"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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“Death of Fetus Declared a Homicide”

or Just Another Late-term Abortion?

February 21, 2008


            Front page headlines in today’s paper which caught our attention and reminded us of the hypocrisy in society, http://www.bnd.com/news/crime/story/261472.html. After reading the article, we recognized the mother being charged; she was a frequent visitor to the sidewalk outside Hope Clinic where we are embedded with our pregnancy outreach van. We had helped her relative with a pregnancy years ago. Now she was acting strange and asking for financial handouts with various excuses: rent, prescriptions, etc. We have been on the streets for over 14 years in Granite City so we know the routine of the druggies and homeless looking for money to get high or drunk. We never give them money; it enables them to continue their bad behavior and addictions. We will help them with housing, rehab, and other resources, but never cash.

            Anyways, this mother was one of the many drug cliques in Granite City , just basically existing for her next high. It was a sad situation, but this deplorable town, which used to be known for its towering steel mills and attracted families from all 49 states, now attracts the “undesirables”. The three main industries in Granite City are drugs, prostitution, and murder, that being the abortion mill which is popular for it’s no parental consent policy and specializes in late-term abortions.

            Now this is where the hypocrisy sinks in: Why are we holding this mother to a different standard when 30-50 mothers a day are deliberately walking inside the abortion mill and barbarically murdering their unborn fetuses? Don’t they deserve the same protection and rights as babies of drug mothers?  Don’t get me wrong, taking drugs during pregnancy is wrong and mothers should be held accountable, but why should an abortion-bound woman not be charged with the same crime of homicide as in this case? Both premeditatedly take the life of an innocent victim.

            If Granite City is going to police morality in the drug community, they better begin policing the immorality inside the abortion mill. If not, then owning a slave should be legal because since the inception of abortion on demand in 1973 unborn children have been treated like property. Unborn babies are no different from unborn babies of drug addicts. They deserve the full protection of the Constitution and the laws need to be enforced. Society needs to speak up and stop marginalizing the sanctity of human life. If we allow women to pick and choose who gets to live and who gets to die they are not any better than slave owners. 

            In our questionable civilized society today, the most dangerous place to be is not the streets of East St Louis or the New York subways, it’s in a mother’s womb. The insanity and hypocrisy of “choice” must end. The destiny of our nation is on a downward slope with no hope in sight. The scales of justice need to be balanced for the unborn. We are aborting our future.

            Once in a while there will be a flash fire in the pan such as this tragedy that will make the front page headlines. But, where is the humanity for our little brothers and sisters in the womb?

            We are all against violence and are appalled at the recent school shootings, town hall shooting, and mall shootings. It’s children killing children, and yet we allow women to massacre their children everyday at the local abortion mill. Abortion is the contributing factor that no one dares mention. The laws need to change. If a scalpel or suction hose is all we can give women to empower themselves we are on a doomed course of creating the monster and having to live with the monster. Mothers need love, they don’t need abortion.



                        Angela Michael

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