"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Street Report Oct 16-21, 2017

>   5459  Babies saved since January 2000!

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''Need to Know''
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SV ultrasound van
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save and Angela 10-17
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Truth! the remnant
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Thank You Angie! SV save
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abortion bound girl saved baby 10-17
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lineup grinning and laughing
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lineup 10-17
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remnant 10-17
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couple ''Ava'' needing ultrasound
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abortion mill workers Calista Baublitz and new counselor
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dawn outside abortion mill
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10-20 full house
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Anna and Angela save
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couple saved baby 10-20
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G.C. detectives
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First car
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two nasty girls ''Oh honey, we've been here several times''

Death Toll October 16-21, 2017

“Rescuing babies, saving lives, one heart at a time”
 Reporting from the war zone, the killing fields of Granite City, Illinois
Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the late-term baby dumping mill.
Casualty Count: Over 400,000 mother-child relationships in their 43-year reign of terror


 Monday- Bag n’ Tag approx. 29 babies were bagged and tagged for medical research, pharmaceutical labs, and cosmetic firms from this past week’s carnage

Tuesday- approx 18 babies killed TN,MO,IL 2 babies saved

"Thank you, Angie for being here, this is Charlie, you saved him 3 yrs ago". That's how our day started outside the abortion mill in G.C. We helped Charlie's father with some baby supplies for his newborn twins. Btw This father is working and raising his children, refreshing, right.. Our clinic informant also cleared up false assertions coming from the ab mill workers, that they give out birth control pills. FACT; NO, like we stated Hope Clinic is strictly a surgical abortion facility. They do not teach, educate, or give b.c. pills, or perform STD testing as they LIED to us and others. A client can receive b.c pills only AFTER she undergoes an abortion she gets two months supplies of low dose pills.( which ensures another unplanned pregnancy)It’s a vicious cycle, the abortion mill knows how to keep the $ coming in. Supply & demand. Why would anyone take these bottom feeders at their word?? Abortion began as a LIE and it survives on LIES. I also learned Hope Clinic admits to at least 23 transfers (botched abortions) brought to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, and 1 transfer to Gateway Regional hospital that's sit just across the street from the abortion mill in GC, in the past year. Just think, those are ONLY the ones they report! How many go unreported? " Safe, legal and rare,..Healthcare?" said no one.

Again, mostly all Black Americans. One Hispanic and one white couple. We spoke gently to the forming line of mothers and drivers. The only commandment they follow is their own; "Don't judge". Wait a minute this baby is innocent, aren't you judging your baby? He/she doesn't get a jury, a trial, a lawyer, The only thing that baby gets is scissors and suction to the back of their heads. They don't get pain medication, but you will." God calls His people for a "righteous judgement". Do you know what a Bible is? Only God gives life and only God can take a life. You are no better than the shooter in Vegas. Different weapon; same results. No better than ISIS ; different weapon; same results. No different than young black men in North St Louis, or Chicago, killing one another. Different weapon; same results. If you don't respect life in the womb, how can you respect life on the streets?”

“Ya'll need to start respecting yourselves. No one has to act like barnyard animals humping anything with legs. How much is your life worth? Put a price tag on your life. You see, when you put a price on life, it cheapens it, the location determines the value. A mother is supposed to be that baby’s fiercest protector” We spoke on the gestational stages what their babies are doing in their wombs each week/month. Offering free resources on the spot assistance. One mother stood by the car speaking to the driver looking up at us at intervals. Then she just got in the car and they pulled in the alley where I met them. I offered a brochure telling them "our youngest baby, #13, is Black American, we would adopt their baby" . He slammed on the brakes and rolled the window down. I took off my glasses,( you can look into a persons soul by their eyes). He said "Really, you have 13 kids"? "Yes, my blessings. Listen, whatever it is, we can help you". He looked over at the girl and said "when I saw those pictures I didn’t know they look like that." "Yes, That's what an abortion looks like". He said," I can't do that". I asked her how far along? "14 weeks".Wow, that baby is pretty big, everything is there, just needs to get bigger.” She smiled. “What can I do to help you and pointed to the ultrasound van?” He asked my name, "Angela", he said, Ma'am, you've already helped us ..we're going home". He took my hand and shook it the girl was reading the brochure and thanked me with a smile. They pulled onto the street and drove off. We rejoined the few prayer warriors and rejoiced a baby was saved. We announced to those in line,. "You can be a hero and save your babies too"! Many looked over, stoic or laughed. That's okay, God is still on the throne. We prayed . It turns out Abortionist Erin Lee King was already inside and needed assistance as many were advanced in their pregnancies.

