"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Street Report Sep 18-23, 2017

>   5448 Babies saved since January 2000!

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Mosaic PHC sidewalk counselors.
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Bishop Paprocki and Angela
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Rosary Walk 2017
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save 24 weeks
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save sharing testimony with Bishop Paprocki
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All the sidewalk counselors
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Sidewalk full of Mosaic sidewalk counselors
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more Mosaic PHC sidewalk counselors
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Small Victories Pregnancy Outreach
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MO protestors reading S.V. literature
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save 9-19
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lineup 9-19
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MO couple Tyler and Danielle
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couple listening to Angela 9-19  
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'' Renae'' Allied Security representative


Death Toll September 18-23, 2017

“Rescuing babies, saving lives, one heart at a time”
 Reporting from the war zone, the killing fields of Granite City, Illinois
Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the late-term baby dumping mill.
Casualty Count: Over 400,000 mother-child relationships in their 43-year reign of terror


 Monday- Bag n’ Tag approx.89 babies were bagged and tagged for medical research,                  pharmaceutical labs, and cosmetic firms from this past week’s carnage.

Prayers please: Here's my request. I can save all these babies, but if these pregnant women have no where to live, where do I go? I have called all local shelters and maternity homes. All are full, of course. I think, no, I know, we need a legit/no discrimination maternity home here in the Metro East. Fontabella in O'Fallon, IL. can never take girls in, they say their always full. Plus, they don't take juveniles. In past yrs ago, I used to take them in my home with our lg. family, you can only imagine how cramped we were, but I always told the girls "whatever it takes to save your baby".. nowadays it's too dangerous to do that. https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/f34/1/16/1f914.png? appreciate it.

Tuesday- approx.24 babies killed, OH,MS,MO,IL. 1 baby saved, onsite ultrasounds

Joshua 1:9 https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/f4c/1/16/1f642.png:) I asked the male driver "You out of state?" "No we from MO." They had another plate on the car, then God told me what to ask. "You all in St Louis protesting"? He looked up at me and answered "Yes". I wasn't shocked , but the girl kept looking down. I gave her the literature and then pointed to the line up of moms & dads on death row waiting to go inside and kill their babies. "Those people are going to do the same thing you all are protesting. It's a different weapon; same results". God chose you to be this baby's mother and father". I handed him the baby body parts list and said, "Slavery hasn't ended; abortion is the modern day slavery. It's everything you all are protesting but it's happening to your own babies." The male thanked me but his girlfriend was a little miffed. Thank you God for giving me the words. My husband said, "you tried".

It was HOT on those sidewalks today. The sun was bearing down. I looked down the sidewalks. I looked in the alley. I looked by the rosary tree, No others, but our ministry. The guard, Renae a professed Christian, gave us the finger she eats with as she walked up to the entrance. "Nice Renae". The Ohio girl in pink pants was late term as her belly was way over the lip of her pants. We gently pleaded. The crowd just laughed at our pleas. I kept looking over my shoulders for all the Mosaic PHC sidewalk counselors,. smh. I noticed a young girl running past the ab mill and looking over her shoulder at me..I knew her. We helped her years ago. I called her name , she was with a black man who gave me a dirty look. I asked her to ‘give me some love". She looked at him and he nodded, " Denise” came over to me. I hugged her, she was so skinny then I noticed the signs her once beautiful face and smile, were replaced with sores and missing teeth. So sad, "do you need anything? No, I'm good. How are the babies, they doing good?" they with my sister. I hugged her and whispered "If you need help, just let me know", as tears filled my eyes. She smiled and walked away to the local drug houses that surround the ab mill. GC is the meth capital currently. I wiped my tears and noticed the van from MO. pull into the alley. They parked. I kept offering to show moms and dads a pic of their babies. I met the mixed couple in the alley.

