"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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The Acceptable and Silent Tragedy

Written by; Angela Michael

February 18, 2018










In wake of the most recent massacre of children, I am reminded of the perpetual massacre that happens every day in a small steel town in Southern Illinois, known infamously as Granite City. This gritty, deteriorated town, houses the Midwest largest late term abortion mill ironically called Hope Clinic, was once known for its boom town steel mill located two blocks behind the abortion clinic, which drew families from all 50 states. The steel mill lays ďidledĒ with a skeleton crew currently.  Now, itís the baby killing mill that draws people here in droves. The only question asked is Visa, money order or cash. You see, there are NO abortion restrictions in Illinois, as long as you have the money. Although their website states to have a driver, or that they only perform abortion up to 24 weeks, it, like other requirements are not enforced. No one is policing them. Not even the state of Illinois. Why? Because Illinois # one manufacturing product is corruption. Lawmakers and Big brother look the other way when it comes to vice or what is evil. They make a lot of money off of it. We may be the only state thatís at least eight disgraced former governors are currently in prison.


    This most recent school shooting in Florida, pales in comparison to the number of children that are struck down by a hired murderer behind the purple doors inside Hope Clinic. This past Tuesday, 51 children were slain in four hours.. Itís as tragic as those lost to an AR-15 rifle at the hands of a madman on Valentineís Day.  Why is this happening? Because we have kicked God out of everything. We are so busy being politically correct and tolerable we have opened the floodgates to the devil and his workers. We allow the premeditated murders of innocent children everyday inside abortion mills without any thought. I am afraid the mindset of most teens and young adults has been solidified with violence and gore. They have grown up glorifying everything but God.  It is the same tragedy played out in Florida this past week. Different weapon; same results. I have to ask, where is the outrage? Where is the protest?  Yes, this was another shocking shooting, and the worst part, is there were red flags, people were coming forth and saying something to law enforcement and the FBI and yet, it appears no one pursued the concerns about this misguided individual. God is showing us that even the biggest law enforcement agency cannot stop this evil. We need God. Yes, this was premeditated by the shooter; but the same thing happens every day inside abortion mills such as Hope Clinic by the moms and dads, the abortionist, the abortion mill staff, yet this act of violence is acceptable. At Hope Clinic, this tragedy has gone on for over 44 years. Those in a moral position to speak out on the violence and atrocities sit on the sidelines in silence. Now and then, there is a shooting and there will be a flash in the pan, a headline in the paper, or evening news, so to say, then like anything else it dies down and the outrage, and goes away. Itís acceptable, the evil and violence that roams in society. We have become calloused to it.  What do you think God is saying? I think He is mourning and weeping the tragic deaths of these children; just as He does with every child murdered in abortion mills. They are innocent too, and taken so violently, by those who are supposed to be their fiercest protectors, their mothers, their fathers.


 Can it be as the Bible warns: ďwhat we sow, so shall we reapĒ. This is what a godless society looks like. Where there is no respect for innocent life in the womb, when we put a price tag on life, how can there be respect for others at any stage of life?  You didnít have mass shootings in the 40ís or 1950ís. You didnít have abortion massacres either. And there were guns, big ones, little ones, on the streets. But we didnít have a depraved and evil, promiscuous society as we do now.  Yes, there needs to be control. ďGod controlĒ. We need to repent and turn to God, only then can He heal our land, and society. II Chronicles 7:14 We have been wayward children far too long. No, I donít personally think just anyone should be able to own a machine gun, or automatic-powered rifles. But, nor do I think itís acceptable for weapons such as Sopher forceps, Crainioclast, decapitators, curettes, dilators, suction hoses, in the hands of those sworn to ďfirst, to do no harmĒ. There has to be consequences to actions. We need a God-fearing people once again. It may take children to rebuke lawmakers for more gun control; but it will take children to march and protest those same children being murdered behind abortion mill walls and to be as outraged as I am to these senseless killings that go on every day in Granite City, Illinois. This is a community tragedy alright. We are reaping the violence we have sown.


 Keep speaking and exposing the truth, no matter the cost,


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