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A Revolution came to the Promise Keepers via Baby Malachi 
St. Louis Aug. 2004 

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Baby Malachi confronts Promise Keepers.jpg (28879 bytes)
Baby Malachi confronts Promise Keepers

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Promise Keepers captains

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Angela with bullhorn     

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Angela interviewing man 
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Galatians 4:16  
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Proclaimers at Promise Keepers Conference
Proclaimers outside Savvis Center at Promise Keepers Conference.jpg (52919 bytes)
Proclaimers outside Savvis Center at 

A Revolution came to the Promise Keepers via Baby Malachi Promise Keepers? A revolution is coming, 2004? Uprising!

As an approximate 14,000 men from across the nation converged upon St. Louis, MO, an uprising was going on inside the Savvis Center which hosted this Promise Keeper event, and when the truth of abortion was brought to the streets outside, an uprising came to a full boil. As busloads of promise keepers filed into the conference, they were shocked by the graphic signs. We?re with you guys, why are you here? Galatians 4:16

"We are out here to show the Promise Keepers what abortion is, and to ask these Christians what THEY are doing about it?" "That?s a good question; what are we doing about it?." PK member

We need to have a revolution to unseat the devil and take back what the devil has stolen. A small remnant drew a line in the sand with this fine Christian organization. We were not there to attack but, maybe the Promise Keepers were feeling "conviction", for their apathy and complacency toward this horrible abomination that has flowed across our nation with the blood of the 45,000,000 lil boys and girls, that have been murdered on our watch.

Baby Malachi came to the Promise Keepers to, once again, beg them to help us in this battle. "You?re preaching to the choir" was voiced more than once to the proclaimers. Yes, but the choir must come out of the Church. Isaiah 6:9 We asked some of the members, are they preaching against abortion inside? No, but the literature states, we must be against it. Does your pastors speak out against it? No, not really, was the voiced consensuses. Jeremiah 5:27

When they broke for lunch, the P.K.?s were greeted by Baby Malachi once again. We prayed and asked God to allow this little boy to speak to our nation. We remembered the scripture in Hebrews 11:4: "?he still speaks, even though he is dead." Malachi means, "My messenger."

"Dad, that?s gross." "Well that?s what abortion does." PK Dad and 10 yr. old son

Some of the participants came over to us and asked how they could help, and wanted the literature we were handing out. Daniel, Angela and Bro. John took turns speaking on a bull-horn to the thousands of men as they sat across the street eating their lunch; Angela said, "Abortion is a man?s issue? men need to be fighting the battle that God has called them to fight. It?s the man who gets the woman pregnant, it?s the man who drives them to the abortion mill, it?s the man who throws the plastic credit card or money at the woman to "fix the problem?" In the Bible men are to head their households, and to fill their quiver so that on the day of battle, they will not be put to shame?" A Promise Keeper said, "We?re just trying to eat our lunch?" "And four-thousand babies are dying every day from abortion, while you are eating your lunch." ? a proclaimer

They were listening and many of the men came back over and thanked us for saying that, "it needed to be said." We actually got handshakes and hugs from the men. "Thanks for being here." "You?re doing a great job." "God bless you." -PK members Angela told them, "when you go back in there, look around at the 14,000 faces inside, because that?s how many babies are dying each year in Granite City, IL alone." "Well if people saw what it (abortion) looks like, it wouldn?t happen." PK comment

Here are some other comments different proclaimers heard from Promise Keepers: "People?s eyes aren?t opened to the truth, even some Christians. And that?s what you guys are doing out here, you?re opening their eyes. They need to know, they need to know the truth."

"I saw those signs and really looked at them and man, I was convicted."

"Why are you guys here? Shouldn?t you be in front of an abortion clinic or a Planned Parenthood?" We replied, "All of us were at an abortion mill in Granite City, IL this morning, but why weren?t you?"

And by the grace of God, four mothers hearts were changed at Hope (less) abortion mill today, including Krystal who was able to see her 9 week old baby on the Small Victories ultrasound machine, and Kim, who just found out she was with child. You see this is a battle between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman. One man said, "It?s a political issue, let them take care of it?" I replied, "what law has saved one babies' life?" He couldn?t think of one.

We are a Gospel people- the seed of the woman! Therefore we fight this battle in the only way it can be won. We don?t go to abortion mills so that the lives of little baby boys and girls may be saved, or that abortion may be brought to an end. As noble an endeavor as that is, it is not the reason we go. We go to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the gates of hell knowing that, once there, the gates cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ. The Author of Life will crush the head of the seed of the serpent. Yes, Jesus will bring out of death ? life! He conquered death - it is our duty and privilege to proclaim that victory.

When we do, voiceless children are given a voice and many are saved from a savage death. Mothers and fathers who feel they have no choice turn to Christ and find a hope and a reason for living. Instead of running away from Him, they run right into Him. Abortionists, clinic workers, and many antagonistic to the Gospel of Christ, find themselves surrendering to the claims of Christ because the seed of the woman was there at the very gates of hell. At Hope(less) abortion mill in Granite City alone, nine clinic workers have left their jobs!

The next day, we received phone calls from some of the Promise Keepers whose hearts were touched by our presence and baby Malachi's voice, One group of men phoned from Indiana, "We couldn?t get those images out of our heads and talked about it all the ride home." Another group of men phoned from Joplin Missouri, " we?re going to talk to our pastors and see what we can do to help you guys." Praise the Lord!

Yes, the Promise Keepers convention brought about many altar calls and lost souls being saved, but the uprising came out onto the streets in St. Louis, Missouri and we gave King Jesus the Glory, for we know who won this battle for the hearts of God's Men.

Be Encouraged ~Angela

P.S. Another positive thing happened when two different news stations came up to us and asked us for future interviews. They were impressed why we were there and wanted to interview us for a future program.


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