Abortionist Yogendra Shah came as soon as we turned the corner to help butcher the innocents.    A couple from Decatur, Illinois, came sat talking in their car for awhile, then began pulling away when evening volunteer inquired, they rolled window down and confirmed they" were leaving, changed their mind". She took a brochure and they drove off the parking lot. Praise God! You see, witnesses at a crime scene do make a difference. I know God appreciates it. Even if there are no saves, at least we brought some dignity to those being led to their slaughter. Proverbs 24:11-12 They didn't die alone, we were there. Ty for prayers.

  Wednesday-4 late term babies returned from the day before to be dismembered.


Friday-approx. 28 babies killed AR,TN,MS,MO,Il. 4 babies saved, onsite ultrasounds

Ok, so I had to leave very early to drive to the ab mill, it was still dark. Believe it or not, I have a life. I oversee many lives.:) Now, before this, I had to pick out clothes for school, iron them, match shoes and accessories, leave love notes and breakfast instructions. Gulped down a cup and a half of coffee slapped some make up on so I don't scare anyone (Halloween early?) got in the "Beast" and drove like a Nascar driver at the Indy 500, praying all the way that no one crashed into me as everyone was driving 80 miles an hour passing me and zooming in and out of traffic while still dark outside.  Finally made it. Still dark, but hospital employees were arriving. strategically placed signs. Still dark. Prayed. Saw some drug dealers and homeless people.

Then one ab mill employee ran up to door at 7:00 am and unlocked. No one else cam until 9:00 a.m. Gave me a chance to talk with ab mill employees. Then few trouble makers came but they didn't scream at them. One car by 10:00 a.m. Found out they were opening at 11:00 a.m. Then BAM! They poured onto the lot.MS.AR.MO,IL. Mostly MO. Mostly Black Americans. A young couple came up to me and asked for an ultrasound. I caught a glimpse of the $400,000 dollar Mosaic PHC van across the physician parking lot on another street, I asked a volunteer to take them there. A few mins. later they came back with "Rich" the driver. The girl told me "they couldn't help us, they couldn't do an ultrasound". Rich said, I'm sorry we have some stupid rules the girl inside isn't qualified to do them". . I looked at the other volunteer and said, "See, do you understand my frustration with that fake prego center and that fraud Kathy Sparks Lesnoff"? It's a photo op for them. Their not helping mothers or saving babies. They are “cash cows”. I then told the couple to come inside my van," I will help you. BAM! There on the screen, we let them see their 6wk old baby . They were relieved that everything appeared healthy but would follow up with our staff OB's.

As they exited, the girl 'Ava" said where's that man?, "you mean the man who took you to the other van? "Yeah",I called for John, the girl started yelling at him, “you told us they would help us, they didn't help us, they took our information, but they didn't help us”..This woman helped us” as she was pointed back to me. He apologized for taking them to Mosaic C 2-mobile unit and responded "someone needs to talk to them". Good Luck ! We tried for decades. SCAMMERS! We reset the van and came out to view many in line. I gently called over, we then witnessed two GC police detectives with folder under arm and briefcase standing by door to go inside. Yes! "Where is the crime scene tape this is a crime scene" I told them". We spoke to "Anna" a thirty something mother, she asked if "I would do an ultrasound on her? "Of course. BAM! To her surprise an approx 10 wk old baby auditioned for its life. She teared up when we heard the heartbeats. 132 midline. She then announced, "You probably don’t remember, but you saved my baby 18 yrs. ago" Say WHAT?? Well PRAISE GOD! I was ecstatic. We set up her prenatal appointment with our staff O.B's and she came out and hugged me for being there.

BAM! Another couple who stood talking with another prayer warrior came over to me and the tall girl "Jenisha" asked “are you the lady who does the ultrasounds”? “Yes”, she asked can you help me? Of course, brought them inside. The male didn't want to get the abortion, but they had an 11:00 appointment. I quickly scanned and to our delight a very photogenic 12 wk old baby waved and danced for his little life on the screen for his parents to see. Praise God ! Then the girl, teared up and told me, " You saved my other baby a couple years ago”. I see so many girls it’s hard to remember faces, but I said, PTL! Let's save this one. They laughed and confirmed they were keeping the baby and we gave them our resources brochure and she promised to follow up with her Dr. at Belleville Memorial. Then, I was pooped, I'd been there for 6 hrs. no potty break, no food, feeling fatiqued, when I noticed a little girl on the phone and a lg swollen tummy standing on the ab mill curb looking lowly. I offered to help her, she began walking and tilted her head a little saying 'No thanks". I met her on the dr. parking lot ."Can I give you a ride? "No thank you", she responded.

