"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."


                                                 Written by : Angela Michael

Oct. 2019


While many Illinoisans are fleeing “the Land of Lincoln” due to high taxes, corruption, poverty levels and crime, there appears to be a recent steady rush of visitors to the “Prairie” state for another reason. Conspicuously, a welcome mat at the entrance to our great state--a huge billboard--welcomes everyone seeking a legal abortion. That’s right, the number one attraction or draw to Illinois is now murdering babies and what’s worse, is the sweeping new abortion legislation known as the Reproductive Health Act which removes any laws or oversight protecting women and born or unborn babies inside abortion mills. This makes Illinois the deadliest and most ruthless state when it comes to late term abortion.

And the kicker, here it comes, Illinois taxpayers are forced to pay for unlimited out of state abortions. Yes, all 50 states, due to a loophole buried in the revised RHA legislation which also declares that a woman can receive an abortion throughout ALL 9 months, and it doesn’t have to be by a physician. Also, no underage abortion need be reported, which means abortion mills in Illinois are a “sexual predator’s paradise” for getting rid of any evidence. As a matter of fact there is no reporting at all; no inspections or licensing anymore, no oversight, no annual reports to the Illinois Health Department, no 9-11 calls or FOIA.


Abortion is a fundamental right now, and safe procedures are no longer paramount. Also, a child born alive during an abortion has NO rights; no life sustaining measures will be provided. The RHA also removed criminal penalties for physicians who perform abortions on non-pregnant women. The partial birth abortion ban has been repealed; no longer will a medical excuse be needed to murder late term babies that can survive the viability point, 23-24 weeks. And, if a woman dies during or after her abortion in Illinois, there is no reporting, no investigation, no coroner will be called; only the funeral home.                                                                             


One has to ask, this is “health care”? Sounds more like legalized “back alley abortions,” and taxpayers are straddled with the unending cost.

Years ago, it used to be the towering steel industry that drew families from all 50 states. Now, it’s free abortions. We have seen an 80% increase in Granite City, Illinois alone. Recently the announcement of a “secret” mega Planned Parenthood clinic was met with much media attention in Fairview Heights, Illinois. It’s only 13 minutes from the current “America’s Abortion Capital” aka Hope Clinic. The mega mill was built in “secrecy” to keep protestors from trying to prevent or thwart its construction and opening. You know anything built in secret is not good.


Yes, it really is a mad exodus of Illinoisans leaving. People can’t afford to live in Illinois due to being taxed to death and jobs moving out of state to friendlier territory. Consider, a diabetic in Illinois can’t afford lifesaving insulin, but Illinois can afford to pay for everyone’s abortions. Shameful. Unfortunately, the only businesses thriving in Illinois are the abortion industry and moving vans.   Mark 4:22


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