Granite City , IL Report



“I was the one who did not do it…”

Today’s 40 Days’ intention is for God’s people to understand that the Lazarus of the 21st century is the unborn child and to respond accordingly. In scriptures Lazarus was a sore-infested beggar, shunned and despised, who ate the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table. When he died, the angels carried him to Abraham’s side. The rich man died, but his fate was different. He was sent to hell where he lay in torment and agony begging for Abraham to take pity on him. Abraham looked down and told the rich man that in his lifetime he received good things, while Lazarus received bad things, “But now Lazarus is comforted here beside me and you are in agony.” The rich man did not go to hell because he was rich; he went to hell because he ignored the other man. He treated Lazarus as though he was worthless because he had less. He failed to be his brother’s keeper.

Sound familiar? How many churches and people in the church walk by the abortion mill where little children are begging mercy and their cries are ignored? God will not forget those voices, and He will reward accordingly those of us who stood by and did nothing. Scriptures back this up. God does not only prohibit aborting unborn babies, but He prohibits ignoring them.

We quickly set up our outreach and began our reconnaissance mission. Then, a PT cruiser pulled up alongside me. The woman rolled her window down and said, “I was the one who didn’t do it.” “Excuse me?” I asked. She then began sharing her tearful testimony. She told me she was telling me this because I was by myself. She has seen me outside this abortion center and I reminded her of a lady. She stated that 22 years ago she went for an abortion across the river in St. Louis .

As she was walking inside, there were some protestors, and the escorts threw a blanket over her face as she walked towards the entrance. She uncovered her head and just in time to view a priest being handcuffed and dragged to a police car; then a young blond haired woman was handcuffed and she too was dragged away. But before they took her, the blond haired lady mouthed the words, “Don’t do it!” Twice she mouthed the words, “Don’t do it!” and they dragged her to the police vehicle.

She said she couldn’t get that picture out of her head. She went home only to return the next day determined to kill her baby; but she couldn’t do it. She went back home and now she has a son, Timmy. “He is the love of my life.” She said, “Don’t ever think you are not doing anything good out here, because I have a wonderful son because someone cared enough to be out there when I was going in.” Tears were welling in my eyes. She said, “You may never know how many babies you saved, just because you were here and cared.” I touched her shoulder and thanked her for sharing her heartfelt story. She had a relative across the street in the hospital that she has been caring for and she has been noticing our ministry.

Years ago, I remember people calling me crazy for spending so much time outside this abortion mill. “Why do you do it?” people asked me. Because I can’t imagine not having a voice for the unborn out here. At least we bring dignity to those being led to their slaughter. As a human being, I cannot ignore the cries as many do.

After that divine meeting, we went on to enjoy four more babies being confirmed saved throughout the morning. Two couples were from Missouri and accepted the literature. One family was from Cahokia , Illinois , rolled their window down, and thanked us for being there. “We didn’t do it,” the male driver announced. Thank you Lord! Another couple from Illinois came out and confirmed they were keeping their baby and we walked them to their car.

Our 40 Days prayer warriors were very encouraged to hear and see so many saves this day.    A family van was full of young children; they all prayed inside their van as it was too cold to stand outside as an active part in our 40 Days for Life campaign.

“Father, never let us ignore those weakest among us and their cries for help as they sit at death’s doors. Shake Your churches, Lord. Stir their hearts to wake them from their comfort and stand with us during this 40 Days campaign so that we may rescue more and never ignore the Lazarus’ of our day.”

James 4:17 “So then, if you know the good you ought to do and don’t do it, you sin.”

In Jesus’ Name we pray,