"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Yogendra Shah carrying trash bag full of dead babies.JPG (43517 bytes)
Yogendra Shah carrying trash bag full of dead babies

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Can You Hear God Now?


Firefighters & ambulance on crime scene.JPG (59127 bytes)
 Firefighters & ambulance on crime scene

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Granite City firefighters & police officer on the crime scene Auschwitz East


          Saturday, July, 22, 2006


Does God Still Judge the Nations?

Amos 3:6 “When disaster comes to a city, has not the Lord caused it?”

Midwest baby-dumping capital Granite City , Illinois declared a disaster area as power and water outage is into fourth day. Tempers flaring!

Written by: Angela Michael


Does God still judge the nations? He sure does. If you don’t believe it, ask Granite City , Illinois , home of the Hope abortion Clinic that has killed 400,000 babies over the last thirty years. According to Ameren Electric, this was the largest storm that ever hit the St. Louis and Metro-East area, as over 500,000 people were left without power, with the Granite City area being hit the hardest.

Hope(less) abortion mill has been without power for days. The electric came back on for a couple of hours Friday and they opened up shop, only to be hit with more violent storms.

On Saturday, a small remnant was the watchmen on the wall as we prayed and interceded for the innocents. We held a sign stating God is still speaking, "Can you hear Him now? Amos 3:6” and a "Do You Care" with Baby Malachi on it, as Granitonians drove by. It looked like a war zone. The only up and running business was the baby-killing factory at 1620 21st street.

Desperate for innocent blood and revenue, they rigged up a generator Saturday morning to complete the late-term abortions from Friday.

An hour into daily operations we noticed employees leaving and returning with ice and bottled water.

Pregnant mothers were being turned away, Praise the Lord! We spoke with a few and three mothers confirmed they were not going to reschedule. We explained this was a sign from God, that He loved their baby, and He had a plan for them. They agreed, and accepted our literature and left.

Over a million people in the metro-east area are without water and electricity. Tempers are rising and so are the flood waters in Granite City , due to their deteriorating streets and sewer system. What would anyone expect when you continue to clog it up with aborted babies?

Century old trees lay twisted onto downed power lines throughout the city, roofs and houses lay open, and many people are wandering the streets in search of gas, water, food, and relief. One woman stopped by and asked us if we had any diapers for her infant baby, which we handed her.

Three hours into the grisly operations, abortive clients began staggering out and into their cars. They did not look good carrying their brown bags to vomit into from being overly sedated, or were they? Chief serial killer Yogendra Shah walked out clutching a filled over-sized black trash bag which he gingerly placed inside his car. Since there has been no refrigeration inside this deathcamp, they cannot house the dead babies’ body parts and must be removed from the building. Can you imagine the stench if the city morgue was not air-conditioned? Shah then drove off.

Minutes later employees began coming out. We then watched as two fire-engines with sirens full blast, a police cruiser, and an ambulance rolled onto the crime scene. They rushed inside with full-gear and masks on. They evacuated the building and declared it unsafe for inhabitants. Hope Clinic assistant director Deb Wiedhardt put the lock on the front door and left the area. Only the two deathcamp guards were left behind to watch over the carbon-monoxide filled death-camp. Literally, you could call it the Auschwitz-East deathcamp. History is repeating itself.


At posting time, power was still out

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