Granite City , IL Report  


In our 40 Days intention on this warm spring-like day, we pray for those standing in a peaceful vigil and that they extend mercy and grace to others as they remember that Christ did not treat us as our sins deserve. Matthew 5:43-44.

As we set up our pregnancy outreach to the few cars pulling onto the parking lot, we were distracted by a homeless woman begging for coins. We focused on the threesome from Iowa ; pretty, young girls and very polite. The pregnant girl signed in and walked inside, while her friends who brought her came over and spoke with us. They said they tried talking her out of the abortion, but she was adamant. She was 20 weeks along in her pregnancy. The f.o.b. was not in her life and her parents did not know she was pregnant, let alone going to abort the baby. The friends told us her mother and father would be horrified, as they would want her to keep the baby; they wanted to be grandparents.

“How could you keep that from them? Do you realize this relationship is going to fall apart? When her parents find out that you two brought her down here to kill their grandchild, they are going to be upset. How can she afford this abortion? It’s got to be close to $2000.” Her friends told us the pregnant girl cashed her financial aid money for school to pay for the late-term abortion. Our mouths hit the ground. We thought we had heard everything, but this took the cake; and yet Hope Clinic will swear no tax dollars are going for abortions. Yeah right! “So her Pell Grant money is paying for this?” “Yes,” they answered. Unbelievable! Instead of your taxes going for school supplies, it’s paying for late-term babies to be butchered.

We didn’t give up. We told the girls to, “Try calling her cell phone, or go back inside and try to convince her to come out and talk with us. There is a lady that will help her with another way out.” We also told them that they should let her parents know where she was. “If she suffers complications from this abortion (and the risks for abortions this late into the pregnancy go up), who will the abortion mill call?” They accepted our literature and promised to go back inside and try to talk her out of it as the abortionist was not due for hours. So sad…and the fact that tax dollars meant for schooling were being used in the commission of a crime. Abortion is murder. God help us!

Abortion-bound mothers began arriving and standing in line to kill their babies. One of the more hardened aides inside this slaughterhouse came out and we greeted her. She is the mother of a 6 year old, going to school semi-part time, and killing babies for income. She just snarled at us and took a drag off her cigarette as she walked by us. We remembered today’s reflection: Because of God’s mercy and grace towards us, we who receive Him receive eternal Hope. Those who curse you, hate you, spitefully mistreat you, and persecute you need that same Hope. That is the only way we can ever expect them to behave differently. Ask the Holy Spirit to love them --through you--so they are drawn to the Hope that is in you, that is Christ Jesus.

            Regina , a save from this past fall, came over to say hello and thank us for all of our help. She looked amazing. She was out of the shelter and in her own place with a new job. She hugged us and promised to keep in touch.

The medical waste truck pulled into the alley to retrieve the dead babies’ body parts, aka “medical waste”, and quickly pulled onto the street driving towards St. Louis .

            Gervis and her friend came inside the ultrasound van where they viewed an approx 5-6 week old baby floating in her womb auditioning for its life. We went over resources and physician follow-up and prayed with them before they left.

            Throughout the late afternoon and into the night we had two more saves. Megan from Illinois was 7 weeks pregnant and confirmed she was keeping her baby. A young couple from Eureka , Missouri came out, accepted our literature, and confirmed they were keeping their baby. The Iowa teens never came back out during our vigil. So sad…


“Heavenly Father, may we reflect Your character of grace and kindness to those who hate us and curse us. Guard our hearts and tongues as we respond in love to words and actions meant to rile us or cause harm. In Jesus’ Name we pray.”