"Tyler & Danielle" drove all the way from Sikeston to have an abortion.  I offered them an ultrasound before they go inside.  I told them of all the resources and it would only take a few mins as they waited. The girl said "sure, why not” and they walked to our van. I kept the driver out till I checked with the girl. He wasn't the fob but was supportive.  I then asked preliminaries, and began the scan. Danielle told me she was about 15-16 wks and I asked her why she wanted to abort,. She told me She already had a 2 yr. old back home and his father was a deadbeat. Then she gets pregnant with this current baby and its father is also a deadbeat. She said" I had enough of deadbeat dads".  I asked about Tyler the male who brought her.  She said "he would help me if I wanted to keep it".  I said then "lets keep it". She smiled and said. "Yeah I know, my family is telling me the same".  I asked about adoption . She said she couldn't give her baby up. I then said, "but you can kill it"?  I kept scanning, the visual wasn't adding up, it appeared to be distorted. I tried to find heartbeats.  The pregnancy sac measured 12-13 wks.  I could make out the face and pointed it out, but I felt something wasn't right. I offered to take her to our staff o.b. and confirm findings.  But, she was reluctant.  I made her promise me, to think really hard. "So the father's a loser, it doesn’t mean this baby is at fault. This may be the little girl you wanted. It's a precious as the one who have back home."  She smiled and a tear ran down her cheek. I gave her a kleenex.  I then heard Daniel knock and come inside. He said "Tyler wants you to know, he will support you and this baby if you want to keep it". Real men raise their babies I thought. I told her "this man is willing to call this child his own, please God is using people to get your attention".  We will help you .

I was disappointed with the scan but kept praying she would say 'Im going home,. but she didn't. She still wanted to go inside and talk with the ab mill. I said “Please, you promised to think and not rush into it,” I also warned her of complications and not to be afraid to contact us .  She thanked me and took a long look at our baby models as she exited the van. Tyler had his hand out to me ,  "I want to thank you for talking with her, I tried all the way here." I told him keep reassuring her that she’s not alone and there are people that care for her and the baby. I asked if they had enough gas $ to get back home. "Yes "Tyler said and he followed her up to the lineup where they stood and waited. We prayed.  The devil really wants this one. God we need you. I felt like I just fought a ten round match up.  Daniel said, "There's nothing more you could of said or done", Don't feel bad".  But I did.  I couldn't sit on her. After all everyone has a freewill, all except the unborn baby.  He or she is a slave in it's mothers womb.And these antifas/blm are offended by Confederate statues;  I'm offended at the sight of this epic hypocrisy lining up three days a week to murder/lynch their babies. ALL LIVES MATTER Jesus DIED for ALL LIVES!

Well, with over 40 yrs of slavery in the womb and murder for hire, is there any wonder why there is no respect for anyone or their lives.  We rejoiced with an older couple coming over to confirm they were keeping their baby after hearing all we said to them. Praise God! I know last week, Cherie asked if we have contacted the churches. "Yes" for decades, we have walked, talked , wrote letters, begging and pleading with them to help us stand up to this abomination in their city.  Unfortunately, Jesus words falls on deaf ears. Most of these pastors could care less. It's not war worth fighting for.  And some pastors think it’s okay to dismember a baby.  But I'm reminded  "the battle belongs to the Lord; He only ask that we show up for the war ". Most feel if they throw money at the local pregnancy center their doing their job. This is a sanitized way of being prolife.  No fuss, no muss, no dirt underneath those nails.  Not much effort.  So you see it's just easier to prop up a lie than to know and deal with the truth. Sadly.  I wouldn't want to be in their shoes come Judgement Day.

Wednesday-3 late term babies returned to be dismembered from the day before.




