"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Proclaimer Marti being arrested.jpg (20369 bytes)
Proclaimer Marti being arrested, Officer Mangiaracino, & Angela coming to Marti's aid
Proclaimer Marti being taken away to jail.jpg (22138 bytes)
Proclaimer Marti being taken away to jail

O Mangiaracino placing Marti in patrol car.jpg (30597 bytes)
Officer Mangiaracino placing Marti in patrol car picture 
O Mangiaracino & proclaimer Marti in back police cruiser.jpg (25709 bytes)
Officer Mangiaracino & proclaimer Marti in back of police cruiser

get prints off the weapon fingerprint the fruit.jpg (17831 bytes)
Call in CSI..get prints off the weapon; fingerprint the fruit  (Granite City Police Chief Dave Ruebenhausen)
There's no tape in the video camera.jpg (21963 bytes)
Assistant deathcamp director Debbie Weidhart telling G.C" There's no tape in our video camera."
Officer Mangiaracino, Marti, and saints praying in background.jpg (21107 bytes)
Officer Mangiaracino, Marti, and saints praying in background

Press Release      September 9, 2004


Today, after two lives were saved at the Hope abortion mill and one potential client was led to the Lord, the devil was angry at Hope Clinic. A veteran pro-life woman was arrested and accused of drawing a cross on a sidewalk outside Hope Clinic.

 -Address of Hope Clinic is - 1620 21st Street,
 Granite City, IL

Detailed Account of the arrest.

   A sweet spirited veteran proclaimer led a young lady who was five months pregnant to the Lord, she was so inspired, she found a small crabapple and drew four crosses on the sidewalk. Through God's grace we were able to save three unborn babies and led one young lady to the Lord this day. That happened exactly one week ago to the day of arrest. The numbers have been going down at Hope(less) and the EPA and FBI have been snooping around this chop-shop. It appears that the questionable disposal of the babies remains are raising eyebrows, once again. So, Hope(less) numbers tend to go down when being investigated, or when they butcher a mother. In that latter instance, the numbers usually bounce back up by now. See death toll..
    So, the God-haters are angry and looking for any reason to attack proclaimers. They use the local police department as their personal social club.
    When I tried to come to Marti's aid and inquire what proof they had to arrest her, the officer, Mangiaracino, threatened to arrest me. I informed him that he may want to rethink that, as pending litigation was under advisement due to the unprovoked battery and assault I recently suffered at the hands of a fellow auxiliary officer Danny Grayson, three days ago at the annual Granite City, IL Labor Day Parade. All caught on camera. .Read article: "Drugs, Democrats, and Dismemberment..Happy Labor Day!".

     She posted bond and has a court appearance. She returned to this deathcamp singing and praising the Lord. We rejoiced in the 3 saves this night during midnight abortions. PTL! 

   I wonder if it would have been gang graffiti or expletitives etched on the sidewalk if it would have gotten the same attention or reaction.

  Eph 5:11, Math.5:11

 Be encouraged~Angela

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them; Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.