"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Street Report Feb 19-24, 2007

  2158 Babies saved since January 2000 !  

Angela approaching Catholic IN girls Holy Rosary shirt.jpg (35034 bytes)
Wednesday Angela approaching Catholic Indiana girls, Holy Rosary shirt
killing a baby has really gone to the dawgs.jpg (38546 bytes)
 killing a baby has really gone to the dawgs
baby body parts courier Wednesday.jpg (32071 bytes)
 baby body parts courier Wednesday
Angela holding Black Genocide sign.jpg (40474 bytes)
 Angela holding Black Genocide sign
Daniel & Angela helping mother with supplies.jpg (35398 bytes)
Daniel & Angela helping mother with supplies
cocky male accomplice.jpg (23570 bytes)
cocky male accomplice 
Tessa & Josh viewing 10 wk old baby midnight abortions.jpg (26435 bytes)
Tessa & Josh viewing 10 wk old baby, midnight abortions
Angela helping injured man into hospital Thursday.jpg (29678 bytes)
Angela helping injured man into hospital Thursday 
Amelia speaking with Angela kneeling by car midnight abortions.jpg (32874 bytes)
Amelia speaking with Angela kneeling by car, midnight abortions
deathcamp guard helping Jennifer Hope employee lifetime.jpg (30930 bytes)
deathcamp guard helping Jennifer, Hope employee (lifetime), blinded by her abortion at Hope Clinic 
baby body parts courier February 23, 2007.jpg (37602 bytes)
baby body parts courier
Friday Angela speaking with Black American family They came.jpg (42035 bytes)
Friday, Angela speaking with Black American family. They came back out, saved baby
prayer warriors Saturday February 24, 2007.jpg (29160 bytes)
    prayer warriors Saturday
Roshanda 16 wks viewing baby on ultrasound.jpg (25533 bytes)
Roshanda 16 wks viewing baby on ultrasound
Pastor Rick & Angela praying over Roshanda.jpg (38521 bytes)
Pastor Rick & Angela praying over Roshanda
Highland area girl vomiting after abortion.jpg (32969 bytes)
Highland area girl vomiting after abortion
Black History checking her soiled pants day 2 of abortion.jpg (24862 bytes)
Black History checking her soiled pants, day 2 of abortion
Josh & Tessa talking with Angela midnight abortions.jpg (33202 bytes)
Josh & Tessa talking with Angela, midnight abortions
Eden Theological Seminarianettes.jpg (37319 bytes)
Eden Theological Seminarianettes


Death Toll February 19-24, 2007

Reporting from the “Baby-dumping capital of the Midwest” Granite City , IL .

  Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the baby-dumping mill.


Hope Clinic- American Family Extermination Camp “destroying families one child at a time”

Severing over 375,268 mother –child relationships in their 33 year reign of terror


Monday- Bag n’ Tag 156 murdered babies for medical research, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic firms from past week’s carnage. Most schools and public offices were closed due to President’s Day.


Tuesday- 39      OH, MS, NC, TN, FL, KS, AR, AL, MO, IL      1 save      3 pro-lifers  Fat Tuesday was in full-swing as pregnant mothers wore a path on the walkway into this extermination camp. One hostile male accomplice brought a very young girl from Tennessee and charged Daniel when he snapped his photo. He wasn’t so brave after we informed him of the impending accommodations awaiting him at the luxurious jail cell inside the Granite City Hilton. He got back in the car and took the little girl inside.

            A couple listened to the plea of a proclaimer. They noticed the tract he was holding. They continued on the walkway; they stopped short of the door, stood there a minute, then turned around and walked back to their car. They said they “couldn’t do it.” They then drove away and never returned during our watch. 


