Granite City , IL Report  

3/6/2010   5 saves, 4 on-site ultrasounds      

It was a beautiful day for life as we arose early and set out on our daily journey to the City of Slaughter . The sun was rising as we set up our outreach to the abortion-bound mothers. A few cars were already inside including the Black American couple from yesterday. She was very late-term. We spoke with her husband the day before; they just didn’t want another one. Early this morning she went into active labor and was delivering her baby in the car as they pulled up to the abortion mill parking lot. One of the abortion mill aides frantically pulled onto the lot and rushed to unlock the slaughterhouse doors. The guard ran over with a wheelchair and helped push her inside as she was panting to hold the baby in. It was 5:45 a.m.  

  In today’s 40 Days for Life intention…may we absorb the truth that God is paying attention to us and to each human life, personally and individually. Our 40 Days remnant stood praying as we counseled the mothers arriving. One young girl turned towards me with a look of great sadness; she wanted a way out. Her father brought her to abort. She did walk over to me and accepted our pro-life literature. I whispered, “There’s another way. I care about you. God loves you and He loves that baby.” She turned away and began the walk inside with her father leading.

            We kept praying and intercepting cars pulling onto the lot. Some waved us off; some listened. Praise God the sad beginning of this day was about to be turned around for good. BAM! A young girl pulled onto the emergency room parking lot. I walked over to the van and began talking. She was not sure what to do. I told her to come inside our ultrasound van where we could speak quietly without distractions. She did! I quickly scanned, and to her surprise we viewed an approx 5 week old baby floating in a sea of amniotic fluid. “Please don’t go in there and have that baby destroyed.” She kept gazing at him. “No, I can’t,” she said. With that, we went over all our resources, physician follow-up, and exchanged contact numbers. We then cleaned up and walked her to her van.

We shared with 40 Days prayer warriors who were anxiously standing by the van wanting to know. “Yes, she saved her baby.” A silent cheer went up. We shared with the rosary warriors throughout the morning the saved babies count. It’s always so encouraging to share the fruits of our labors with the faithful.

Just then, the young girl accompanied by her father came back out and got into their red truck. I motioned for them to pull off the lot and I began talking to them. The girl was crying. I took her cold hand and prayed with her. She was 12 weeks pregnant. “Brianna, it’s gonna be okay. God is still in control. God knows your hurts, He knows your pains. He is going to get you and your family through this. He loves you; you have to trust in Him. Now wipe your tears.” Her father asked if I had a card. “I have something better: a brochure explaining all we can help with and more.” I squeezed her hand one more time and she smiled a little. Thank you Lord! And they drove towards the interstate.

The Mascoutah youth group arrived in numbers. Praise God! We shared the exciting news and we were so encouraged to see so many youth holding the 40 Days banner and sacrificing their Saturday morning as they stood for life. There were so many present that we split them up; some stood by the entrance, others in the alley where a lot of mothers park and walk by.

God was blessing our prayers and efforts. A girl from Illinois walked back out and into our arms. Tammy was pregnant and confirmed she was keeping her baby as we walked her to her car. She thanked us for not attacking her or screaming.

Someone on the front sidewalk was summoning “Angela”. I went to investigate and saw two young girls standing in front of the ultrasound. One had her face in her hands. She was nervous and scared at the sight of so many people just praying. We brought them inside the van and I quickly scanned. BAM! There on the screen appeared a perfectly formed baby approx 24 weeks, and presumably a boy. “Oh my!” She couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. “He’s auditioning mom.” “What’s that?” she pointed. “That’s his heart. Let’s listen,” and she did. Thump...thump. 138 per minute. We went over resources and physician follow-up.  

She thanked us for being there and for all of our help calming her down as we walked her to her car. Brittney turned to me and said, “I think it’s a real good thing you all are doing out here,” and she got into her car and drove off.

We walked back over to the crowded sidewalk full of prayer warriors and shared the fruit from our tree. “Praise God!” a woman shouted. Another baby was saved. It was so refreshing to the battle worn on the frontlines to see so many fresh young faces this day, willing and eager to learn and engage for life.

We offered to pray with a mother who brought her daughter for yet another abortion. “Tracey” was crying as she smoked a cigarette. Some of the youth group tagged along to speak with her. She walked over to us and I offered to help save the baby. Tracey said her daughter already has three kids. “I tried,” she said, “to talk her out.” “What about adoption? I would adopt her baby.” She was almost going to put it up for adoption, but the boyfriend pressured her to, “Come here.” A tear rolled down her cheek. We prayed with her and gave her several pieces of post-abortion literature and resources to help with the surviving children. “God bless you all for trying,” she said and walked back inside. So sad…

There is no way to adequately describe how God feels about us as human beings. There are no words to fully portray His love, compassion, or desire to be in communion with us. Perhaps, the closest we can come, is to contemplate the thoughts of a mother as she gazes for the first time at her newborn child. God cares for Life. We, as His followers, should take time to consider the life He has created and called upon us to love and protect.

            Let our prayer be: “Lord, You are the Creator of all things. Guide my thoughts to consider Your creation in all its majesty, beauty, and holiness. Guide my heart especially to Your creation of precious human life. Continue to teach me to appreciate, love, and protect all human life through Your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. In Jesus’ Name we pray.”