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January 10, 2006

Illinois dumping ground for under-age abortion

by: Joyce Morrison

The Chicago Tribune's recent article "States' Laws Clash on Teen Abortions" quoted representatives from Hope Abortion Clinic in Granite City , IL giving their sugar coated message in response to new legislation in Missouri .

Illinois does not have a law requiring parents to be notified or give their consent when their young children have an abortion. Concerned Women for America and other organizations have tried unsuccessfully for years to get a parental notification law passed in Illinois . Most parents are very surprised when they find their under-age daughter can have an abortion and they will never be notified.

Missouri has a parental notification law in place for their state but felt the need for further legislation since many of their teen-agers were going over the state line to the Hope Abortion Clinic in Illinois for abortions. In September, legislation in Missouri took effect which allowed a lawsuit against anyone who would "cause, aid or assist" a minor from Missouri to obtain an abortion without parental consent. This law was passed basically aimed at Illinois and their lack of teen protection.

Hope Abortion clinic was in the news a few months ago for not allowing a mother to enter the abortion clinic when her 14 year old daughter was taken by the girl's boyfriend's mother to have an abortion*.

Life Dynamics has evidence Hope Abortion Clinic, Planned Parenthood, and the abortion industry as a whole, ignores statutory rape and child abuse reporting laws.   The abortion industry is big business with a large financial return and they don't turn away paying customers.

Angela Michael, organizer of Small Victories Ministry said, "I beg to differ with Hope Clinic stats. We actually tally the girls who undergo abortions, and from what we see, the reason why Illinois abortion rates are somewhat down is due to the fact that more Missouri teens are filling up so many appointment dates that Illinois teens are going elsewhere or having their babies."

Representatives from Small Victories stand a daily vigil in the trenches at the clinic hoping to persuade pregnant young women to keep their babies and to help them find the resources they need. They prayerfully reach out to families in their effort to save the babies.

Illinois has earned the name as the "dumping ground" for abortions since surrounding states have laws in place to protect their youth from this type of abuse.


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