Granite City , IL Report

3/2/2010- 2 saves

In today’s 40 Days for Life intention we pray that we will have faith to realize that even now, our Lord can bring an end to abortion. Jesus is the Lord over life and death. Only He can take it. Yet this bright, sunny, winter afternoon we witnessed so many abortion-bound mothers lining up to sign out the death warrants on their innocent children. In today’s society it appears that men and women have become their own gods. They can choose who gets to live and who gets to die. There is little thought or remorse. We have unfortunately bought the lie.

            Many of the mothers this day spoke with us and offered various excuses. An older gentleman pulled up in a PT cruiser bragging about how nice his car drives and handles well. “Too bad you don’t feel that amorous towards the unborn baby you brought here.” The passenger just sat stoic; no expression. We offered to help them save their child or place him or her up for adoption. The male fumbled with health issues of the mother; none of which were fatal. “Let’s go get a second opinion with a real physician across the street,” we offered. “No, no. We got to go inside.” After a few minutes, they did.

Most of the clients were from Missouri where there are good restrictions, such as a 24 hour waiting period, parental consent, and they also do not perform late-term abortions. Illinois is the only state in the Midwest without restrictions. That is why we have become the baby dumping grounds.

We gazed at a very pregnant young girl brought by an older man. “You’re baby can survive outside the womb,” the counselor told her. “Please let us adopt the baby.” They just stood in line with the others and eventually walked inside. It stills shocks us to see how brazen and advanced in their pregnancies women are. But we exist in a society where for the past 37 years murder in the womb is commonplace and acceptable.

Through the years, I have witnessed the gradual desensitizing of a mother’s conscience with every abortion, and especially of those that bring them. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is dying everyday with the senseless murders in the womb and murders on the streets of our nation. We believe the abortion issue has been settled and its practices so deeply ingrained in our policies and attitudes, that it is unrealistic to think we can change or stop it. But we have real hope through Jesus Christ that even now, when the last word seems to have been spoken, we can hope that a word will be spoken to restore life. We quite often tell the mothers as they stand at death’s doors, “There’s still time. You can change your mind,” even now.

Praise God that a late-term mother came back out, confirmed she was keeping her baby, and drove off the lot. A lot of teens were walking inside. We asked if their parents knew they were here and what they were about to do to their grandchild. “Of course they don’t know!” the young teen answered and snickered, “It’s our choice.” Here in Illinois we have an obligation and a duty that our representatives SHOULD be doing and that is enforcing the law. Parental notification is on the books; why is it not being enforced??

Another young couple came back out and confirmed they were not going through with the abortion. They accepted the resource numbers and literature.

            Even now, God is still in control. As humans we do what we can do and leave the rest to God, even now. Our prayer, Lord, is that You can stop the forces of death. Even now You can bring us back into a culture of life. Come Lord Jesus. Speak Your Word again and free our nation from the shackles of death and the bondage of sin. In Jesus’ Name we pray.