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MOSAIC Pregnancy Health Clinic Offers to Help Woman “take care of her problem” and abort her baby

Written by: Angela Michael

1 Timothy 6:10

 For decades now, our ministry has been exposing this “fake pregnancy center” that sits comfortably on the edge of Granite City and Pontoon Beach, Illinois, raking in millions of dollars to save babies and help women, supposedly.  In our early days we would catch young girls coming directly from Mosaic with referral cards to this abortion clinic. That’s what got our pregnancy/ ultrasound ministry started. The fact that this pregnancy center discriminates pregnant women in need of help, and stands by their policies that make it harder for pregnant women to receive assistance, is appalling. The latest fiasco is their C-2 Mosaic mobile unit. For the past two years, it sat parked, with various excuses given. After last year’s expose ‘outside Mosaic’s annual prolife banquet, Kathy Sparks Lesnoff finally, moved her $400.000 state of the art ultrasound unit onto the street and parked on a couple strip malls. Now, if we could get her paid mobile unit staff to get out of the van, they might have some clients. It is a work in progress.

Other prayer warriors have come to stand with our ministry and visited Mosaic’s website. One was a woman from Missouri whose father is a pastor of a large non-denominational church in the Metro east. She came to help us save babies scheduled to be aborted and she came to inform us of this proabortion pregnancy centers website. After offering to volunteer for Mosaic and never being called her curiosity got the best of her and she went to Mosaic’s webpage. Several webpages with different names. After reading a few paragraphs she was enraged. “They refer to the baby as a “fetus” and various other legalisms which is very confusing to a woman in need of help, she said. “Carrie” then went to another webpage regarding their C-2 mobile unit, where a sentence read” for the client to schedule an appointment to determine the viability of the possible fetus” only after confirmation of a positive urine test. Nowhere on Mosaic’s webpages does it mention “baby”. It refers to a pregnancy as a “fetus”. Who does that, claiming to be prolife? Everyone educated in abortion knows the word “fetus” refers to a baby scheduled to be aborted. “Carrie” even went as far as to phone Mosaic and speak to a worker who defended their policies and the information they claim on their websites. “Carrie” went on to share with the woman on the other side that she knows pregnant girls who have received more assistance from an adoption agency than this pregnancy center.” The conversation got pretty heated, with the worker hanging up on “Carrie”. “Carrie” then informed her father of how prochoice Mosaic’s websites are and the run around she went through over the phone with the worker, and not to support this prochoice pregnancy center anymore.(Editor’s note: Mosaic is constantly changing its website due to our reporting and of course several aforementions have been changed since this claim) Here is the paragraph from their website that talks about the fetus:                                                                                                          

 “Since up to 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in a natural miscarriage, it is important for you to determine and confirm that the fetus is in the uterus and has a heartbeat.   (Editors note: Now, they are physicians?)

That is until recently, Mosaic website states, “We do not refer or provide abortion services”. We once again were contacted by a staunchly prolife woman, who was on her way to do some shopping at a metro east store. On their parking lot towards the highway she noticed the huge Mosaic C-2 mobile unit.  This occurred on December 14, 2016.          

Here is the statement given to us by a woman who contacted us after being horrified when she went to visit Mosaic P.H.C.

“In mid-December I was going to Wal-Mart in Collinsville and saw the Mosaic Pregnancy Center sonogram van in the parking lot and thought I would go and check it out because I had heard so much about how nice it was. As I entered, I was greeted by a lady and she said to me " I will get the nurse to help take care of your problem". I thought to myself, what kind of problem do I have? When it was time for the nurse, it dawned on me they think I'm pregnant. When the nurse came she said “Oh we can help you with your problem”. I asked her what problem? She said “a woman of your age doesn't want another child”. I said” I'm not pregnant and I definitely wasn't here for an abortion… I just wanted to check out this van and I didn't think you referred abortions”. She said “only in certain situations”. I was shocked because I have been told that under no situations did they refer girls for abortion.

 Becky Bauerle

 Thank you, Becky, for contacting us and helping expose this travesty. Becky is a powerful youth leader in the Catholic Diocese and has personally contacted others in the diocese to let them know this pregnancy center is pro-abortion, and her experience.

Sadly, Becky, Carrie and others are catching onto this prolife racket. Unfortunately, the majority of pregnancy centers of the prolife movement are nothing more than a financial business. “CASH-COWS” is how we refer to them. They reach into the deep pockets of the churches especially the Catholic ones, and yet they keep at bay their volunteers and donors of the Catholic faith. Catholic volunteer/workers cannot counsel pregnant girls at Mosaic PHC. They promote themselves as helping save so many when in reality, they help very few.


Why would anyone believe this center’s claims that they are, saving babies with their donations when they are referring pregnant women for abortions? Surely, church leaders and their congregations must be ignorant of this troubling fact; otherwise how could they continue to support these proabortion pregnancy centers? And, to make matters worse; this disease is spreading in the by-state area. 



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