Friday-approx.18 babies killed MO,IL.  2 babies saved  Arrived early and set up our outreach. It’s nice when nobody’s there you can pray undistracted. As the morning sun came over the trees, it got hot. Again, NO MOSAIC van, NO counselors .And definitely NO Kathy Sparks Lesnoff. New abortion counselors began arriving. Always an employee turn over about every 2-3 months. How can you can stomach doing late term abortions? We gently spoke to the arrivals, we walked back and forth through the alley and back lot where clients often park. Many listened, some took our literature. Helen joined me and took over talking to those in line. The newest employee is a tall white male form IN. He carries his pc inside and works alongside another abortion mill employee he has been spotted being affectionate with.  Throughout the hot morning, at different times, we rejoiced with two mothers walking back out and confirming they were keeping their babies. Both from MO. Both Black Americans. Praise the Lord!

UPDATE; I came home from long HOT day at ab mill to message. A girl this past week kept her baby and wanted us to know she didn’t go through with abortion and glad we were there.



Saturday-approx. 26 babies killed IN,KY,MO,IL. 2 babies saved

Prolife March with Springfield Diocese and Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki 2017.  Standing outside the gates of hell in GC ab mill. Boy, I don't ever want to go to Hell; if this heat and humidity are just a taste of what it's like:( I wish the marchers would come sooner so they can see what a typical day at the abortion mill is like, what we go through, and how God uses us to save babies and help mothers.    Many were from the day before indicating they were late term. No one wants to accept the fact that this abortion mill is committing "infanticide". These are late term babies. Throughout the steamy morning, we gently spoke to those entering the ab mill.  You could see the guilt on their faces as they didn't think the same protestors would be back the next day, realizing how big their babies were, and the excuses they offered or the lies they told us, the day before.  Many were in active labor holding their large abdomens trying to get inside before they expelled their babies on the parking lot. This is what America needs to see.  The inhumane treatment, the savagery, the barbaric treatment of unborn children. Maybe it would wake the church up to view the truth of abortion and the demise of the prolife movement.

Today was more proof of it.  As the marchers turned the corner and surrounded our ultrasound van I greeted the Bishop and showed him a picture of the babies we saved and adopted, and he blessed several years ago. He asked" How old are they now? 8 and 6 yrs. old. The youngest is severely autistic and the love of our life. He smiled and said " they are beautiful". He then was hoisted onto the back of the pick up truck to speak. I recognized several faces, some came over to me and greeted or hugged me. Only a few priests and seminarians. I was disappointed in the lack of youth. I was told, the local priest Fr.Zach Edgar from St. E’s. took them for a field trip . smh.  As I looked in the faces of the crowd approx 70 marchers, I noticed the avg. age is about 60-70. I wondered who’s going to march when these marchers can't?  The deathscorts stayed behind this day to watch the event and take our pictures. As we prayed and sang, a couple came back out.  We spoke earlier to them. It was threesome from IL.in the black sedan. I walked quickly over to the street where they drove out, the girl smiled and showed me a picture of a approx 24 wk old baby. I couldn't believe it. She told me after paying her money she wanted to see it and they wouldn't show her, it made her think why? She fought hard, and she got loud inside the ab mill. Reluctantly, they gave her back some of her money and a grainy view of her baby. They wanted her OUT! Well Praise God! She smiled and thanked us for talking to her, she would contact us if she needed more help.

