Granite City , IL Report



“Sound the trumpet in Zion   The “frozen chozen” rally for the cause of life in Granite City


In bitter temperatures and four inches of snow, God’s chosen answered the call this day. Monsignor Steffen and Fr. Chris Comerford led the charge. We had representation from both the Springfield Diocese and the Belleville Diocese and several area churches from as far as Carlinville. Our intention is to use these 40 days to plead for God’s mercy and grace for all those involved with the sin of abortion. Scripture tells us to “Blow the trumpet in Zion ! Call an assembly, proclaim a fast. Gather the people, notify the congregation. Assemble the elders; gather the children. Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep and say, ‘Spare, O Lord, Your people.’” Joel 2:15-17  

Abortion and the blood of the innocent touch everyone. We often hear the estimates that over 50 million have been slaughtered, but that is just those whose blood has been shed. Abortion leaves one person dead and the other wounded. It takes its toll on society and has a rippling effect on everyone involved. It destroys families and shatters lives. It’s overwhelming and depressing, but there is hope. Real hope. Without the 40 days in the desert, there would be no Calvary; and without Calvary there would be no Resurrection. Christ’s victory over death opened the gates of heaven to those who believe and follow Him.

  We spoke on the recent victories outside this abortion mill in our past 17 years of daily vigils and how the Lord has blessed our prayers and efforts. During this past Fall’s 40 Days for Life campaign we enjoyed the 54 babies saved, the one baby that was recently born and adopted, and the 5 former employee conversions from this deathcamp. We shared how the killing numbers have drastically and steadily dropped due to our faithfulness and God’s promises. In our ministry’s history we have witnessed the decline of babies’ deaths from an average 300-350 a week, to an all time low of less than 100 a week. Not one law was passed in Congress, let alone in Illinois . What has made a difference? God’s “frozen chozen”; His gentle Christian warriors making their theology biography in the streets surrounding this deathcamp.   

  We are called to be His messengers outside these abortion centers and to the surrounding communities that have been deceived with the lies by the culture of Death. We don’t bring condemnation; we bring God’s good news. Our actions, our words, our thoughts may be the only Bible those involved in abortion may ever see.

Our sidewalk counselor did speak to several women returning from the evening before to finish the late-term abortions. One couple brought their baby daughter inside and denied they were there to obtain an abortion, but never came back out during our watch. A Black American family stopped, asked of our purpose, and asked for one of our signs. The mother was in agreement that abortion is evil and made the comment, “And look at that word ‘Hope’ hanging off their building…ain’t that a joke?” She promised to come join us another time and thanked us for being there. We received a couple drive by cursings from two passing cars. We count them as blessings.

Fr. Chris closed out in prayer asking for God to, “Grant us strength, courage, wisdom, and stamina to carry out this vital mission. Guide Your prayer warriors as we go forth and proclaim Your truth in a spirit of love and compassion to those who find themselves in a place they should not be.”

  In Jesus’ Name we pray ~Angela