"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Street Report Jan 2-7, 2017

>   5358 Babies saved since January 2000!

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Death Toll January 2-7, 2017

“Rescuing babies, saving lives, one heart at a time”
 Reporting from the war zone, the killing fields of Granite City, Illinois
Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the late-term baby dumping mill.
Casualty Count: Over 400,000 mother-child relationships in their 43-year reign of terror


Monday- Bag n’ Tag approx. 36 babies were bagged and tagged for medical research, pharmaceutical labs, and cosmetic firms from this past week’s carnage

Tuesday-approx. 10 babies killed IA, MO, IL. 2 babies saved Bitterly, cold, rain

"Don't fear the storm. Be the storm". Yesterday, a day of challenges and tribulations. We no sooner drove out of town and onto the main interstate, when our van was disabled. We pulled over, as cars flew by us. Daniel yelled to me the undercarriage was giving way. Unfortunately, every winter the salts and snow, ice have decayed the underneath of our ultrasound van. These types of RV's are not made for winter's harsh weather. At the time, these were the only vehicles that could accommodate our ministry. Now they make these $300.000 - 500.000 mobile units which are better made. Anyways, Daniel tried to secure the bottom with a lg bungee cord. I prayed as the cold rain and winds were pelting our faces and what dry clothes we had on. We continued with our drive, only to make it a couple miles and the noise began again. He pulled over a second time. Cars and semis were buzzing by. Daniel found another bungee cord and tied it up again. I imagined the worse as we tried to get back on the highway. We crawled but I kept praying "God please help us get there". We kept in the rt. lane doing 40mph. Yes, it took forever, but God made a way. As we pulled up to the slaughterhouse, we were blessed with the vision of two saints standing in the bitter winds waiting for us. And by the grace of God, the ab mill was running a little later, clients just began arriving as we did. I got out and thanked Judy and Stacey for coming to standing in the gap with us, and 'splained why my makeup was dripping off my face, and our situation with the van. Then we began gently speaking to the arrivals. We were freezing, the bitter winds tore through our clothing, but, we didn't give up, we WERE the storm! The client count was low so far. Ty Jesus. They were listening. A few, were more advanced in their pregnancy. A couple turned around and "thanked us for trying".

Then, by the grace of God, a mom & daughter from MO., came back out where I met them (burgundy car) in the alley. The confirmed they didn't go through with the abortion and were keeping the baby (16 wks.) Praise God. They thanked me and drove off. The remnant was encouraged. Yes, we were wet, we were cold, but we stood firm. We DIDN'T fear the storm! A couple from Chicago, in red car, pulled up. They appeared to be Hispanic. I spoke English. No reaction. Then I spoke what few words of Spanish I know. They both turned and looked over. I repeated it. Now, they walked faster and into the guard’s shack. a few minutes later, they went inside, but not without hearing me remind them of the patroness to the unborn, Our Lady of Guadalupe. We prayed, then we noticed abortionist Erin King slowly turning the corner. Something odd was on her car. We followed her to the garage and noticed the bumper sticker on the side panel of her car. "HILLARY for President". Daniel gently rebuked her. "You & Hillary should both be in jail. You're both liars, cheats, and baby killers." Erin, just smiled as she pulled inside the ab garage. "Turn to Jesus, Erin." I went inside the van looking for more to put on to stay warm, my fingers were frozen.

I offered Judy & Stacey to come inside the van to get warm and out of the winds. They declined real troopers and stood with me freezing. I joked with them and we posed for a pic, "The Frozen Chosen" I told them, they LOL! I reminisce, as we waited for more clients to arrive, if there's one thing this ministry has done for the past 24 years, is we have forced people to clean up their act. We have exposed the dirty little secrets of the abortion industry and this ab mill. We have exposed the corruption in the prolife movement, we have forced prego centers to be more active and stop discriminating pregnant girls from assistance and supplies, and not just collect money for their salaries, expensive lifestyle. We forced the local “cash-cow”, Mosaic Health Center to move their $400.000 mobile unit out, onto the streets. Even though they park on desolate streets for photo ops and sit inside playing cards. We are working on getting their paid staff to come out of their van and seek the lost, ab bound women. It's a work in progress. https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/f4c/1/16/1f642.png:) Now, if we could just get the churches in action. And I don't mean that by bringing girls for ab's, as we have witnessed far too often. We have encouraged others to be braver, to be bolder, and to love always. To be faithful. God honors our faithfulness to our lil brothers and sisters. He won't forget. Now, with all this exposing, you'd think 60 minutes would be offering us a job. No to the contrary, we have been crucified. especially by the brethren, by the church. Why? TRUTH.

   Truth is hate to those who hate the truth. We aren’t your cookie cutter Christians /prolifers. We go against the current., because dead fish float downstream. https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/fcb/1/16/1f641.png:( Just as we finish, I look up and there is the Hispanic couple. The male is first, he looks over I yell, "No aborto" He yells back with the biggest smile, "No aborto" the girl is behind him, I ask "No aborto?" No, I’m keeping my baby." They drive to the alley where I meet them. She rolls the window down, it's raining and I apologize as I reach to hold her hand and pray. She has tears in her eyes. "Thank you she says, I couldn't do it "Jennifer" says, I am 8 wks. pregnant and so thankful you all were here, we are keeping our baby". She took our literature and both thanked us as they drove off and I turned and gave Daniel and team Small Victories a thumb up. "They saved their baby"! The remnant was so encouraged as we have been a little down in the mouth with the in-climate weather, lately. But God is good! We prayed for the ultrasound van, the ab bound mothers and their babies, the abortionist and all involved, we prayed for the dead churches to break the chains and be set free to DO God's will. Stop playing church. Be the church! Our eve. vol finally arrived.  Yes! We drove slowly back home, but we made it. Thank you, Lord! The ultrasound van is sitting on a repair shop parking lot as I type. There is a lot of duct tape and bungee cords holding it together, but God has a purpose for that little van. Keep it in your prayers. Ty all for prayers.


