"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."



 Written by: Angela Michael

December 2019

22 Week Abortion (01)

 Our job just got tougher here in Illinois, just two weeks before Christmas when we celebrate the first “gift” to the world, the baby JESUS.  The new Mega Planned Parenthood located in Fairview Heights, Illinois, is now doing surgical abortions. They are scheduling them for the week before Christmas and routinely now. It appears serial abortionist, Mr. Erin King (David) Eisenburg is showing up almost daily now at PP in Fairview Heights. The Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri just across the river is like a “ghost town”. Their demise is imminent, which tells you how Planned Parenthood lies. ABORTIONS are their bottom line; not mammograms, or birth control, or REAL healthcare. I would be surprised if the lights are still on, so to say, inside Missouri’s last remaining abortion mill come this February 2020. Good for Missouri: Bad for Illinois. Recently, after Thanksgiving vacation week, we noticed Hope Clinic, “America’s Abortion Capital”, murder rate was fluctuating.  

 Since June, the new RHA implementation of making “back alley” abortions legal in Illinois, our numbers sky rocketed! Due to no restrictions, babies can be killed up until birth and FREE abortions for all 50 states, now in Illinois, via taxpayers.   Only days before Thanksgiving, Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois, murdered 58 babies one day. Recently, the numbers are lowering a little due to Planned Parenthood finally, I surmise, someone learned how to dismember a baby so they are no longer referring as many late terms to Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois. Now, we will have to watch the back doors of the new slaughterhouse as its just a matter of time, not “if” butchered women start getting hauled out on stretchers to waiting minivans or ambulances to be transported to Barnes Jewish hospital in St. Louis or maybe area hospitals where abortionist may apply for privileges. Time will tell, sadly.

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