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Attention Editor
May 30, 2004

Missouri’s Victory, is Illinois’ Loss…or is it?

You have heard the saying, "Silence is golden", in this case silence could be called "green"… $!

The state of Illinois stands to profit a lot of revenue off the innocent blood of the preborn babies that are being brought across state lines to be murdered. Missouri gets it.. "abortion leaves two victims, one dead, one wounded".

It is a decisive move that the Missouri federal appeals court ruled Thursday that Missouri could implement its law requiring a 24 hour waiting period before a woman could get an abortion. Passing a measure in Missouri concerning the welfare of a woman both mentally and physically before an invasive surgical procedure or handing them a "chemical coat-hanger", only makes sense. The state of Missouri has become the "concierge" to women seeking pregnancy terminations. It gives a woman a cooling off period, as not to rush into an act she may regret the rest of her life, and informs her of all the side-effects, risk and complications of an abortion.

It's a well-known fact that in Illinois an underage girl can have an abortion without parental consent and the child sexual predator abuse is not being reported. Another fact is Hope Clinic for Women LTD. in Granite City, IL. prides itself on late-term abortion. Visit their web-site. Listen to their radio and TV ads. The floodgates to Illinois have been opened even wider and Illinois legislators, certain pro-life groups, and the "It's Not My Ministry" ministries, sits by idly, or retorts to hand wringing. Not all, just most. 

Approximately 30-50 abortions take place daily inside the Hope (less) mill. There have been approximately five "botched" abortions confirmed in the past fifteen months. 

It is also a well known fact that the Illinois Department of Professional Registration is NOT looking out for women, as witnessed by the numerous lawsuits of malpractice and negligence filed against Hope Clinic and abortionists Yogendra Shah and Alan Palmer that are not being investigated. 

Where is the outcry? Where's National Organization for Women, or is it the National Organization for Some Women? Where's the law-makers in Illinois? I'll tell you where they're at, laughing all the way to the bank. 

That's some "choice" the state of Illinois is giving to women, "suction" or a "knife"… Is that the only choice we can offer women? We can do better than abortion and women deserve better than abortion. Madison County in the state of Illinois is already referred to as the "judicial hell-hole", now, you can add to it's credits the capital of "vice". Sex, drugs, gambling and MURDER.

Upon entering Illinois the welcome signs depicting beautiful tall sky-scrapers, and fields of corn need to be replaced with a sign posting, "No (Baby) Dumping!"

Illinois legislators need to wake up, and smell the "blood-money". It stinks!

CONTACT: Angela & Daniel Michael, Small Victories Ministry, at 618-654-5800 or at PO Box 143 Highland, IL 62249


Attention: Editor

May 6, 2004

Michaels file lawsuit over 
"botched" abortion case

Angela and Daniel Michael of Small Victories Ministry in Highland, IL have filed a lawsuit today in excess of $50,000 against "Jane Doe" who had filed a lawsuit against the Michaels in 2001. 

That lawsuit was filed because the Michaels exposed another botched abortion by Yogendra Shah and The Hope Clinic in Granite City, IL. The Michaels’ lawsuit against "Jane Doe" is for libel and slander. In the original lawsuit filed by attorney Mark Levy on behalf of "Jane Doe" she stated "Angela and Daniel Michael attempted to grab her sheets and lift them up, so they could fully expose her and her bleeding for the purpose of photographing her."

According to articles in the Highland News Leader, Belleville News-Democrat, and St. Louis Post-Dispatch "Jane Doe testified on August 22, 2001 in court ‘The protesters were trying to pull off my bloody sheets that were cloaking her lower body.’" She later denied that under oath in court, but the damage was already done as the Michaels and their children suffered much mental and emotional distress.

In a deposition hearing in 2002 when asked by the Michaels’ attorney, Jason Craddock of Springfield, "Did Angela or Daniel Michael attempt to grab your sheets or hurt you?" she said, "No,". She also testified "Angela Michael tried to help me and they also sent me flowers." Two other Hope Clinic employees testified "The Michaels did not attempt to lift the bloody sheets." Attorney Mark Levy has known this for two years and has not attempted to correct it.

For further information you can contact: Daniel Michael at 618-806-4091 or 618-654-5800 or Attorney Jason Craddock at 217-523-1834 or Attorney Rick Nelson of American Liberties Institute at 407-786-7007

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To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
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