She then stopped walking and began sobbing. I put my arms around her and listened as she told me she was having a hard time getting this abortion. I've tried five times and things keep happening to prevent it". "Honey, that's God" He is trying to get your attention. She told me "she is now 20 wks preg. been trying to get an abortion for wks. But things keep getting in the way" she said. "God puts the right people across your path..everything happens for a reason". "Not trying to sound all religious cause we are all sinners, and fall short of Gods glory, but God would never approve of you killing your baby. Tell me why you want to kill it?" She told me she sick of being sick, I told her "it’s a good sign that her pregnancy is healthy, and the Dr.s have meds that can help her nausea and fatigue. Still, no reason to kill" . "I don’t have any family support. My sisters are driving me nuts". She still lives at home with siblings. I told her we could get her into a maternity home if needed. She told me she had two other children. "That still no reason to kill that baby. What else?" She said," I just don't want it, I was raped" ..I said, "if that's true, why would you add violence to an act of violence. It's not the baby's fault. And I know couples who would love to adopt that baby. I've adopted we have 13 children. We would help you through this pregnancy, not just doing the talk, but doing the walk with you. We have helped thousands of women and their children. God has a plan for your life and your innocent baby's life".

Boy, the devil was mad. It was a battle of Good versus evil. And GOOD was winning! The deathcamp guard came over and told the girl to come talk with her. I could hear Renae the guard, telling her the clinic was trying to fit her late term abortion in today, but she shouldn't talk to that white woman and go sit in your car". I walked over to “Courtney”, " Don't listen to the devil and that guard is the devil; she makes a lot of money getting girls inside to kill their babies." If she cares so much, is abortion the only thing they can help you with?" She stared ahead, she then asked for a brochure. I gave her one, she started to read it. I told her to think real hard before she tries to walk back through those doors. I slowly walked to my van, loaded up the signs and watched her drive off the parking lot. Hopefully, she won't come back. I gathered myself and drug it onto the drivers seat, praying for God to get me home. My mouth felt like an dry desert. And by the grace of God, He did. We made it. My hubby thought I wasn’t coming home after 8 hrs.at the ab. mill. Please pray for those mothers who chose life this day,. some are really struggling. But, I hope we made a difference, I pray we made some impact. https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/f80/1/16/1f64f.png? 

Saturday-approx.22 babies killed AR, MO,IL.

 Several clients were from the day before indicating they were late term. A while back we learned that  Hope clinic admitted to health officials they had multiple  “transfers” to Barnes Jewish hospital in ST.L.and only 1 transfer to Gateway Regional across the street from the abortion mill. Now, that is ONLY the transfers that will admit to on paper. ”Transfers” are a sterile way of saying the abortionist usually Erin Lee King, goofed up and butchered a pregnant woman undergoing an abortion. Most are late term. Most are Black. They pay them off and make them sign a gag order, not to speak about it. Most happen on Fridays and Saturdays. The private ambulance service Hope Clinic hired shows up so there is no 9-11 calls , no records, and hauls the injured women to St.L to keep it covered up. No reporting. Can you imagine a real health care provider acting in the same manner? After so many “goof ups” also known as gross negligence, you would see that medical professionals license pulled and an investigation. But somehow, in “abortion” there is a double standard. They operate under a cloak of darkness, it’s a seedy business, most real medical professionals call it the “red light district  in the medical world, but demand  respect by referring to abortion on demand as “healthcare”. Stay tuned..




Approx 68 babies killed, 6 babies saved, 5,459 babies saved since January 2000 and 49 babies                                                                                                                                                            have been adopted through Small Victories

  So grateful that God always provides a way for us to be there for the mothers and their babies. So humbling to help mothers see the humanity of that child. Being a blessing to others, blesses us at Small Victories. And too hear that we saved former babies years ago from those same mothers,. It’s a great feeling.

Keep speaking and exposing the truth, no matter the cost,



To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictoriesusa1@gmail.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.