"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Street Report  Dec 10-15, 2012

>   4381  Babies saved since January 2000!  

the remnant Tuesday December 11, 2012.jpg (250415 bytes)
the remnant
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sorority girls
Christians killing baby December 2012.jpg (166219 bytes)
Christians killing baby
abortion bound woman December 11, 2012.jpg (185196 bytes)
abortion bound woman
abortion bound mother taking brochure.jpg (231441 bytes)
abortion bound mother taking brochure
Angela & save December 11, 2012.jpg (164745 bytes)
Angela & save
Ana 6 wks entering ultrasound van.jpg (240666 bytes)
Ana 6 wks entering ultrasound van
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Angela counseling Tiffany 10 wks
Angela & save viewing ultrasound December 11, 2012.jpg (131231 bytes)
Angela & save viewing ultrasound
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inside murdering baby
the lineup Saturday December 15, 2012.jpg (303919 bytes)
the lineup Saturday
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first responders called to the abortion mill
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slaughterhouse day after CT massacre
Save Tamara and Mom.jpg (139145 bytes)
Save  Tamara and Mom

Death Toll December 10-15, 2012

“Rescuing babies, saving lives, one heart at a time”
 Reporting from the war zone, the killing fields of Granite City, Illinois
Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the late-term baby dumping mill.
Casualty Count: Over 400,000 mother-child relationships in their 38 year reign of terror.


Monday- Bag n’ Tag approx 58 babies were bagged and tagged for medical research, pharmaceutical labs, and cosmetic firms from the past week’s carnage. Speaking engagement later that evening.    


Tuesday- midnight abortions approx 23 babies killed      NC, IN, MO, IL      2 saves    on-site ultrasounds

            Abortion-bound girls were pouring inside the slaughterhouse from all directions. It was so disheartening to witness the premeditated murders of babies at this time of year. More Black Americans were being cute as they posed for our cameras to kill their enslaved babies. That’s all right, God sees it all.  What was more repulsive was seeing the car with the Christian fish pin on the back as mother and daughter got out and walked to the entrance. “Thou shalt not kill!” we called out to them. All the evil in the world is due to the lukewarm churches and their leaders. When we view Christian fish pins on cars we think that they must be a fan of Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks. J 


            Throughout the afternoon we were busy. We no sooner were finishing up with a save and her ultrasound when we intercepted a cab driver and his wife from Nigeria. He asked if we would do an ultrasound. “Of course!” and both came inside. We were able to show them their approx 6 week old baby floating in an ocean of amniotic fluid. He was pleased. “I do good job?” he asked. We laughed. We blessed them with a list of our resources and physician information to follow up with.


            They spoke in broken English, but told us they were instructed to come to the abortion clinic by people in their community where they reside over in St. Louis. “For help?” “Yes.” We informed them that the only help in the abortion mill is to kill their baby. “What?” he screamed. “Yes, those ugly signs outside are what they do to babies.” “Oh, we not do that,” he said. They promised to contact us if they needed help. Thank You, Lord!


            Regina came by to update us on her growing baby; she is due in a month. Praise God!


Wednesday- CLOSED



Thursday- CLOSED



Friday- approx 12 babies killed      IN, MO, IL      2 babies saved  


            As soon as we arrived in the City of Slaughter, God began blessing our efforts. “Tiffany & Earl” from Missouri walked over to Daniel and confirmed that they were 14 weeks pregnant and in need of help. Daniel handed them a SV brochure, and Earl admitted he was not the father, just a driver trying to help Tiffany out. Daniel thanked him for stepping up to the plate and being supportive of this baby and the mother. They thanked us as they got into their car and left.

            Another couple came back out, told us they had changed their minds, and were keeping their baby. They drove off the parking lot. Praise God!


            When we returned home, there were several calls from mothers needing help with supplies and Christmas gifts for their children. We try and help with what we can and resource with other larger organizations that should be helping families out at this time of year. Later that morning the Connecticut Tragedy was unfolding. Our friend John McC, who lives on the East coast phoned referring to this tragedy as another late-term abortion mill. Read: TRAGEDY IN CONNETICUT”



Saturday- approx 25 babies killed      KS, IN, MO, IL      2 saves  police summoned; rainy, cold


            The dismal weather set the mood outside this slaughterhouse in Granite City. Still riveting from the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut where little children were gunned down in a classroom. We kept comparing tragedies: what the lone gunman carried out in the schoolhouse is no different than what these abortion-bound mothers and accomplices were about to do to their unborn children.  Many of them listened.


            The angry Black man in the alley was hurling anger at the abortion clients this day.  It does no good, but because of the phony clerical collar, the color of his skin and his arrogance, he gets by with it. The local police were called at one point.  We informed them that John Baliff was “off of his medications” and acting out. They thanked us and told us to keep up the good work as they got into their cars and left.


      The weather and the troublemakers were making it hard to save any babies this day.  But by the grace of God, we did!  “Tamara” and her mother listened to our gentle pleas of mercy and offers of free assistance. On the other hand, the troublemakers kept screaming hate and condemnation at them.


         Tamara and her mother stood talking at the entrance; then, Tamara’s mother walked towards John B. and his troublemakers in the alley. She yelled at him to shut up and to quit screaming; and, that if “she were the pregnant one she would go inside and kill her baby out of spite because of what he (John B.) was screaming”, at them.


        She went on, “I would never listen to someone like you. You are a loudmouth, hypocrite.” She then pointed to Daniel who was in the alley standing away from the troublemakers. Tamara’s mother said, “But I would listen to that man over there.”  She then took her daughter’s arm and walked with Daniel to their car explaining their circumstances. Daniel gave them a brochure and informed them of all we could do to help them. The mother then thanked Daniel for talking with her and our offers to help them. She would be in touch.  We watched them drive off the lot and towards the interstate. Praise God!


Approx 60 babies killed, 6 babies saved, 4,381 babies saved since January 2000 and 43 babies have been adopted through Small Victories


                                                                           THE MOST IMPORTANT POSSESION

                                                                                         Luke 12:22-23

This time of year is always so stressful and emotional, especially in light of the recent tragedies, but the spirit of Christmas can be found in our hearts, not in shopping or packages. In the Book of Luke, Jesus tells us that we shouldn’t be concerned on getting the “unimportant” things in life. You see, as we witnessed recent violent and senseless tragedies around us, God reminded us how short our time on earth truly is. Our earthly time here is too precious to waste worrying about “things”. We need to put more confidence in our other “blessings”, like family.


     As we watch our little ones growing up like weeds, we as parents realize they will be with us for a short time .They won’t remember if we bought them designer shoes or clothing, or latest hi-tech things, but a child will remember, even subconsciously, how they were loved and protected, one of the many treasures I never had as a child… One of our daughters, recently wrote me and shared the following scripture; "Because you are precious in My eyes and glorious, and because I love you, I give men in return for you and peoples in exchange for your life." Isaiah 43:4

When I first read this verse, I cried.

 Mom, you are priceless...who could not love you?


  People in general, need to feel loved and valued.  It’s simple; it cost very little, but the results are immense. You won’t find the true spirit of Christmas under a tree, but, in our hearts, at this special time of year.


  Be encouraged,


To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.