Granite City , IL Report


abortionist arriving

In today’s 40 Days for Life intention, we pray for the abortionist and all the death merchants who work in the killing industry: that they would be troubled in their souls, see the truth of their work, and put a face on abortion. It’s hard not to get discouraged or angry when we witness so much death and destruction every day and the arrogance of those who mock God.

Some workers in this mill we particularly know and have been praying for them for the past 17 years. Some we have watched since they were teens in school being groomed as deathscorts, and now they help shed the innocents’ blood. They are lost. Only by the grace of God there go I.

We must love those who have been blinded by the true enemy of the Cross and pray them right out of this bloody business. It breaks God’s heart to see them in bondage to sin. The Lord gives us a great witnessing opportunity to introduce them to serving a real King: the Savior who sets the captive free.

By the grace of God we experienced this with the last Fall 40 Days for Life campaign at our mill. The only nurse inside this slaughterhouse blindsided me one day. She put her arm around me and whispered it was her last day and how powerful our ministry has been to her. She was going off to do, “What real nurses should be doing.” Praise God!  I try and encourage others that their peaceful, prayerful presence does make a difference. “Your non-verbal communication speaks volumes about the God whom we serve.”

Let us always stand for righteousness and bring a message of real hope and truth. As Jesus hung on a Cross at Calvary , he asked His Father, “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.” We must have that same forgiveness in our heart in order for God to keep working through us.

  Many of the abortion-bound mothers this day rushed right inside this abortion mill without a glance. It was sunny, but very cold. A small rosary group stood with us. At times the winds were almost unbearable. We recognized a couple of clients this day from past surgical abortions at this location. One woman was snarling at our presence. A couple from Missouri came back out and confirmed to Daniel they were keeping their baby. They accepted the literature and drove off the parking lot. Praise God! The abortionist arrived shortly after that.

  Let us pray for the foolish and the wicked that lack understanding. Prick their consciences, remove the scales from their eyes, and let them see the truth. Let them see Jesus through us and our redemption, so that they would come out of the killing business and rather turn their lives around and go into the saving business. In Jesus’ Name we pray.