"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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 Mosaic PHC Lies Exposed Again!

“Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed”

What do Joel Osteen & Kathy Sparks Lesnoff (Mosaic PHC) have in common? INTEGRITY. Instead of "people serving" they are "self-serving". Both are wealthy, both are loaded with resources, they have multiple homes, numerous vacations and pricey speaking engagements, spa visits, etc. They take in a lot of money, both are tax exempt. Osteen has come under fire for his lack of empathy and answering the call in his own hometown where an ongoing crisis has has occurred. Mosaic exec director, has perpetually reacted the same for decades, that is until human pressure makes them both act and they go into damage control. They drag close comrades to help clean up their PR mess. Base supporters and Tyler Perry for Osteen. Some GC base supporters and Chesterfield MO., rich supporters and "in denial", gutless pastors. Oh Osteen / Sparks are "charmers". Syrup-y, sweet prayers that make one want to gag. They hold a Bible in one hand and a dagger in the other. This is why common people hate the religious people, they know how "fake" they are. Osteen is dealing with a tragic flood. We in GC are dealing with a fake prego center and director who boldly lies in the camera claiming she is out in front of Hope Clinic, her former job, and she has many sidewalk counselors out there every day, and they saved over 1000 babies in the van. When in truth, her feet have never touched the sidewalks where over 400, 000 babies have been killed. Some have been referred for abortions from Mosaic PHC and she has the gall to say she is "prolife". But, there is one ministry that has answered the call for 25 yrs. outside this ab mill in GC. Pictured are a man from AR who saved his late term baby this past Friday. SV director & prayer warrior speaking with Hispanic male who brought woman, two saves at different times throughout morning (Man with cane & daughter) Male with long dreads and red shirt woman walking in alley from GA. And we save the best for last. ALL the Mosaic counselors on the sidewalks. Yes, twice a month the $400,000 Mosaic van sits idly across from the ab mill, no activity. But on this Friday, after sitting quietly for 3 hrs. the diesel engine started, and a young bearded male began driving by the ab mill. God told me to gently confront Mosaic bus and I stepped out onto the street flagging it down. With several onlookers and prayer warriors watching and listening, he stopped and rolled down the window I looked up at this radiant faced male, "John" I think he said, the engine was so loud, I asked him "Excuse me, but where is Kathy Sparks and all the Mosaic sidewalk counselors? He replied" We don't have any". I was a little stunned he would admit that, I'm used to being lied too with various excuses. I proceeded to tell him, "Well, Sparks videotaped an interview outside here on Aug. 4th (Daniel Norris "Trail of Fire Ministries" ) and she claimed she was here every day along with all her Mosaic sidewalk counselors and that they have saved over 1000 babies in this van". "He replied, "Well, that's news to me". I told him "Thank you", and he replied, "Have a blessed day" and drove off. Nice guy, another unaware Mosaic paid employee. It was refreshing to hear the truth for once. The point is both charismatics are using deception for their means. One is leading the church to hell and tickling their ears, and the other is giving the church a false sense that we are stopping abortion by giving money to prego centers and fleecing the flock; in truth, if only the church would show up outside these ab mills, they would close up! In total 19 babies killed GA, AR, IN, MO, IL 3 babies saved. We overcome evil by doing good. This was more confirmation. "Truth will ultimately prevail where there are pains to bring it to light”. -G.Washington

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