"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Hope Clinic Granite City, IL. Abortion Capital of America Workers

Pictured are; Yogendra A Shah-abortionist, Erin L. King Eisenberg- abortionist, James Hobby-former nurse now abortionist and boyfriend to Margaret Baum abortionist, Deb Weidhardt -bldg. operations director, Calista Baublitz aka “Cali Dorsey”clinic manager, Danielle Driver -na  / med. assist., Jessica Westwood- Puder na/med.assist., Gwen Taylor-med assist., Kathy Jo Creacy Elberg-med assist., Robin Schiller-med.assist.,Taylor Webb- med.assist.,Jennifer Reeves-recovery room assist., Kristina Goodbrake-med.secretary, Rebecca Wilson -nurse, Pat Pittman -nurse, Bonnie Bottenberg -nurse,Barb Starwalt pictured but retired. Becky Woolever-counselor,  Danyelle Hoff-Nygard-Dir.Nrsg.,Chelsie Abbett-business mangr.  Not pictured; Aysha Hill counselor, Deb Stopsky-counselor, Byra Johnson-counselor,  Claudia Hamilton -instrument tech., Hannah Dismer-counselor, Allison Dreith- Deputy Director Pray for the hands that shed innocent blood and complete eradication of this evil from our nation and especially in Granite City, Illinois. Now that IL is the most deadliest late term abortion/birth control mill, where there are no regulations or oversight, non physician abortionist, means anyone can do abortions inside Hope Clinic. Tax payers are being forced to pay for everyone’s limitless, abortions. No parental consent or restrictions. Hope Clinic has hired private ambulance firm “Abbott” to haul butchered pt.’s across the river to St Louis, MO. at Barnes Jewish to continue with the coverup for the past two years as IL was a mandatory reporter when injured abortive women show up at emergency rooms of IL hospitals from Hope Clinic. Here I thought ‘legal” abortions would put a stop to “back-alley” seedy abortionist! Boy, were we wrong. Back alley abortion hasn’t ended with legal abortion, it just cost more. 


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