Granite City , IL Report

10/07/2010- DAY 16  

            More than usual for a Thursday; some repeats from the day before stood in line to sign the death warrant out on their innocent children. Many times we softly called over offering the mothers another option, another way out of their situation. To no avail, they were set on killing their babies, brainwashed into thinking they couldn’t bring another child into the world.

In our 40 Days intention, we pray for young women and couples to choose life for their babies. That there is help or someone that will come up along side them physically, emotionally, and spiritually to help them bear their burdens. Over the years in reaching out to mothers and their pregnancies, we hear the excuse a lot of the time that there is no support. To the contrary, our ministry has proven them wrong. Many have been saved from the guilt of killing their child. They realize that in choosing life they have been given a blessing with just a little support with our help. 

            Being pro-life is one thing, doing pro-life saves lives. Scripture tells us in Galatians 6:1-2, “Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the laws of Christ.” Coming up alongside a pregnant mother. walking her through her pregnancy, and even helping and supporting her after the baby arrives is an awesome opportunity in witnessing as Christ would. This allows not only the Gospel to be heard, but to be seen as we live out our theology to the lost. Screaming Jesus does not convert, but being Jesus changes hearts and saves lives. You will find it is no burden at all, but a blessing as your family line extends to include these precious souls as part of your own..

            “Dear Lord, as our Shepherd, You tenderly care for us, pulling us from the miry pit, guiding and directing our path, protecting us from the dangers ahead. Let us be the vessels You use to these mothers and fathers who have honored You by choosing life for their babies. Give us wisdom and discernment, Your love and compassion as not to be a stumbling block, but rather a guide that always takes them to You, the true Shepherd. In Jesus Christ, Amen.