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February 9, 2009

 State Ultrasound Abortion Bills are good healthcare for women and their children. We applaud efforts to improve our Nation’s growth.  

It’s disturbing to see Illinois , the Land of Lincoln , was not included on the list of states with this good proposed health care legislation, but do not lose heart. Small Victories ministry, a pro-life mobile pregnancy van, is embedded outside the Midwest’s largest late-term abortion mill, that being Hope Clinic in Granite City , Illinois  
         For over fifteen years daily, we counsel and offer free ultrasounds to any woman who finds herself in a difficult situation or without insurance or medical coverage, so that women have every option available to them in order for them to make an informed decision. We are a “window to the womb” letting women view and listen to their unborn child’s heartbeats. We also follow-up with free physician care, prenatal services and other resources.  Over 60% of the clients we see are from outside the state of Illinois , with Missouri being the front-runner in unplanned pregnancies. Pregnant women/girls are not walking into pregnancy centers for an abortion, but every woman walking into the abortion mill is there to kill.                                                                            
      We at Small Victories promote and ensure the best care and options for women and their children for healthy lives, and try to maintain a healthy environment so families will thrive. That is why you can’t just say you’re pro-life, it does not save babies or the family unit: Acting pro-life does. You have to save the baby first before you can hand out diapers. And you have to be outside abortion facilities with free resources and other alternatives in Christian love everyday they are operating. Making this option available may not change a woman’s mind on abortion, but at least vital information is not being with-held. www.smallvictoriesusa.com

To contact or for more information call Daniel or Angela Michael at 618-654-5800.

States Consider Ultrasound Abortion Bills

Missouri Would Require A Woman Have Chance To See Ultrasound

February 8, 2009

LINCOLN , Neb.-- - Abortion foes have a new tactic: The hope that women can't look away. Lawmakers in 12 states are considering bills that would offer or require ultrasounds before a woman gets an abortion. The most stringent are proposed laws in Nebraska , Indiana , Texas and Wyoming , which would require a doctor show the ultrasound image of the fetus to the woman, despite legal challenges to a similar measure in Oklahoma .

-- Connecticut : A physician or counselor would be required to provide a woman with an ultrasound photograph of the fetus.

-- Indiana : A woman would be required to view an ultrasound at least 18 hours before an abortion, hear the fetal heartbeat and receive a copy of the ultrasound image.

-- Kansas : A doctor would have to tell a woman at least 30 minutes before performing an abortion that she has the right to view an ultrasound image and listen to the heartbeat.

-- Maryland : A clinic providing abortions would have to be equipped with an ultrasound machine and offer a woman a chance to see it and listen to the heartbeat. The bill is currently restricted to one county.

-- Missouri : A doctor or other "qualified professional" would have to offer the woman the chance to see an ultrasound and hear the heartbeat. They'd also have to provide a list of services that perform ultrasounds free.

-- Nebraska: At least 24 hours before performing an abortion, a doctor would be required to perform an ultrasound and display them "so that the woman may choose to view the ultrasound images or not." A woman could also request a medical description of the image. An alternative bill would require a doctor to tell a woman 24 hours before an abortion that an ultrasound is available.

-- New York : A woman must be offered an ultrasound.

-- North Dakota : An abortion couldn't be performed before a doctor offered a woman the chance to see an ultrasound.

-- South Carolina : Already has a law requiring that women be given the option of viewing an ultrasound at least one hour before getting an abortion. This year, there's a bill to make the waiting period 24 hours.

-- Texas: At least two hours before performing an abortion, a doctor would be required to perform an ultrasound and display the images "in a manner that the pregnant woman may view them," as well as describing the images and letting her hear the heartbeat.

-- Virginia : An ultrasound would be required, and the woman would be offered the chance to view the image.

-- Wyoming : Before performing an abortion, a doctor would be required to show a woman the ultrasound images "in a way the pregnant woman may view them," and provide a medical description of the images.

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