"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Abortion Vs. KKK (Charlottesville)





With all the recent focus on the KKK, White Supremacist and Racism being thrown around and all the violence and destruction of historical statues, one has to ask themselves isn’t there a lil bit of hypocrisy when women are allowed to treat their unborn babies as if they are a piece of property? The location determines the property value. A woman’s womb can be a dangerous place for some babies, especially black babies. Over 50 % of all abortions performed in America are Black babies and the black race only makes up 13% of our population. Black people are destroying their race by their own hands through abortion. It’s the “NEW” slavery. We are all screaming for justice and stop the hate when those screaming and marching are perpetrating the violence in and out of the womb. Babies are enslaved in their mother’s wombs not knowing, they too, are treated like the slaves from generations past which makes their mother’s “slave owners”. Isn’t there a lil’ hypocrisy spread all over one another? Tearing down historical statues that are a dark part of our history, and being violent to stop free speech will not solve the racism problem.    Racism starts at home. It begins in the womb. The worst form is to murder your own babies. It’s very hard to feel sympathetic to the claims of racism when we have viewed and document for over 24 years, so many black mothers marching in droves to murder their babies, without hesitation I might add, at local abortion mills.  Let’s start ending racism, where it begins, by tearing down your local abortion mills that cater to these slave owners. The anarchy, the suppression of free speech, the violence in our streets and homes, it’s a product of what has been sown. Bloodshed pursues bloodshed. We are reaping what we have sown. One day we will look back on these dark times and realize, we all played a role just like the abolitionist or the slave owner or the soldier, and how we fought another institution of evil, “modern day slavery” otherwise known as abortion to end another blight on our nation.
Slowly, our rights are being taken away from us. Just like the unborn baby beholden to its owner.

Keep speaking the truth, no matter the cost,


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