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       October 30, 2018 

Midwest largest late term sanctuary abortion mill in Granite City, Illinois is cleaning up its substandard/ grotesque image inside state-of-the-art 

Since the first of the year, when Rino Governor Bruce Rauner signed pro abortion legislation and lied to Illinois taxpayers, our abortion numbers have drastically increased. Approx. 30-40 babies a day 5 days a week are murdered now that abortions are limitless and FREE in Illinois. Courtesy of Illinois taxpayers. Of course, with the steady increase of abortions so too are complications and negligent mistakes and errors occurring inside Hope Clinic. Another side effect due to increase, is the filthy conditions. Employees cannot keep up with cleaning duties and removal of waste products.

And, just like the Gosnell movie, storage space is running out inside Hope Clinic. Currently there are at least three abortionists performing abortions at all hours inside Hope Clinic. They hired one licensed nurse to try and keep up with surgical abortions. Today, she had to park in the open where high schoolers joined us praying. She lashed out at them for being there as the guard walked her inside the slaughterhouse. Baby killers want no witnesses to their crimes. That’s why the abortionists picked Granite City to make their fortunes on murdering babies; they knew there would be no resistance locally. So, when young people make the pilgrimage, to stand in the gap, abortion workers get angry and they are quaking behind those purple cinder blocks. Today was more proof.    

   As we were attending to a mother who saved her baby and leaving the area, we noticed the cleanup crew and the giant dumpster adjacent to the slaughterhouse. The men were placing bloodied carpet and materials from the abortion mill into the dumpster and looking over their shoulders to see if we were noticing. Of course. We also noted the abortion numbers were low today due to the cleanup crew inside, most probably. The last time we witnessed a massive clean up inside Hope Clinic was at least 10 years ago, where under the dark of night, a crew was power washing the walls inside this abortion mill from the blood splatter etc. We posted the article on our website, and the letter an abortion client wrote to us concerning the filthy conditions and the stench inside this abortion mill.
Thanks be to God! Danielles Story 
 and another article Hope Clinic Taken to the Cleaners;  

   We can only imagine how awful the environment and conditions are now with the numbers increasing so radically. The recently released “Gosnell” movie is an eye opener for both sides of the abortion issue. Why is the media and movie industry so silent on its premier and showing? Because they don’t want the public to know the truth. You might just change your mind on abortion. It is a factual, no gore account of just one narcissistic abortionist. Do you think Gosnell is the anomaly? NO! Gosnell’s exist wherever babies are murdered. He wasn’t convicted on the murder of one woman, or the filthy conditions, or the unlicensed, uneducated personnel performing abortions, or the lack of health department inspections and oversights, not even the narcotics flowing from this abortion mill onto the streets. Sadly, it was only after the jury of prochoice jurors viewed a picture. A picture that showed the truth. Again, no gore. Truth. Serial killer Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of murder. The same is true for Hope Clinic and the abortionists inside. It is just a matter of time. Go to gosnellmovie.com    AMBA

   Keep speaking and exposing the truth, no matter the cost,



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