"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Kerry-Edwards "Bloody Choice" tour at Union Station in St. Louis, MO Aug. 5th, 2004

Truth_Truck_outside_of_Union_Station.jpg (12749 bytes)
Truth Truck outside of Union Station in St. Louis

Angela_speaking_to_man.jpg (11019 bytes)
Angela speaking to man at Kerry-Edwards rally

Baby_Advocate.jpg (14873 bytes)

Baby advocate Issac being told that he has no rights on the public sidewalk outside Union Station at the Kerry-Edwards "Bloody Choice" tour rally in St. Louis, MO

Angela_spots_Kerry.jpg (14502 bytes)
Angela spots John Kerry entering the side entrance of Union Station for the "I Believe in a Bloody Choice" tour rally.


Baton_Bob.jpg (11633 bytes)
Baton Bob at Kerry-Edwards Bloody Choice tour rally

Kerry-Edwards "I Believe in America’s Bloody Choice" tour arrives in St. Louis, Missouri at Union Station, and is confronted with the truth of what this democratic ticket stands for. "The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness." Romans 1:18

We held a peaceful proclamation. Who is Lord and whose laws reign. We read scripture, we gave abortion statistics, we conversed one on one, we were being salt and light.

Here comes the bride..to our surprise look who came strolling down the street and standing in line with the other Kerry-Edwards supporters, flowers in one hand and traditional baton in the other. Wearing a full-length Chanelle wedding gown and taffeta headdress. Looking rather gorgeous…it’s Baton Bob (a female trapped in a man’s body so he claims). Whoo-hoo! Angela yelled over to him, "Hello, what brings you to this mess." And he yelled over to us, "I hate you guys, you’re sick," in his best feminine voice. Bob is better known as the sodomite that leads the annual St. Louis Gay Pride-fest in his baton twirling outfit. Missouri’s recent victory was a just passed ban on "gay" marriage and Angela yelled to Bob, "Same sex marriage is against the law in Missouri,.. Get over it!"

Approximately 20-25 proclaimers, not counting the Missouri Right to Life, stood strategically in front of the entrance to the rally outside Union Station with the graphic signs and scripture signs to the thousands of Kerry-Edwards fans as they lined up to go inside. As soon as the little Baby Malachi shows up, all hell breaks loose. Democratic supporters began screaming, cursing and even threatening to stab us and our children if we didn’t go away. We stood on the same public sidewalk for awhile until the hostility and threats got even more enflamed. We picked up the proclaiming line just across the street, where the entire city of St. Louis, MO. including the St. Louis police force could get a better view of what Kerry-Edwards believe in. Gal 4:16 "Have I now become your enemy since I tell you the truth?"

The truth truck rolled by which escalated the screams of the lost. One irate woman walked up to Mia and said, "I wish your Mom would of aborted you." Mia replied, "You need to repent and turn to Jesus." Everyone was yelling at us for the war in Iraq. And George Bush is a liar. One woman came over to us and screamed, "My son is in Iraq on a peace mission, the war that George Bush got us into." I replied, "My son just returned from Iraq after serving his country for four years, and if he had to do it over again, he would." One young man walked over to us and began stomach butting and blowing cigarette smoke in our faces, "I hate you guys..What you’re doing is awful" I looked him in the eye and said, "Yes, these aborted babies are hard to look at, but this is the truth. We are loving you enough to show you the truth of abortion. We don’t want to see you go to hell, we want to be in heaven with you. That’s why we are here." He calmed down and finished his cigarette and he said, "I have a right to be here," I said, "Yes you do, and so do we." I thanked him for his willingness to talk, and he asked me if I thought John Edwards was cute?.. "No," I thought Kerry was cuter, but, why the long face?..He then walked back across the street to join the crowd. Proclaimers then chanted "Peace begins in the womb...peace begins in the womb…peace begins in the womb". Angela spotted a large waffle walking in the crowd and sumazed There’s John Kerry," and snapped a picture of him. She then went over to meet him.

Young Issac Horina, a Marine scheduled to go to Iraq next week, was ordered off of the public sidewalk. Horse-mounted police officers ordered him to get off the sidewalk or be arrested and he was told that he had no rights. Issac was holding the "Do you care" sign.

Then a group of Black-American Democrats walked over to us, "I thought Bush was pro-life, why are you people here?".. "We’re here to educate people and show them the truth,". We then explained the statistics on black abortion and what’s happening with our black brothers and sisters. "Yeah, well you got the Partial-Birth stopped,". "No we haven’t. George Bush signed the bill into effect, but due to the judicial tyranny in our nation, its’ on hold. Not one baby has been saved from that bill. This is not a political issue, we’re not here to support a candidate, we’re here to call out to the church of Jesus Christ to fight this battle. That’s what’s going to change it. The hearts and minds of the church must first be changed with the truth of what abortion really is." He mocked God and said, "Let’s pray," as he walked away with his group.

We had the chance to speak to 4 different people that came out of the rally and when asked if they planned voting for Kerry-Edwards their responses were, "We’re not sure".. "Undecided." And one man said "Definitely not". A Lieutenant from the police department swung by and thanked us for being so cooperative and putting up with the riff-raff. We ended with prayer and the good news that a late-term baby was saved from Hope(less) today.

When shown the truth is this what the democratic ticket stands for? Child-killing

-a bloody choice, Islam- a violent religion, homosexuality- a deadly lifestyle. Is this what Americans believe in, the Kerry-Edwards Bloody Choice tour? The Church has got to get out of the building and confront the enemy. The battle is not being won in the church buildings, not in the White House, not in Congress, but in the streets. We can bring Satan’s kingdom down if we just show up and God will do the rest. Exodus 14:14 "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." 2 Chronicles 20:15 & 17 "This is what the Lord says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s." "Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you…"

Be encouraged~ Angela

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