"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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THE LIES OF LESNOFF (formerly Kathy Sparks) MOSAIC PHC Granite City, IL.

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed”.

March 2018

 As we enter our 25th year of standing in the trenches along the frontlines of the abortion battle, it seems the deceitful way of life for con artist Kathy Lesnoff, executive director of one fake pregnancy center Mosaic Pregnancy Health Center continues. Our vital ministry began due to the fact pregnant women were being directed with business cards from Sparks/Lesnoff center to undergo abortions at Lesnoffs former job site, Hope abortion Clinic in Granite City, Illinois. We heard from other legit pregnancy centers of this travesty. We encountered pregnant women who sought help from Mosaic only to be told they had to qualify for free help and free supplies, by taking required classes at ridiculous hours and multiple days/ evenings in order to earn tickets to purchase only a layette and diapers. Many of these women didn’t have transportation or babysitters for other children in order for them to attend. 


 So, you understand a distressed pregnant woman coming back to Hope Clinic to get instant relief and help with her situation. I remember contacting Mosaic back in the 90’s with a girl, 17 weeks pregnant, that needed an ultrasound to convince her nothing was wrong with her baby. She promised me tearfully, if she could see her baby, she would not go through with the scheduled abortion on that cold, bleak March morning. The intake worker, “Toni” informed me that they were closed and to “just to let her go inside Hope Clinic it might be better especially if she was on drugs or alcohol”. I was shocked to say the least. Here I heard all this prolife rhetoric about this center only to have it dispelled. I begged and literally held onto this girl’s hand watching her slip away back into the slaughterhouse because there was no help, no medical resources on the spot to save this baby. I wept long and hard that day. I was determined that will never happen on my watch.                                         


   That was when the transformation from a simple prayer warrior went into Wonder Woman express pregnancy care “special forces”. The vison began to help EVERYONE without hurting their dignity, or making them try out for supplies and resources and most of all being a “window to the womb” by providing professional ultrasounds on the spot to abortion seeking mothers.  I relied on our family, children and young adults to stand in the gap along side me and to make the trek everyday in our family van, loaded with much needed supplies and prolife literature. We have since advanced and upgraded our express mobile center through the years with a couple older R.V.’s such as our current unit equipped with supplies, literature, videos, medical equipment including our vital ultrasound machine. Our staff consists of several trained nurses, sonographers, psychologists, techs, and four volunteer physicians. We have been blessed with many volunteers and prayer warriors throughout the decades on those sullen sidewalks. We couldn’t do it without the Lord and them.                                                                                                                         Now, as wonderful as this sounds, it has not been easy deflecting the malice and false accusations that began with our many victories and notoriety. We expected it from the abortion advocates and the abortion mill, but to our disappointment, it was coming from the green-eyed enviers. Everyone wants the credit, but no one wants to do the work. So true in our case. More surprising was it was coming from professing “Christians”. I can’t tell you how many times a scheduled fund raiser or banquet was sabotaged by such haters. Lesnoff and her minions hated it when a church in the Metro-east supported us, they did everything to poison them about our ministry. The pastors informed us. Why you ask? Because the prolife arena is like a large pie, picture it. And we soon found out, NO ONE wants to share a piece of that pie. They want the monopoly. At least in this area. At one time I heard from a priest to “slow down” you’re making us look bad”. How so? Because you’re doing what we should all be doing and you tell the truth.”  In doing good we expose what others are doing bad.                                                              


 Since our “epiphany”, we have seen the prolife movement and pregnancy care organizations turned into nothing more than a financial business. That’s right, it’s all about money and power. That’s why they make it so hard for a pregnant woman to receive free help. Fake prego centers make them beg or have to take classes to earn supplies that have already been donated. Or as we stated many centers are NOT prolife. They have their own agenda. Recently, a youth minister saw the Mosaic $400.000 mobile unit on a Walmart parking lot. Curious, she walked over to check it out. Two women came out to greet her. As they were bringing her inside. One woman made the comment, “Let’s get you inside so we can help you take care of that problem”. Problem? Becky thought, what problem? Becky took note of the state of the art RV as she gazed around as she had heard how nice the van was, true. Then the Mosaic C-2 mobile staff began prompting Becky into a discussion to terminate her pregnancy. Unbeknownst to Becky who didn’t even know she was expecting! The woman, Becky assumed was a medical person, then told her, “A woman your age couldn’t possibly want to bring a child into the world, we can help you with that”. Floored, Becky felt the heat go up into her face as she spoke up,  I thought ya’ll were prolife? I know a lot of people that donate to Mosaic PHC; if they knew you were trying to help me get an abortion they would not donate to you anymore”.  With that she stood up and hurriedly walked out of the RV, to her car and drove off.                         


      Folks, this is not the first case of “bait and switch” coming from Mosaic, we have experienced this with other potential clients going in that van or their offices. More lies. Frightened pregnant girls are constantly turned away from Mosaic PHC as we intercept a lot outside the abortion mill in Granite City, Illinois.  After last year’s 2017 annual Mosaic PHC banquet where we protested and exposed the travesty, finally, Kathy Lesnoff moved the mobile unit out onto the streets. On two different occasions we saved babies from their scheduled abortion at Hope Clinic and sent them directly to the mobile unit. Half an hour later each pregnant girl came back angry and disappointed. Matter of fact, “Rich” the mobile unit driver accompanied one girl back to us and informed us, “Sorry, we have these stupid rules and we can’t help this girl.” I inquired more information and Rich told us, “they couldn’t do the ultrasound because the lady in the van was not qualified to perform one”.                                   


  We also inquired as to “where are all the sidewalk counselors Kathy Lesnoff declared via a video she taped with Daniel K. Norris 8/4/17 she had outside the abortion clinic in Granite City, as a matter of fact she stated she was out here everyday saving over 1000 babies in her mobile unit from Hope Clinic”. He scratched his head and said,  “Well, that’s news to me”.  One of our new prayer warriors said,   well someone needs to talk with her”.  I told him,” we’ve been trying for decades, it’s useless. That van is nothing more than a photo op. 

  More lies.  We haven’t seen that $400,000.00 mobile unit for months, now. That’s right, she has several homes now. She keeps the bungelow in Granite City for “window dressing” purposes, but resides in Vairfax, Virginia with current hubby. Kathy just flies into the metro -east to do her annual banquet in March and collects her money. Her Granite City staff just forwards her $90,000+ salary, and throughout the year she comes around for photo-ops as she did with Daniel K. Norris recently across the street from Hope Clinic. She has never seen the pavement outside this abortion mill. More lies.


  Kathy has been stealing our work, plagerizing, impersonating and taking credit for decades, and using them for her fundraising events. More lies.   Just ask Shawn Reagan;

here are both articles with the facts;    Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers/ Thrive St.Louis Pregnancy Centers  and A Day at the Circus Sep05


  Sadly, abortion and child sacrifice sustain itself on lies and the compassion of others. So true of the “cash cow” pregnancy centers that do very little to nothing. “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” E. Hoffer


 Through the ignorance of people, both entities thrive, because those who claimed the name of Christ refuse to know the truth, but rather believe a lie. It’s all in the packaging as to how you’re going to sell it.


Keep exposing and speaking the truth, no matter the cost,


To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.