Wednesday- 41   Ash Wednesday    TN, IN, AR, OH, MO, IL      2 saves      4 pro-lifers   Killing babies has really gone to the “dawgs”. As we approached the crime scene, we were facing a car full of three salivating and agitated pit-bulls whose handlers were inside having their baby murdered. This carnivorous three-pack was having visions of human-size turkey legs standing in front of them pleading mercy on behalf of the innocent. They quieted down after awhile. It’s a pity their owners didn’t love their unborn baby as much as their pets.

            Most of the clients walking in slowed down to listen or take our literature. It broke our hearts to watch two Catholic girls come from Indiana with their “Holy Rosary” shirts on…sad. More than usual, cars gave honks of support as we stood in the gap. Two young women walked in death alley. Daniel spoke with them. They thanked him and said, “God Bless you,” and continued to slowly walk inside. Within an hour they came back out; they didn’t go through with the abortion, Praise God!

            Unfortunately, a teen-age couple from the Highland area got into their small pick-up truck and we made the comment, “She doesn’t look good.” The male was very cocky and laughing. A few minutes later they drove onto the street after we tried to give them resource materials. The truck came to a complete stop backing up traffic. The girl then opened her car door and proceeded to vomit onto the roadway. They drove a few feet and again she opened the door and continued to empty the contents of her stomach onto the public streets. It was a mess!


Thursday- midnight abortions 40      TN, WI, IN, MO, IL      4 saves      6 pro-lifers   Before we could get our pregnancy van outreach fully setup outside these gates of hell, God was touching hearts of those walking inside to murder their babies.

            Amelia and her mother-in-law carried her 18 month old son by the hand inside this killing place. Her eyes were fixed on the gentle prayer warrior who had a piece of red tape across his mouth. Amelia read the letters “L-I-F-E” on the tape. She carried that picture inside with her as she filled out the paper work. Her mother-in-law broke down when she saw the ultrasound van pull up with the message “A window to the womb” on it. She began weeping in the waiting area of the abortion mill, clutching her grandson Tyler.

            The employees were being rude as they roughly performed an ultrasound on her protruding belly. They put a partition between her and the machine, they refused to let her see it. They informed her she was 20 weeks, it would take two days. They would need $1000 or her Medicaid card. Amelia informed them she didn’t have a Medicaid card.

            At this point, the employees walked out and left her alone. Amelia kept thinking about the man with the piece of red tape across his mouth. “This is wrong,” she mouthed and got off the table and put her clothes back on. She walked out with her mother-in-law and both babies. Her husband walked ahead of them; he was upset she didn’t go through with it. He was angry.

            They drove around the corner and as we had just finished showing Hope(less) clients Tessa and Josh their 10 week old baby on the ultrasound screen and saying goodbye, Amelia pulled alongside the ultrasound van and called over to Mia. She was crying and asking for “Angela, the protestor,” (whatever…) I knelt beside their car and asked how I could help them. Amelia said. “You can do an ultrasound right?” “Yes,” I answered, “if you give me a few minutes to reset everything.”

             She tearfully said she had been instructed to go over to the doctor in the hospital for an appointment. She was being referred by the abortion clinic. I was a little concerned as to the reasoning. I told her I would wait for her if she felt it necessary to visit with this doctor.

            Meanwhile, we prayed for this situation and returned interceding for the lives of babies scheduled to die throughout the cold night. Mia stayed with me. It was dark and getting late. We began packing our signs up and Amelia returned. She said the abortionist wanted another view of her possible low-lying placenta before he started the late-term abortion. “Would you like to see your baby tonight?” “Yes,” she said. I told them how to get to Highland and they followed us to our office. I came home and quickly kissed my children and grabbed a quick bite and met them at the office where I explained everything and took her history.

            Amelia and her mother-in-law happily viewed her 20 week old daughter auditioning for her life on the screen. They heard her heartbeats. We put her in touch with two high-risk obstetricians and went over the possibility of placenta previa and complete abrupto. She seemed relieved and feeling better. Her mother–in-law said her husband was just worried and concerned for her health and finances. I gave her reading materials to help him and address his concerns. I looked at the clock, it was nearly 11 pm, oh my gosh. After exchanging hugs and contact info and appointment follow-up, I instructed them how to get back home. We prayed before they left.


