state , over and over again?  And where ‘o where is the media and camera crew then? How many more women need to be butchered inside Hope Clinic before Missouri/ Illinois authorities investigate?  Back alley abortion has not ended; it just costs more and the abortionist comes through the front door. These are the stories women tell to our ministry.

“Nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; Nor has ANYTHING been SECRET, but that it WOULD COME to LIGHT..” Mark 4:22

UPDATE: At this posting, another out of state law enforcement official has contacted our ministry with another serial rapist with multiple charges pending as I write. This detective was searching the web and came upon our website and the infamous “Child Predator Paradise “also known as HOPE CLINIC where sexual predators bring or force young girls to get rid of the incriminating evidence. This abortion mill is full of evil. It attracts evil and it destroys lives. These are the stories, that NEED to be told.


To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
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