"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Street Report Aug 6 - 11, 2012

>   4286 Babies saved since January 2000 !  

save entering ultrasound van August 11, 2012.jpg (196240 bytes)
 Save entering Ultrasound van
Angela & save 22 wks August 11, 2012.jpg (248511 bytes)
Angela and Save 22 wks
save walking away you just saved my baby.jpg (110514 bytes)
Save walking away "You just saved my baby"
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Save Saturday
Angela speaking to abortion bound girl.jpg (222255 bytes)
Angela speaking to abortion bound girl
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Hot Mama 103 degrees Tuesday

Death Toll August 6-11, 2012

“Rescuing babies, saving lives, one heart at a time”
 Reporting from the war zone, the killing fields of Granite City, Illinois
Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the late-term baby dumping mill.
Casualty Count: Over 400,000 mother-child relationships in their 38 year reign of terror.


Monday- Bag n’ Tag approx 55 babies were bagged and tagged for medical research, pharmaceutical labs, and cosmetic firms from the past week’s carnage.


Tuesday- approx 15 killed IN,MO,IL. 1 save   HOT triple digit heat this day. I’ll tell you, this scorching summer heat wave that our daily ministry has had to endure and persevere in, really separates the men from the boys or the sheep from the goats! ;) “Lord be merciful”, is all we can pray as we stand in the blistering heat and the emergency room hospital employees, who obviously get smoke breaks on the hour throughout their shift, ridicule and watch us melt on the sidewalk, as we rescue and save babies throughout the hot afternoon. This has been a terribly long, heat wave, but at least we are there, these babies have a voice. We confirmed throughout the hot afternoon, one precious baby saved, as two girls from Missouri came back out and accepted our brochure as they departed.    


Wednesday- CLOSED




Friday-approx 12 killed MS,MO,IL,  Uneventful killing day .


Saturday- approx 20 killed IN,MO,IL. 3 saves                                                                                   
As soon as we rolled up to the crime scene, we quickly set up our pregnancy outreach, and arranged our graphics for the abortion minded to view.

  Only a few minutes into our watch and a young girl came back out and walked right through us and accepted a brochure from Daniel and told him, “Thanks, you just saved a baby”, and walked to the hospital parking lot across the street, and got into a car and drove off. Praise God! Most of the clients were from Missouri. We applauded their efforts to end abortion, but Missouri abortion bound women just cross into Illinois and dump their murdered babies in Granite City’s back yard. That is why GC is notoriously known for the baby dumping mill.                    


      A young girl and her friend from Missouri, came back out and confirmed they were keeping their baby and accepted a brochure from us. Donna and Daniel caught up to two women and a young girl who came back out. They declined their offers as I watched from a distance. They were not leaving. I then walked over to them and began speaking to them. A few minutes later, I signaled for Daniel to start the ultrasound van. The ladies from our local RTL group were praying in front of our van and helped the young girl inside the van. One of the older women accompanied her.                     


    Once inside the love story began,” Epiphany” was only 13 years old. She first offered that she was around 18 weeks, once we scanned it was evident she was closer to 22 weeks, the baby appeared to be a boy. The girl then began sharing how she had a nightmare about her abortion and kept dreaming about her pregnancy. I told her that was the Lord speaking to you. She told me she sings in her church choir and was a star runner at her school. I did a cross section scan and the baby was waving his little hand at us as if to say, “Hello mommy, I’m here”, They smiled as we watched the baby audition. We went over resources and the possibility of placing the baby for adoption. “Your life is not over, but, it will be tougher. You can do this, and you have more support then most of the mothers I work with”, I told her. The woman who was with her offered, “She has our support. Both her mother and her tutor. We went over resources we can help with and we listened to the heartbeats. She smiled. We shared Psalms 139 with them and they were receptive. She then said, I’m so glad you all were here, I didn’t want to go through with the abortion, I think that’s why I dreamt about it.”  She said.                                                      


          We blessed her with a gift basket full of mom and baby supplies, and exited the van to the sidewalk where prayer warriors stood anxiously. She shared the good news of her baby and hugged and thanked us again for all our help and the love shown. We walked them to their vehicle and watched them drive off. The rosary leader was so overcome with joy, he came over and complimented us for our daily ministry and what a difference we make being there. Praise God!


Approx 47 babies killed, 4 babies saved, 4,286 babies saved since January 2000 and 43 babies have been adopted through Small Victories


                         GOING ON,WHEN YOUR WANT HAS GOT UP AND GONE,..   


          “If it were easy everyone, would be doing it, Angela”, Boy, do I remember those wise words many years ago.. Everyday is a test, a test of endurance with everything that befalls us and our ministry.  I’m not going to kid you, it takes a lot of courage and stamina to suit up and go out on that field every morning and afternoon, especially in this summers’ heat wave.  And we are not making the million dollar salaries that the “boys of summer” are. :)  But, we never balked at it, we just prayed up and we did it. Because, we knew what was at stake. The very heart of our nation is being destroyed with the decisions Satan has decided for this once great country.                       


       Not only is Satan destroying the future of our nation, with every innocent baby murdered on the altars of Baal, but the devil is also killing our conscious of this nation with each abortionBut, I happen to think that we do have something worth fighting for. Every child is made in God’s image. They are our hope. Look into the faces of your children or grandchildren and tell me which one is not worthy of life? How would you feel if they were not there tomorrow?            


      That is why we fight.  Each day, God blesses us with faith and perseverance that keeps us upright in the face of adversity and all that threatens to topple us.  He provides for us, our daily bread, unfortunately, He doesn’t promise it will be buttered. :(  Romans 5:3-4 Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.

        Be encouraged,

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.