"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

Angela Michael's Speech to Bishop George Lucas at February 24, 2001 Awards Banquet

I want to thank everyone here that has taken the time to come here this evening , and the Knight’s of Columbus for inviting me to speak on behalf of the Right to Life organization in honor of the Neuman, vocations and right to life awards. I’d like to read something I heard in Washington D.C. “In the end what will be the major thing you will want to be able to say about your time in the world? What did you value above all else? I don’t know about you, but I think I would like to be able to say: ‘Lord, I desired to grow, year by year- in my thoughts, in my attitudes, in my words and in my actions- I desired to grow in respect for the dignity of each human person.’ I will have to say, ‘ I know I didn’t do it perfectly. There were times when I didn’t show respect for my own body or mind, and times when my speech or actions failed to respect another. But Lord, this was my desire- to chart my course by the truth that each person has a God-given dignity that is to be recognized and protected.’”

It is a sad fact that abortion is becoming more and more institutionalized in our nation. It is a sad fact that more and more influential people all the time, in more and more states, are pressing to make euthanasia legal. Too many children woke up hungry this morning. Too many people will die today with no one to pray at their bedside. These are sad facts, but we are not sad. We are not sad because we are alive in Jesus Christ and we have a mission. We have a gift to share with our nation- the truth about the dignity in each human life.

“We have everything we need to be faithful to our mission to declare, in every place, the truth that life is sacred. May God help us to remain faithful until the day of the Lord Jesus.” These great words were spoken by our distinguished guest tonight, Bishop George Lucas on January 22, 2001.

We all must listen and be faithful to what he said. But also, when something is happening that is not right we must speak out and take a stand against the evil that has enveloped this fractured nation. Let us be the ones that God can depend on to be His remnant of justice as we set a standard in our nation. We “represent” Jesus to the lost. We are His voice, His hands and His feet as we do what we know He would do if He were here in the flesh. When these infants are killed by their caretakers, the evil of betrayal is added to the evil of violence. These precious children are betrayed in the worst possible way when they are dismembered upon the request of their mothers. Tearing a small child limb from limb is brutal. Parents are turning violently against these young lives that utterly depend on them. Let us, the church of Jesus Christ be there to stand in the gap for these little ones. When families kill their own helpless sons and daughters it creates a deep wound in the core of our society. Ninety-nine percent of the murders in America are abortions. Over 4,500 are done a day. 83 babies were murdered yesterday at the Hope abortion clinic in Granite City , Illinois , where there is no parental consent needed, and they perform late-term abortions. I have heard, “ If you don’t go to the war, the war will come to you.” That’s exactly what is happening in Granite City . At St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Granite City , we have an abortionist on staff named Yogendra Shah. We must either remove him from the hospital or take the word “Catholic” off the Hospital sign. God would not tolerate an abortionist working for him. I’ve heard nothing can be done about this situation until recently when I talked to Kathy Cleaver of Catholic Council of Bishops, and Father Peter West of Priests for Life. Both assured me he could be removed, and that’s exactly what should be done.

Every Christian has a call to take the Gospel of the kingdom to the very gates of hell. Jesus, our master, has promised that these gates will not prevail against His Church. We must rise up against the wicked and take a stand. The kindest deeds of the wicked are cruel. So, PLEASE write letters, speak up and take a stand for the unborn. You CAN make a difference. Stop throwing money at these high places (that claim they are doing God’s work, but aren’t). The abortion mill is the devil’s throne. You cannot cover the sin of silence and complacency by throwing money at these high places. God who knows all, sees all. And He will judge.

I want to end by saying thank-you to those who have helped Small Victories and the Highland Right To Life. With your prayers & support, we have helped 74 babies that were scheduled to die at the mill in Granite City , and 18 mothers locally, through Small Victories (our Women and Infant support center) here in Highland . We have been blessed that four of these babies have been put up for adoption through Small Victories to infertile couples, and we are expecting our first set of twins this summer, that are also up for adoption. We will continue to help everyone, that includes all women and their babies from pregnancy through the first year of life as we realize each child born is truly a gift from God, created in His image. And that God has a plan for that child, and to interfere with that plan would be interfering with God’s work.

This is not our war, this is God’s war. He only asks us to show up for the battle. God will not bless our nation, He will not be mocked. We must stand for his righteousness and live out our faith by His word. God has not called us to be social agitators or reformers; He has called us to be faithful spokemen for His word.

We cannot isolate ourselves in our homes and churches while our nation is made blasphemous before Almighty God. There can be no more compromise, no more common ground. It is time to take up the cross, it is time to lay down our lives for others who cannot speak for themselves.

Courage is not the lack of fear, but the willingness to go out and do it, in spite of your fear. God does not call us to do great things, but to do small things with great love. Be encouraged. God Bless you and Thank you.

Angela Michael
President, Right to Life of Highland
Coordinator, Small Victories

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