Granite City , IL Report

10/20/2010- DAY 29

            Our 40 Days intention this day is for an attitude of humility as we stand for the least of these in a prayerful way. Scripture tells us there are six things the Lord hates, and seven are an abomination to Him: 1. A proud look. 2. A lying tongue. 3. Hands that shed innocent blood. 4. A heart that devises wicked plans. 5. Feet that rush into sin. 6. A false witness who speaks lies. 7. One who sows discord among the brethren. Proverbs 6:16-19

            The Lord knows us. He knows our hearts.  He wants us to be absolutely clear when it comes to calling a judgment. The sinfulness of man encompasses much more than the external sins that we might easily see and point fingers at. In other words, before we stand outside and condemn an abortion-bound mother or abortion mill employee to death, we better search our own hearts and past dealings. Before we can tell our brother about the speck in their eye, shouldn’t we remove the log in ours? Boy oh boy. Before we assign a particular sin as that of the abortionist’s, the Holy Spirit ensures that our sin of pride would be listed first. Hello? We all need Jesus who saved us from the penalty of sin. His grace covers a multitude of sins, but we must abide in Him and embrace Jesus’ work on the Cross in recognizing and confronting our own humanity. In all situations ask yourselves, “What would Jesus do?” and then do it!

            Today we rejoiced in the saves of two precious babies from death’s grip including two girls from Missouri and the young girl who came into Christa’s arms where she was greeted with love and encouragement. Later that evening, a save, Kayla, went into labor to deliver a healthy baby boy at 12:21 a.m. Praise the Lord!

“Father, guard my heart, prick my conscience, and may I be receptive to Your rebuke at any moment. I remember in fear and trembling that You cause the proud to fall, but the humble You raise up. May I never forget my true identity in Christ and that apart from Him I am nothing. In Jesus’ Name.”