Granite City , IL Report



DAY 1 Blow the trumpet in Zion , proclaim a fast, call an assembly

            Today was Day 1 of our Fall 40 Days for Life campaign “Gather the people, notify the congregation. Assemble the elders; gather the children and the infants to the breast. Let the priest, the ministers of the Lord, weep and say, ‘Spare, O Lord, your people.’” Joel 2:15-17

            In sporadic rain showers, prayer warriors assembled on the sidewalks surrounding this deathcamp in the City of Slaughter . We ministered to the abortion-bound women entering this abortion mill. It was hard for the abortion-bound mothers not to notice the several babies, toddlers, and strollers promoting life at this peaceful gathering. Angela Michael, Director of Small Victories ministries and campaign coordinator, gave opening remarks, an overall view of the history of this abortion site, and the successes of the past two 40 Days campaigns in Granite City. It was encouraging to hear how fasting, prayers, and a peaceful presence have made a difference inside and outside this abortion mill.

            “We have witnessed an approx 75 % drop in abortions at this killing facility. We have enjoyed the number of babies saved in both campaigns and the increase of adoptions. Currently, we have three babies available. Several conversions of former employees who gave us personal testimonies have taken place.”

            We shared how just this past Saturday, one of the saves told us that she, “Didn’t know people would be standing out here,” which convicted her once inside the abortion mill. She walked out into our arms and saved her baby inside our ultrasound van. This is confirmation when asked, “Does standing outside an abortion mill do any good?” Just ask those babies that have been saved due to our daily vigil and prayers and efforts.

            We then introduced Fr. Gene Prendiville OMI and clergy mascot who led in prayer and gave a powerful speech on abortion and our history. He then read from our 40 Days reflection. We cannot even fathom the over 400,000 babies murdered in Granite City since 1974, let alone the over 50 million babies killed by abortion in our nation; or the rippling effect of abortion on society. It affects everyone involved. Unborn lives destroyed. Lives of the living shattered. We plead for God’s mercy and grace for all those involved in the sin of abortion.

            At different times during the service, we were able to confirm three precious babies saved from the jaws of death and shared the good news with the assembled group. Alleluia! It was Calvary that followed Christ for 40 days in the desert. Without Calvary there would be no Resurrection. His victory over death opened the gates of heaven to those who follow and believe. We are called to be God’s messengers, His ambassadors for Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:20 “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us.” We don’t bring condemnation; we bring God’s good news.

            “Lord, we ask for the strength, courage, wisdom, determination, and stamina to carry out this mission according to Your will. Guide us, we pray, as we go forth in proclaiming Your truth, always with a spirit of love and compassion as demonstrated to us through Your Son, Jesus Christ. In His name we pray, Amen.”