Friday- 47      IN3, TN, AR3, MO, IL      2 saves      6 pro-lifers            Boy, my bed felt so good, warm, and soft…it was a short night. We awoke before dawn and repacked the ultrasound van and headed out to the City of Slaughter . The parking lot was already filled up with out-of state cars. The others poured over into the hospital lots. This has been an advantage as we achieved more time to talk with mothers as they walk, premeditating the murder of their babies.

            The baby body parts courier arrived earlier than usual this day to pick up the dead babies as they were overflowing. He held a handful of “bio-hazard” bags in his hand as he rang the bell. We inquired as he waited to gain entrance, “If you were involved in an accident and those lil boys and girls spilled out onto the highway, what would you tell the police? Would you be charged with murder?” He stood there stoic. He loaded the boxes in his car full of dead, dismembered babies and angrily drove away.

            More Black History filed into this extermination camp. We tried in vain to save these babies and spare their mothers a life’s worth of heartache, “You can’t get that baby back…” One black American family who talked with us came back out. They accepted our brochure and told us they didn’t kill their child and thanked us. Another couple listened to our pleas and thanked us for trying, which proves some of the abortion clients are polite, they politely kill their babies.

            Later that evening around 10:00 pm we received a distress call from a young lady whose sister was being forced into the abortion mill the following morning.

            Melanie a S.V. save and mother of twins explained her little sister had a 10:00 o’clock appointment at Hope(less). I instructed her to continue praying and to bring her to the ultrasound van an hour ahead of her appointment. Another short night as we had this situation on our minds. God was still in control.


Saturday- 52       IN3, OR, MO, IL      2 saves       approx. 35- 40 pro-lifers with representation from  Faith Community Church from St. Louis, MO, Trinity Baptist Church from Murphysboro, Illinois, Holy Family Church from Granite City, and Sacred Heart Church from Nokomis, Illinois. Pastor Rick Jones, Pastor Steve Raglin, Fr. Gene- St Mary’s and six seminarians

            In a steady cold and blowing down-pour God’s people heeded the call to “Go ye” and showed up for the battle this day. Not only were the elements working against the remnant, but the religious zealots were attacking those on the sidewalk and the terrified mothers going in the abortion mill. Shame. But we remained focused on the goal. We kept praying and trying to talk with the girls. The deathcamp guard came out and told the screaming man off for bringing a young girl to tears as he shamed her as she stood in line

            Sidewalk counselors were busy. Linda was speaking to a couple on the hospital lot, she summoned for me. I was setting up the ultrasound for Melanie and her sister as they had just arrived. I walked over to Linda; the couple was pulling away and driving off. We watched which direction and discussed our strategy.

            I then went inside the van to do the ultrasound on this young girl who was scheduled to kill. This baby was on death row and in it’s eleventh hour. We immediately began life sustaining measures. “Roshanda” didn’t know how far along she was. I laid her back and placed the scanner on her protruding belly; the baby’s image appeared and her older sister began gasping, “Look Roshanda,” and she peered over my shoulder to see her 16 week old baby girl sucking her thumb and pleading for a stay of her execution. They listened to her heart beat and with that we phoned her family. Her mother answered; we let her listen to her unborn grandchild. She immediately began shouting, “Oh sweet Jesus... that’s my grandbaby…you can’t kill my grandbaby.” Roshanda and Melanie were tearing up .Her mother told her, “If you kill that baby we will go to hell.” She told her we would phone her back.

            I then asked Roshanda, “Can you still go in the clinic?” She didn’t answer. I then told her with permission, “I feel as a Christian I must tell you how this baby girl will be murdered.” I then explained the gruesome two-day procedure. I then asked again, “Can you still go in there?” She shook her head “No”. Melanie then said, “Miss Angela will help you, you can still finish school. She helped me.” I then told Roshanda, “You have the love of your family and the father of the baby. That’s more support than most pregnant girls I have worked with have. What’s better is you have God on your side. Do you know that’s His baby? This little girl is a child of the King and He has plans for that baby to prosper.”

