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A Motherís Tears

Does Anybody Hear Her?  
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viZ6H_2E7iU .

August 26, 2008

Written by Angela Michael

Psalms 10:17 ďYou hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed, in order that man, who is of the earth, may terrify no more.Ē


            We were recently put in touch with yet another heartbroken mother who was devastated after learning her grandchild was killed and her rights to her minor daughter were ripped from her arms, without her knowledge. Here in Illinois , the abortion industry feels they make better parents to your children than custodial parents who are footing their childrenís bills and raising them. Our ministry has unfortunately made national news with this ongoing problem concerning parental rights and underage abortion. Missouri has made it a felony for an adult to bring an underage minor across state lines to obtain an abortion here in Illinois, yet no one is enforcing this law.  The statutory rape laws are still on the books in all fifty states. When are the lawmakers and judges going to sit up and take notice of this travesty and place parentsí rights back in their hands? 



                                                 18 yr old driver who signed for underage abortion                        boyfriend of underage girl


The following is this motherís story:

            ďAlways having been a Christian mother and raised my kids in church, imagine my surprise when one Friday night last month I found my 16 year old daughter was not where she told me she would be for the next few days, on a camping trip with a friend. I had talked to her mom first (later turned out it wasnít her mom on the phone), and I really had a gut feeling something was wrong on Thursday night when she went to the friendís. They were supposed to leave Friday morning. I got up early Friday and ran to the friendís house and no one would answer the door. I just still felt really wrong, so I made many calls that day, without getting a hold of anyone.  I looked everywhere and the mom of the friend and friend she was supposed to go with would not tell me where to find her. 

            My husband and I spent the next 4 hours desperately searching, calling, and driving to each friendís home in a panic. Finally, after several hours, I went back to the mother of her friend in tears, ďI am not going home til I find my daughter. She has been gone almost 24 hours and I donít know where she is.Ē  She responded, ďWell, you arenít going to like it.  I know where she is.  She is in Illinois having an abortion. And sheís pretty far along, 20 weeks.Ē  My heart sunk.  Why would she do that?  I have always raised her pro-life.  I hit the floor in tears.

            I ran to the boyfriendís mom and she got ahold of them. When he finally admitted to what they were there for I begged to talk to him and begged him and begged him through tears thinking maybe it wasnít too late, ďPLEASE donít do that. I would take the baby if you donít want it. We would help you raise it. There is adoption.Ē Finally he told me it was too late.  She was 20 WEEKS PREGNANT!!!!  My heart just broke. 

            The boyfriendís mom and I stayed together crying until 1:30 a.m. and then I went home and cried the rest of the night with my husband and it was horrible. I was so upset. The clinic made soup of my grandchild and sucked it out with a hose the next day. The next morning I went to the friendís home who took her and cried to his parents about it to let them know what had happened. They didnít know either.

            The next day when I got my daughter back I immediately cried and we had long talks. She said that she Ďprayed about it and God will forgive me. I couldnít stand it inside me, it felt gross, I just wanted it out. I just couldnít be the pregnant girl at school.í I had said "You were over half way there!  I could have hid you at my sister's house for four months, they all love you too and would have been glad to til we got through this."  There were 4 unhappy parents that wished they would have come to them.  She said she had a friend that apparently told her of the abortion mill, whose mom held her hand through an abortion and "I knew you wouldn't do that."  I said, "You are right, I wouldn't have.  I would have held your hand through labor, through handing it over to adoptive parents, through raising it yourself.  But, you are right they wouldn't have touched you."   I told her, "I would have taken it.  It would have fit right in.  Eventually no one would have had to known it wasn't mine." 

            None of the reasons they gave me were mature, responsible reasons that counseling and parents couldn't have handled and worked through with them.  The abortion was completely senseless.  Still the reasons they give me are selfish, teenage responses. I think they separated themselves from it being a baby and they got the "pro-choice" counseling up there.  I told her I never raised her to be pro-choice and I don't buy any of the crap they filled her head with that it was her body.  It's a baby! 

            She says she just wants to be a kid, she didn't want to deal with the problem.  I had told her its just legal murder.  She is hurt by the situation and I can see it in her eyes the pain, but I am not so sure she regrets it yet.  The consequences of this go far beyond just now, it will be painful for years and years and teens do not have any way of understanding the emotional consequences. All the reasons she gave me werenít good reasons to kill the baby.

            How can they do that when she is so far along???  How can they do that without my consent?  Why do they need my consent to get her ears pierced, if she would want a tattoo, to have a tonsillectomy, to have dental work, but they can do that to MY daughter and grandchild without my knowledge???  She needs me to go to the bank with her to sign for her to get a checking account.

            I felt SO cheated and devastated.  I do not feel at 16 she is able to make mature decisions and one day the emotional challenge of getting over what she did will hit her.  They cannot possibly understand what they have done at that age.  I would have never let her do that and I would have helped her through any other decision she would have made (adoption, me taking it and raising it, etc.)  I was heartbroke and still am over that. 

            The injustice is horrible that I feel along with the grief.  I would love to do anything legal to this clinic I could, but from what I read there is nothing.  I read the Illinois law, which seems good, but they made a large loophole that makes it all null and void.  Additionally, I am from Missouri where it is not legal.  She drove to Illinois to get it done!  (I now refuse to vote Obama) 

             I am really disappointed in her and her boyfriend, but extremely angry at the clinic for doing this and with the mother of the friend who decided not to tell me.  If they had told me hours earlier, the baby would still be alive. I had my parental rights ripped from me on such a crucial matter. Why an 18 year old kid is allowed to step in for me and make crucial decisions about life/death and my daughter's well-being, well itís insanity. We could of given that baby a loving home.

            Itís frustrating that the so-called counselors in Hope Clinic counseled MY daughter about her life/ body, when it affects the clinic for that day and affects us for life, and I donít get a say. The emotional consequences we will have to deal with for years will affect all our lives. My daughter needs my consent to open a bank account, get dental work, ears pierced, but someone at Hope Clinic decided she was old enough to end someone elseís life and put herself at serious risk.  The next time my daughter wants to open a bank account, Iíll tell her, ďMaybe she should consider going to Illinois, maybe you wonít need me to sign for you  if you go there.Ē Our hearts will be broken over this for years to come." - Mary

            (We remember the two boys that brought this underage girl. The abortion was started on Friday. On Saturday, the driver vandalized our boom box that plays soft Jesus music. Police responded and gave them a warning.)


            Forget about whether or not you agree or disagree with abortion. How is it that a parent has no say in a major medical decision involving their child? A 16 year old canít get emergency room treatment for a broken nose or stitches until a parent authorizes it. She canít get a tattoo or her ears pierced without her parentsí permission. She canít even get an aspirin at school unless her parents say itís OK. Yet the law allows her to get an abortion, en evasive surgical procedure, which can have life-threatening complications, without her parentsí consent or even knowledge. Which shows the insanity in a similar situation:

            An Illinois man was recently charged for tattooing a minor which led to infection. http://www.bnd.com/news/local/story/429830.html Why arenít abortion mills held accountable? Why are they held to a different degree? Why isnít the news reporting this? There is a double standard concerning underage abortion and parental consent. Authorities will go after a tattoo parlor for not getting parental consent, the tattoo artist is looking at a year in prison.

            Hope abortion Clinic will say that they were only following the law, but the law needs to change. Illinois lawmakers need to restore the rights of parents and put the rights back in their hands and not the blood money profiteers. 

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.