"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Angela,                                                                                                       January 29, 2008


            Iím sure you probably donít remember me- but you have been in my prayers.

            My oldest grandson was 6 years old Oct. 27th. You were such a help to me during Lindaís pregnancy and the birth and to Linda and Brian (my son).

            Now I have 4 grandsons between my 2 boys. Do you remember Linda was just 15 and kicked out of her house? During the delivery you sat with me almost the whole time.

            I used to live in Illinois . Now I live in Missouri . My husband and I are separated for almost 2 years, but we help each other with the grandkids. Jake my 6 year old-grandson is always with his Grandpa, the apple of his eye. I hope you know how much you helped us. It might take some people a long time to let you know they are still thinking about you and grateful for you.

            Keep up the good work!

                                                                                    God bless you Angela,

                                                                                                Mary Ann


We all make so many mistakes- but you are trying to stop people from making one of the biggest ones. Babies are such a gift from God- I just wanted you to know I admire what you do! I know it hasnít been easy for you.



I commend the local coverage of the recent AbortionNo trucks visit to St. Louis, MO with the truth of what an abortion looks like. On local t.v. and radio programs. I heard the opposition rhetoric ďWhat do I tell my 6-year old, that's horrible" !  Another woman eating her lunch commented, ďIt's gross, picture chili with a face on it"..My answer to the opposition is, Good! I think America needs to see more of the truth of what an abortion looks like.  Every bus on the street, every billboard should show aborted Americans ..If seeing those images of dismembered little American boys and girls is so upsetting and disgusting, then maybe we shouldn't be allowing abortion. And to the skeptics,

here is an open invitation to come stand outside an abortion clinic as an observer and see what Americans once thought was good for a woman has now turned out to be harmful to women and we know the outcome for the baby is fatal. Over 54% of abortions are repeats. That's birth-control. Abortion hurts women. It leaves two victims, one dead and one wounded. America, women deserve better than abortion, and we as Americans can do better than abortion.


 Angela Michael  / Director Small Victories

        Highland, Illinois        (618-654-5800)

Out of Granite City

             Maybe they were just doing their job. Maybe they had no choice. Maybe, in this age when fathers and unborn babies have no rights, their hands were tied.

            On August 17, I was on my way home from work about 4 p.m. and decided to stop at the abortion clinic where a few intercessors had gathered. I noticed there was a police presence.

            Apparently, just minutes before I showed up, a young undecided couple went into the clinic. As they had been warned, the man was separated from the woman and, when he wished to communicate with her, he was prevented- to the point where the Granite City Police were summoned.

            Fortunately, the young man eventually was able to contact his love over the phone. They soon left the area- all three of them- and found aid from a pro-life physician and others who offered true compassionate help.

            What I find most disturbing is that Iíve been told that this use of the police is not unusual. And, as a Granite City resident, it troubles me greatly that the very police force that one minute may be saving my childís life the next minute may be aiding the local abortionist to end life. It leaves me with a sick feeling in my stomach.

            We donít have to put up with this. We wouldnít allow a strip club or massage parlor to reside here, and we donít have to allow an abortion clinic.

            Letís inform our city leaders that we donít want the hands of our police to be covered with the blood of the innocent. If city officials are sympathetic to this accursed thing, letís vote them out, every last one. Letís get that evil thing out of our town.

Robert P. Edwards 
Granite City

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them; Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.