"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Another botched abortion, another prolifer assaulted...

Ryan Goski & Allison Hile Hitler October 2, 2004.jpg (56480 bytes)
Ryan Goski & Allison Hile "Hitler"

Daniel describing deathscort's assault.jpg (47929 bytes)
Daniel describing deathscort's assault
Ambulance & deathscort Franklin McCallie (on right).jpg (44888 bytes)
Ambulance & deathscort Franklin McCallie (on right)
Deathscort Melissa.jpg (19685 bytes)
Deathscort Melissa Slator

 Angela & Whittney 10 wks save.jpg (27372 bytes)
 Angela & Whittney 10 wks save

Another botched abortion, another prolifer assaulted, another pro-choicer arrested. Just another day in Paradise ...

The number of mothers butchered by abortionists Yogendra Shah and Alan Palmer continues to mount. A rusty coat hanger looks safe compared to the sterile facade of Hope Clinic in Granite City, IL.

Saturday, Oct. 2, 2004, as the Church of the Sidewalk was worshiping Jesus outside the abortion mill, a baby's life was saved. Myra and her 16-year old daughter Whitney came to the mill to kill Whitney's baby, but rolled their car window down to talk to proclaimers when they saw the graphic picture of Baby Malachi. Angela Michael offered to do an ultrasound. A deathscort stuck her head in the passenger window and said, "We have an ultrasound too." Angela asked, "Will you show them the picture of the ultrasound?" The deathscort wouldn't answer. Angela said, "We will show you the picture of the ultrasound and we'll do it for free." Myra replied, "We'll go with you." They came into the ultrasound van to see a picture of Whitney's 10-week old baby.

They chose life for her baby, deciding not to go into the abortion mill to kill this child. They listened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, thanked proclaimers for their help, and left. As we were thanking God for this life, an Alton Memorial Hospital Advanced Life-Support ambulance came down the street and turned the corner by the mill.

Twelve year old Hunter Michael was a watchman on the wall. He ran to the garage entrance of the abortion mill, sounding the trumpet to tell proclaimers what was happening with the ambulance pulling into the mill. Then 19-year old deathscort Ryan Goski attacked Hunter trying to prevent him from telling others about the ambulance.

Another woman's abortion had been botched; the ambulance was bringing her back to the crime scene. Could her abortion have been so grossly negligent that a hospital refused to clean up Shah's chop job? Or was this ambulance transporting her back to the scene for a patch job?

In the 30 year history of this abortion mill we have found that the Illinois Health Dept has not inspected this surgical-center since its opening. When we inquired in the past, a representative of the Springfield, IL Department of Health said that no one had complained. This abortion mill didn't want anyone knowing about its latest victim.

Daniel Michael ran to Hunter's aid and got in between Hunter and Ryan. This is the second assault on the Michael children. But what were we thinking? This abortion mill hates children. Mia Michael was videotaping this. Ryan jumped in front of Mia to prevent her from videotaping the ambulance bringing a woman back to the mill.

Angela and most of the proclaimers went to the garage entrance of the mill. Deathscorts blocked them by the door so they wouldn't see what was going on. Lesbian, octogenarian deathscort Melissa Slator at first elbowed Angela in the ribs, and then she turned around and punched her in the chest, which threw Angela back into proclaimer Donna who caught Angela. "Don't hit me!" Angela said.

By this time the ambulance was in the garage. Ryan ran up to Angela and yelled into her ear, "Get the F--- back." Proclaimers returned to the front sidewalk and began praying for this butchered mother. A hearse pulled up directly across from Hope(less). The driver got out to smoke a cigarette. A few minutes later three police cars rolled onto the crime scene and walked over to Deathscort Ryan and Allison Hile "Hitler," assistant director of the deathcamp.

Were the Granite City police finally going to arrest this butcher of Granite City, IL? How many lawsuits of negligence and gross malpractice does it take for the Health Department to finally investigate? Did this chop-job cost this mother her life? And where is the outcry from women's groups? These were the thoughts of the gate-keepers.

Police took the word of the three deathscorts, Octogenarian and former Kirkwood High School gay-rights principal Franklin McCallie, Lesbian pastorette Melissa (who assaulted Angela), and deathscort Ryan. Ryan alleged Daniel Michael assaulted him.

We asked to see the video from the abortion mill. Inconclusive, the police said. Officers then reviewed the Michael's video tape and saw the attack on Angela. They spoke with Angela who was willing not to press charges if the deathscorts would not lie (silly girl!). Unfortunately, the police came back and said Sally Burgess wanted our heads.

When you have the devil backed in a corner he will rear his ugly head and use anything he can. When he can't attack the message he will attack the messenger. Especially when you are shining the light on darkness and are having nothing to do with evil but rather exposing it six days a week in Granite City, IL. We have been the salt and light at these gates. The death toll for the past week has been under 100 when it usually averages 150-200 babies a week. This past Wednesday, a butcherette at Hope(less) came out of the mill and announced to proclaimers, she quit. This is the 10th employee in the past two years that has walked. PTL!

Police charged Daniel with battery for protecting his son. A few minutes later he was bonded out. Police then handcuffed Melissa, charged her with battery for attacking Angela, and took her into custody. The assault on young Hunter fell through the cracks.

"The one who digs a pit will fall into it, and whoever rolls a stone- it will come back on them." Proverbs 26:27

We do not know the condition of the woman who was brought in via Life-Support ambulance. But where is the outcry from feminist groups? Why aren't they holding abortionists accountable for the health and safety of these mothers?

Years ago, at least women knew what they were getting with a coat hanger. Abortion is the red-light district of medicine. Society looks the other way. When a woman died from a back-alley abortion, which was rare, it was kept hush-hush. It continues to be hush-hush today behind these sterile looking facades with deceptive titles. The mantra of the pro-choice feminist groups is, "Keep abortion safe and legal." It may be legal but it's far from safe and no one is policing this industry. Abortion was founded on a lie. It continues to feed on a lie. And the body count is mounting.

Angela Michael

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them; Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.