            I then handed Melanie the information regarding the black holocaust that is going on in our nation and what is happening in the black community along with a CD for them to listen to on the drive home. We came out of the van and into the cold pouring rain and announced the good news. We asked Pastor Rick to pray over this girl and the situation. We hugged each other and gave them some money to get some breakfast. Just in case...it’s always harder to kill on a full stomach.   

            The Eden Theological Seminarianettes from Webster Groves , Missouri looked a little ragged as they struggled to hold their “poor-choice” signs in the blowing rain. There was definitely a feministic spirit outside this abortuary as we watched many pregnant women leading the charge inside to kill off their offspring and their male accomplices cowardly walked behind them.

            We were drenched, but spirits were high as God’s grace worked miracles this day and we held the standard outside these gates of hell. It was a blessing to see the new faces and they in turn were blessed and encouraged to stand against evil and see good.


Approx. 219 babies killed. 11 babies saved. Approx. 54 pro-lifers cared enough to show up throughout the week’s massacre. 2158 saves since January 2000 and 23 babies have been adopted through Small Victories!



            “Thou shalt protect the equal right to life of each innocent human in existence at fertilization, no exception, no compromise, and no apology.”

            How can God bless America if we keep killing His innocent babies? No one has the capacity to authorize anyone intentionally to kill an innocent born or pre-born human in existence at fertilization with impunity. This simple principle was applied at the Nuremberg Trials. And its time we send that message to Washington DC .

            Unfortunately, since 1973, the feminists/abortionists have used Roe v Wade as authority for intentionally killing an estimated 50 million pre-born humans in America . Thereby, feminists/abortionists are using the authority, power, and prestige of our Supreme Court to perform the evil deeds, which means that feminists/abortionists are intentionally killing an innocent pre-born human in the name of each and every American throughout our country.

            How can we stand at the Nuremberg Trials and judge the Nazis when we have killed more people in the American Holocaust? Remember that old Scripture: We must take the log out of our own eye before we can take the speck out of our brother’s eye.

            Every person that can hear my voice, every citizen has a responsibility to stop abortion in America .

            With abortion in America today, we see some of the gruesome history of the Nazi era repeating itself- the terrible slippery slope of denying one class of innocent persons their basic human rights, and then finding oneself and a whole society in the pits of depravity. Let us look again at the Principles of the Nuremberg Trials by which Americans sat in judgment of Nazis, including pronouncing the death penalty for crimes against humanity.

            Bottom line: abortion is evil. It is an abomination. This evil has worsened over the past 33 years because too many people operating in the name of “Right to Life” have failed to deal straightforward with abortion and take it head on. God is not asking us to lay our lives down for our brothers and sisters. It is a commandment. It is a responsibility to speak up for those that are being led to the slaughter and to provide for their general welfare. If the right to life fails, one can expect all rights to eventually fail. We must take a stand as a country to protect the right to life of each human from the moment of conception. Just remember one thing: pro-abortion people vote, their children never will!

            And if our Legislators and the Judicial Branch of our government will not listen, it's time to roll our sleeves up and throw the bums out! Now who’s coming with me?


            Be encouraged~ Angela


Tune in to today’s Small Victories radio program, AM 630 KJSL, Tuesday at 1:00 P.M. On today's show: Pastor Clenard Childress of L.E.A.R.N.,  www.blackgenocide.org and author of "No Shepherd's Cry" and David Maragni with a report on Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  Replays Thursday at 3:00 P.M. Friday at 8:00 P.M. Sunday at 10:00a.m. and 10:00 P.M. and Wednesday & Monday at 12:00 A.M. and online: www.kjslradio.net

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