Granite City , IL Report  

3/11/2010- Midpoint Rally 4 saves including 20 week old twins


In our 40 Days reflection: “Human beings- God’s tapestries.” Psalms 139, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” That is the message we tried to convey to the mothers and fathers contemplating their unborn child’s fate this day. It was a beautiful day for life as Spring sprung a little early, but we will take it! 4 precious babies were spared during our midpoint rally with Monsignor Kenneth Steffen leading the charge. A good group of prayer warriors stood in the gap. A Greek orthodox Catholic came over from the hospital after seeing our peaceful witness outside this deathcamp. He didn’t realize that this was a child killing place until he saw witnesses praying.  

A young couple from Missouri came back out and sat in their car talking as we prayed. They pulled into the alley where we were able to speak with them. The girl was crying and smiled when we showed her the picture of the baby. They were touched. They decided to save their 8 week old baby and accepted our pro-life literature and resource information, then thanked us before they pulled away.

            Praise God! As prayer warriors were interceding, Janiece and Dione from Missouri took us up on our offer to show them their child. It was a battle. They came inside and we quickly scanned. “Ahh…” Their eyes gazed at the screen, and to their delight they viewed an approximate 20 week old baby auditioning for his little life. “Ooops, what is this?” We soon discovered a smaller image was trying to present itself on the ultrasound screen. “Hey, wait a minute. I’m here too!” I moved the scanner, and to our surprise, “It’s twins!” “Oh my Lord!” Janiece chuckled. We repositioned and got a better view. The babies were lying on top of one another. Dione had tears in his eyes. “God is good! These babies are fearfully and wonderfully made.” We listened to their heartbeats which sounded like horses galloping. Baby A- 132 beats per minute, Baby B- 156 per minute.

We went over resources we could help them with and also high-risk physician follow-up. They were glad they came inside our van. Monsignor Steffen came over and prayed with them before they walked back to their car and left.

We returned to the prayer warriors and informed them; they were so encouraged! While we were inside performing the ultrasound, another woman from Missouri came back out, confirmed she was keeping her baby, and drove off the lot.

We continued to pray. The demons were not happy with so much respect for life and love in action. One man from Illinois kept repeatedly setting off his car alarm which was parked in front of us as we prayed. HONK...HONK! The power of prayer and just the sight of witnesses were very convicting to the guilty accomplices. However, we continued to stand and pray; he finally went back inside and left us alone. Many passer-bys walked through our prayer lines and said complimentary things to us for being there witnessing. 

A grandmother and her family stopped by on their way to a doctor’s appointment across the street. She showed off her two grandchildren that our ministry saved years ago. This too was an encourager!

“Gracious God, help us to appreciate the wonder and beauty of Your creation. Help us proclaim on behalf of every one of our fellow human beings, ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’ In Jesus Name we pray.”