As the vigil went on, it was obvious people were having trouble standing in the heat and the sun pouring down on us. A few left, or found a spot of shade. Bishop held on and continued through the heat. I was proud of him. We can't get any clergy to stand out here. At least the Bishop comes once a year. Where's everyone else?  What's their excuse?  We do have a faithful Oblate, Fr. Gene ( over 80 yrs.) from Our Lady of the Snows who is in frail health, he comes when he can now, but sadly, he is the only clergy representation outside this abortion mill for the past 20 something years. He is our designated sergeant at arms of SV. https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/f7f/1/16/1f60a.png?  Then another girl (MO) came back out and confirmed they kept their baby and took a brochure and left.  We rejoined the group. Bishop was giving the closing prayers and then dismissed the crowd to return to church for luncheon and short talk.  Several marchers came up and thanked us for our ministry.  They asked us to come back to the luncheon and we gently declined. One woman commented "Oh, I'd rather hear you speak, Angela.  We need another pregnancy center like we need another hole in our head", LOL https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/fd2/1/16/1f604.png? I hugged her and thanked her. "It's a sanitized way of being "prolife" I told her. Makes people feel good, and less effort. They don't want to go where babies are dying". Bishop came off the truck about the same time a SV save came over to a man asking for me. I thanked the Bishop for coming and informed him of the saved babies today and asked him to share with the marchers at the luncheon.  "It may encourage them". He smiled and thanked us for what we do and a man came up he had been video taping.  He asked to interview the Bishop and me as we stood together. He told the Bishop," I know Angela and the ministry from way back when. She has been down here for many years. She has gone through hell to save babies with little support I might add".  I was wondering why is he saying this even though it's the truth.  He then asked the bishop's name and I responded he then told us what church he was with and he wanted to get more support for us and asked the bishop to please consider helping the Michael's in their “valiant efforts". Woo-Hoo!

The Bishop responded he would take it into consideration, (and he was still smiling)  He then asked about the babies we adopted and saved, when that young girl walked over to us and interrupted the filming.  Maybe it was supposed to happen in front of the Bishop.  After all we only see him once a year. "Latoya" started telling the Bishop how she first met us outside this abortion mill when she was going to have an abortion. She told him how much we changed her mind and she went on to have twins and all the help she received through our ministry. The Bishop asked the ages and shared some pleasantries. WOW! Nothing better than having others toot our horn so to say:)  She then asked why so many people were here and we informed her it was a annual march for life.  She hugged me and went on her way to work. We made sure the Bishop had a ride back to church and declined the offer to join him.  "We have little ones still back home and we need to get back to them" Crazy,. I know.. if this ministry was easy everyone would be doing it ".. The heat had worn us down.. and we had at least two more shifts to complete https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/f4c/1/16/1f642.png:) back home.  Best part was when a little protestor who came earlier in the morning walked over to me . She had to be 4or 5 yrs old. She had a tye dyed shirt on and was with the small group praying to my side. She asked me if I was a doctor? I bent down and said "No, I'm a nurse". She then asked me "If I would please go in that place (and she was pointing to the abortion mill ) and make those people stop killing those babies?" Awwwh,. I smiled and told her, "Honey, there's nothing I'd love doing more than to stop those people from killing those babies". She thanked me and rejoined her family as they were leaving and packing up.

Geez, if a lil 5 yr old gets it, why can't others?  I wanted to share after being treated and made to feel like a "leper" by so many who claim the name of Christ, I have always admired Mother Teresa, now a saint. I have read many of her books. I am reminded of the hurtful treatment she endured by her own religious sisters. The rejection, the persecution, the slander, the ridicule. Boy, can I relate to her.  She didn’t fit in.  She went against the current.  Just like Jesus. Look at the treatment He received by the Christians, the religious people.  Our ministry has always been the "elephant in the room' of the so called prolife movement here in the Metro East. We have fought for everything we have and every battle won. “Relentless” former abortion mill director called us to the media. You see, we have never been the typical cookie cutter Christians or prolifers.  We have pioneered the way for so many others so that on the day when we go down on that barbwire, they may come running up over our backs to keep standing and holding a banner on these front lines of the battle.  We are not there to play “nice” in the prolife sandbox.  Appeasing the devil never works. We are there to kick sand in the eyes of the enemies and take possession of the land, until the Lord comes back. This is how you win wars. 


Approx. 68 babies killed, 5 babies saved, 5,448 babies saved since January 2000 and 49 babies                                                                                                                                                            have been adopted through Small Victories

   Be The Light in a World Full Of Darkness” -Pastor Tim

Keep speaking the truth, no matter the cost,


To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictoriesusa1@gmail.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.