Granite City , IL Report



“The favors of the Lord are not exhausted.” Lamentations 3:22-26

It is a call to hope that no matter how much violence, (and abortion is violent,) that life will prevail in the end. Our God is mightier. We must rely on Him. “Our hope is in Him and He is good to those who seek Him. It is good to wait in silence for the saving help of the Lord.”

On this morning we waited on the Lord in the cold, even though our flesh was being tempted by those prideful men who came to destroy  It was disturbing to witness these rebellious few screaming and condemning the abortion-minded mothers as they walked up to the abortion mill. This will never convert or change a heart; all that noise will only rush those babies and their mothers quickly inside as a refuge from the religious bullies.

Our 40 Days remnant prayed harder. Praise God prayers were being answered, as buses carrying pilgrims who traveled 2-3 hours came to join our ranks this day. Church Without Walls and their leader Pastor Todd quickly unloaded and prayed up. He gave instructions, gave discernment of the troublemakers in the alley, and led the charge. We had approximately 200 in our 40 Days for Life fold including youth groups, rosary warriors, and gentle Christian prayer warriors representing 10 different churches. This was the real deal; the real Church of Jesus Christ in action.   

Praise and worship broke out on the sidewalks surrounding this deathcamp and it soon drowned out the men who came to destroy and taunt women. The troublemakers backed off; there were too many witnesses to their bad behavior. The unfortunate thing was that by this time most of the abortion clients were already rushed inside, but God was still in control. After all, this is His war; He just asks His people to show up for the battle.

Praise God that the few clients who arrived later were surprised to see so many in favor of life and willing to stand in the gap offering another way out of the situation. One male accomplice came over and gently spoke with us. He felt badly for bringing his wife, but shared his plight. He was even thinking of placing the baby up for adoption. He asked for our information and thanked us for witnessing to him in love, and not screaming or judging. It is up to the Holy Spirit to convict them. He went back inside.

We prayed for more to come out and leave this place with their babies still alive. After a Jericho March around this slaughterhouse, the proclaiming line was picked up and taken over to the main thoroughfare in this City Of Slaughter . The apathetic inhabitants were about to be reminded of the dragon in their midst, which is an abomination to the Lord. We stayed on the sidewalk only to witness the troublemakers begin to attack the rosary groups with their hate filled speech against Catholics. Our veteran 89 year old pro-lifer who stands daily with our ministry was trying to fight the 7 foot bully and doing a good job holding his own when we rescued him. “Don’t give the devil your energy Jess. They do the devil’s work,” we reminded him.

Jesus would never scream and condemn these mothers and their babies with hate laced with scriptures. These prideful men have killed more babies with their mouths than the abortionist has with his knives. “Shake the dust,” and we helped Jess walk away and told him to just keep praying and try and ignore them.

We went over to a car with two Black Americans who were eating their McDonald’s food before they went inside to kill their baby. The male accomplice opened his door to listen to my offers to help them save their child, turn away from murder, and other free options. The woman driver just kept eating. The deathscorts walked away. He looked into my eyes with sheer hate and responded that he was a murderer, and he was going to murder me if I didn’t get away from him and their car. I told him, “When you sow bloodshed in the womb, you will reap it in the streets. You don’t have to be a murderer. I love you and so does Jesus. He can make a difference in your life today. Now is the time to turn away. God asked me to deliver His message to you this day.” With that, he pulled his door shut and we returned to the sidewalk to pray for the situation.

Before the busses loaded up to proclaim the truth across the river outside Barnes Jewish Hospital (where they are using the aborted babies’ body parts and training medical students to do abortions,) we were approached by a pilgrim who shared her abortion testimony, conversion, and God’s mercy and forgiveness. It was powerful and hopefully we will have it in written form soon as a tract to save others.

In our 40 days prayer, we are to look kindly on those who weep and mourn amidst the devastation that abortion has brought upon our land. We cannot even measure the devastation and corruption abortion has seeped into the moral fabric of our society. But we declare that Your favors have not been exhausted, and Your mercies have not been spent. They are renewed each morning. And praise God He delivered! One precious couple from Missouri came back out and saved their baby this day. This gave us renewed strength with all the distractions and commotions outside this abortion mill. After all, the surrounding sidewalks and alley is the devil’s playground, and he knows who he can use to do his bidding.

Thank You Lord for those Christ-centered imported foot soldiers who made the pilgrimage on this bitterly cold winter morning. They are a refreshing blessing to the battle worn who stand daily in these trenches as a last line of defense to Your innocent children and the lost. Thank You for making us Your vessels and peacemakers as we continue to deliver your message of real hope, and take dominion until You return. In Jesus’ Name we pray.