Wednesday- 4 late term babies from the day before returned to be dismembered.




Friday-approx. 16 babies killed MO.IL.IN. Frigid                                                               Uneventful killing day.


Saturday-approx. 18 babies killed MO.IL. Frigidly cold


I like Granite City. There's a humbleness to it. A Blue-collar honesty to it. But, it has something here that we must--if we want to be the "All-America City (1959)" again--get rid of: The Hope Clinic for Women abortion clinic. Listen, this is serious, relevant, truth. God CANNOT bless MY city the way he wants to while the abortion clinic stays here. I know, I know there are many who think God is oblivious to the heinous practice, just like many accepted slavery as an "ok with God" kind of thing. But every murdered child that comes to him is a reminder of "where" it came from. Ok, I realize that many are unmoved, BUT, at least the Christians of this town should take interest. Please, pastors, educated your flock that this evil is worth opposing. Lead them to peacefully pressure and dissent. And I'm not talking about ending abortion (although that is my prayer) but simply getting that hell-hole out of OUR town. I, like you. want my city blessed! I want the Steel Mill totally revived and vibrant. I want God's blessings to rain down and overflow unhindered. But evil and indifference to it hinders, stalls, prevents. Let me rephrase this: if a mad gunman entered a local elementary school and started killing children, every able- bodied person with a firearm would run to their aid. Dear citizen, an unborn child is still a child. God doesn't make the distinction due to location. If we, the Christians of this community, put "action" to our faith, that evil place will go. And then, I have no doubt, the blessings will flow. It was a frigid morning at the clinic today. It was packed. Two young men from Granite City were on the sidewalk. Thank God for them.

I couldn't agree more Bob. I sound like a worn out tire, but GC can be a" city set on a hill" once again. Prosperous, a city of "milk and honey", but we can’t allow this cancer to go on. The steel mill was once a thriving industry, now it’s the abortion mill that's thriving. What is God trying to tell us? You, GC can do better than abortion, you don’t allow pornography shops, or prostitution, puppy mills, why r we allowing child killing? Let’s put feet on those prayers. God will honor your faithfulness. Let the mayor and officials know, we need to rid this eyesore from your city. God will not bless a city full of over 400,000 babies, innocent blood. It washes up to the church doors.

                Approx. 44 babies killed, 2 babies saved, 5,358 babies saved since January 2000

and 48 babies have been adopted through Small Victories 


Getting Messy in the Pro-Life Movement

Why do women have abortions? While finances and life stage are factors, many experts agree that the number one reason women abort is because they feel alone.

“We say we are pro-life, but if we don’t enter the mess of helping these women in their time of need, we aren’t really any different from everyone else,” said Briana Stensrud, director of sanctity of human life at Focus on the Family

  Praise God, finally a familiar prolife organization said something we have not heard. Let’s get some dirt underneath our nails. HELLO! For 24 years, we have been preaching this statement. No one wants to actually get in the ditches with us, the “dirty prolifers” as our ministry coined the phrase years ago, it is shameful what and how we treat pregnant women in their time of need. The Church is all about “saving people” well, here is their chance. Start by helping them. Start by bringing them some dignity. Start by recognizing that there is a big problem with hesitation by pregnant women to seek out the local prego center as they have had to “jump through hoops” in the past to receive a package of diapers and a layette from such centers, or made to feel inadequate if they don’t take classes to qualify for help and receive Jesus at the same time. This indoctrination is why the local abortion mill in Granite City alone is THRIVING, folks. We have said this from day one. Adoption agencies do more to make a pregnant woman feel worthy, and so they should as they make a lot of money off the adoptions. Still, who the church tithers think is doing so much to help the lost and abandoned, is only “window dressing”.  When we claim to be prolife, and believe me, the next few weeks everyone in the church will be busting their buttons touting how prolife they are, but saying and doing are two different things. Yes, the pastors are about to pull out their once a year sanctity of life sermons, blow the dust off them, after their done, they pack them back up for another year, they’re good. Meanwhile somewhere in the ditches or in a dark place, a woman is struggling with a decision no one should have to make let alone be forced to make due to the lack of free help and support. It’s sinful, what pregnancy agencies put desperate women through. I know, I deal with them every week.  And they will hide behind their “standard policy” excuse not to help pregnant women. I’m amazed Focus on the Family recognizes this: they’re pretty sterile. Maybe they have been reading my website. Not only do women feel alone but they feel abandoned. No one to walk with them during their pregnancy. Most will have abandoned them or coerce them into the abortion clinic. It’s just easier. But with the proper help and assistance, support, mothers will choose to continue their pregnancies. Many pregnancy centers expect the lost to come to them. Funny, but my Bible tells me Jesus sought out the lost. He didn’t wait for them to come inside a building. Unfortunately, a lot of prego centers insist girls accept Jesus on the spot before they can get any help. You can’t convert the lost to Jesus, until you show them Jesus. That means you. If God can use a jawbone of an ass, he can use you. Make yourselves available. Anyone can say “they’re prolife;  doing prolife saves lives”. Period.

  Keep speaking the truth no matter the cost,



To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictoriesusa1@gmail.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
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