"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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March Madness, Murder & Mayhem

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Young proclaimers

As March Madness was being watched in living rooms and bars across the nation, it was being played out on the streets in front of these gates in Granite City, IL and St. Louis, MO. Point guards stood strategically on these frontlines as the last line of defense for these innocent children who had been unjustly sentenced to death. The approximate 187 lil girls & boys in Granite City, Il., and the approximate 109 at Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, MO were judged, without a lawyer, a trial or a jury by their killer mothers condemned, and given a violent death sentence as the only heartbeat they knew, their mothers, marched their delicate bodies into these deathcamps, where the butcherettes and the abortionist slammed Ėdunked their crucified, life-less bodies into the medical waste containers and some into the sewers of Granite City, IL this past week.

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Deathscort blocking Brother Ken
from handing out post-abortive literature
and resource numbers
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Portly, senior deathscort after
she belly-butted Angela

Holy Spirit filled guardsmen were trying to rebuke the demons coming out of the deathscorts who were preventing these mothers from hearing a choice other than death for their children. One rather portly senior citizen deathscort, actually belly-butted Angela as we rebuked their efforts to grab our literature out of our hands as we were trying to give it to the mothers even after they were coming out of the mill. But the gospel of Jesus Christ was being proclaimed as the guards pushed the message into the unsaved and lost ears. King Jesus was making points as nine babies were saved from death including a baby who is due in August and available for adoption.

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Melanie begging mother not to kill her baby while Angela prays

Wednesday was a glorious day for Life as mothers scheduled to kill their babies, came onto the sidewalk wanting to know what an abortion was like, and to hear the Gospel, and we were blessed to have women who regret their abortion on the sidewalk with us, counseling these girls. One couple was Lorelei and Will who drove from Missouri to kill their twelve week old baby, because she wanted to finish her college education. After some discussion on all her options, Angela asked her, "Lorelei, how far along are you?" She replied, "12 weeks"... "Have you felt your baby move yet? You know, fluttering movement, or little thumps?" ... "Yes," she said.. "Then how could you go in there and kill it?"Ö She looked down for a few minutes, then she lifted her head up and said, "I canítÖ" The saints walked her over to Dr. Markís for further care.

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At Planned Parenthood octogenarian baby-killer John Stopple was celebrating his 75th birthday working as a murder-for-hire.
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Across the river at Planned Parenthood octogenarian baby-killer John Stopple was celebrating his 75th birthday working as a murder-for-hire. A birthday banner was held outside the deathcamp by proclaimers in his honor. What hypocrisy, abortionist Stopple, arenít you glad your mom was prolife? These lil boys and girls that are being ripped apart inside their motherís wombs, get a death-day instead of a birthday.

On Thursday- A very pregnant passer-by Samantha stopped to encourage proclaimers that they were doing a good job trying to help these women and she shared her ultrasound pics of her little girl who is due in April to show to the moms going into this abortuary in hopes that it might change hearts and minds and save a babyís life.

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Abortionist Crist
running into Planned Parenthood

On Friday and Saturday Abortionist Crist jumped out of the car driven by the assistant deathcamp director at Planned Parenthood. This serial killer Crist has to be flown in from Kansas City, MO. He has a few abortion related deaths under his belt and we know he has butchered a lot of women and killed many unborn children.

On Saturday we spent the morning saving babies and casting out demons. We lobbed prayer grenades into this deathcamp as we opened up with prayer before the dawning sun. The building started to glow. Watch for an explosion of grace and conversion of murderers and murderesses very soon. We then sprayed the complacent and apathetic hospital that houses the two abortionists, Shah and Palmer, with biblical birdshot. That turned heads while others ducked for cover. Sister Kristina had several Molotov cocktails at the ready; the new Molotov cocktails, laced with heavy-duty humility are fervent prayers known only to God and to her but there they were in her anti-demonic rebuke missiles.

Bang! Ė Ken unloaded the Big Boy Bazooka together with a few mortar rounds on lingering demons. The BigBoy is Ephesians 5:1-16 where not only sexual immorality is exposed as death but even [hold your breath] "foolish talk or coarse joking".... where we are to have "nothing to do with the foolish deeds of darkness but rather expose them." Demons hate to be exposed. They love embeddedness. They were smoked out today and were outgunned what with our imported foot soldiers and interdenominational weaponry. Thanks Fr. McCloskey

The four demon possessed deathscorts were individually circling the more active proclaimers circling 7 times and chanted an unintelligible chant. They were attempting to put a hex on them. Angela took notice of this and sounded the trumpet. "pray against these demons". The weary social proclaimers dropped their donuts and stood with their brothers and sisters and started praying against these evil forces. And the demons crawled back down. "Get behind me Satan. I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus and by His blood we are saved. We claim the victory in Jesusí name."

Mark 3:15 Romans 8:38-39 We stayed the course during all of this and 2 babies left this house of murder and mayhem still alive! We were blessed with two churches, Trinity Baptist and Grace Baptist, standing at these gates of hell today.

The problem is weíve been in churches but the church hasnít been in us. Weíve also got people sitting in the pews who say that their silence and inaction only means they are not taking a position one way or the other. That is a lie. There is no such thing as not taking a position on abortion. When a man sees helpless children being slaughtered and does nothing to stop it, he is taking a stand. His failure to intervene is tacit approval for the killings to proceed. Then youíve got Christians who say that abortion is simply not any of the churchís business. That too is a lie. If the killing of Godís most precious creation is none of the churchís business, then we may as well turn every church in America into a bowling alley. A vast majority of churches are not involved in the fight against abortion because it takes courage and character they simply donít have .The silent and dormant church is the abortion industryís single greatest ally. The abortion holocaust would end overnight if just a fraction of this nationís 600,000 churches became active in the battle. Instead, we have church leaders who look us right in the face and say, "I know that abortion is murder, but Iíve got people sitting in my pews who feel differently, and Iím not going to offend them." Of course, if someone was killing off tithers instead of unborn children, you can be certain that these old boys would be speaking out loud and clear, and they wouldnít care who felt differently or who might be offended. The pro-life effort is going to succeed whether they are on board or not, and every ounce of energy we squander trying to get them to do the right thing is an ounce we donít have for the battle against abortion.

A time will come when every preacher, every priest, and every politician in America will be pushing and shoving to get to the front lines of the pro-life effort. I can even tell you when that seemingly unlikely event will occur. On the day it becomes obvious to that the victory over the abortion holocaust is at hand, these guys will come running out from behind their mammasí skirts, grinning from ear to ear, giving high-fives to everyone they can get in front of, and slapping every back in sight. Then, with their arms draped over our shoulders, theyíll start crowing about how they were with us all along. They are what I call spiritual prodigals.

Be encouraged, ~ Angela

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