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Hope Clinic Butchers Another Woman

The Stories Women Tell and “Don’t Tell”

April 7, 2017

Written By: Angela Michael

April 7, 2017

  Our day began earlier outside this notorious abortion mill with a large group of students joining us for a prayer vigil. Most of the abortion clients were already inside and a few more trickled in during our vigil. We noticed, both abortionist Erin King and Yogendra Shah were inside this day. The students noticed how late term or advanced several of the abortion bound clients were and called over “we had other options for them”. After they went inside. We prayed and did a Jericho march around the slaughterhouse Then, it was question and answer time. For a lot of the students, this was their first visit to this late term abortion mill. We filled them in on our 24 years of ministry and pioneering the ultrasound van movement. We shared our beginnings and our victories and babies we have saved and adopted and helped other couples adopt. We gave the daily operations of this Midwest largest late term abortion mill, how we personally know the abortionist and their history.  Unfortunately, the Roe V Wade decision was based on a lie and the abortion industry continues to thrive on lies.” Hope Clinic” just the name of this abortion mill is false. Killing a baby is murder. But in order to sell a product, it’s all about how you present it. The students learned a lot this day and were impressed. They took a tour of our ultrasound van and saw pictures of babies saved through the years outside this abortion mill.   Questions kept coming. We told them the down side of our witnessing. Conveniently, the abortion mill doesn’t want you to see or know a lot of their clients are leaving Hope Clinic in ambulances. “Botched abortions” happen far too often. It’s just having witnesses there to catch them and document. One student asked about lawsuits, “Yes, they happened a lot and Hope Clinic fears them, because it makes them look bad, they want people to think that they are offering womenhealthcare”. Now this is the gross part I told them, “when you dismember a baby the size of most of these abortion clients, it will take days to kill them.” I described what a D&E abortion is and how dangerous it is to the pregnant mother, and all the risks the abortion mill staff doesn’t tell women.  Look at all the out of state plates”, I pointed. “Missouri, due to good safe Yes, most are from abortion restrictions, sadly, they just keep crossing the river and killing their babies and dumping them in Granite City, Illinois.” Little did we know then that after our departure exactly what I warned of was about to come true this very day. I ended by commenting it should tell you something when the hospital across the street, Gateway Regional, is now reporting to the state of Illinois any abortion complications coming from Hope Clinic, and in turn Hope Clinic has to keep the charade going so they try and bypass the 9-11 system and hire their own ambulance firm to take bleeding, hemorrhaging clients over the river to St. Louis, Missouri to have emergency surgery to save their lives. It’s a cover up. “Exactly”, I told the student.  These are the stories Hope Clinic don’t want women to tell. I then glanced over to the entrance of this abortion mill and recognized a large woman and a male accompanying her. “Oh, my she changed her hair color”. I called her by name, “Mercedes”, she looked over “Yes”., it was a frequent flyer. She uses the abortion mill as her method of birth control. In the docudrama, her hair was blond. Today it was blue. WOW!

So many lies. The students prayed and hugged and presented us with a donation and praised our ministry. “You’re awesome”.   Thank you, Lord.  Around 1:00 p.m. abortion mill employees came running out with a client shrouded in sheets, they were rushing her over to the emergency room of Gateway hospital only feet from the abortion mill. This must be really bad, normally they call Abbott ambulance service and haul them to St. Louis, so no one is aware of their negligence. One of the Hope Clinic workers was telling the injured client, “it will only be a ten-minute ride over to St. Louis”. The girl was heard moaning. We thought “they’re that desperate, they don’t want her dying on their property, so try and stabilize her at Gateway”. A short time later an ambulance pulled in the emergency room bay and the injured girl was loaded in the ambulance and with lights and sirens, which is not normal protocol for Hope Clinic, they then rushed off towards St. Louis, Missouri heading for Barnes Jewish where both abortionist Yogendra Shah and Erin King have admitting privileges and they “patch their injured clients up and get them back on the highway where they are no longer their problem”. That is, if they survive their botched abortion. A few minutes later, Hope Clinic director, Rasheda Pippens came across the street from the emergency room pushing an empty wheel chair back inside the abortion mill.   This like so many others, are the “ABORTION: The Stories Women Tell” ….and don’t tell. A Hope Clinic farce. You really need to fact check those stories and those employees.. Erin King, you may pour perfume on a pig, but it still smells like a pig.

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