Granite City , IL Report  


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In today’s 40 Days for Life reflection… to stand up for what is right, we have to stand against what is wrong, and that means those who love what is wrong will oppose us, just as they opposed Christ. Remember, it’s fun following Jesus until you realize where He is going. Taking up our Cross means we continue speaking and standing for right even when that opposition comes. And let me tell you, today, even on this festive Irish day, we were taking the hits from the opposition.

The car from Iowa with the teen girls from the day before was back to begin Day 2 of the late-term dismemberment of that innocent baby. Our 40 Days for Life remnant arrived with Monsignor Steffen leading the charge. A young family arrived with children in tow to silently pray with us. We spoke softly to the various abortion-bound mothers standing outside smoking or signing out the death warrant on their unborn children.

One woman stood there smoking and asked me something about the ultrasound. I told her I was not speaking to her, but to the couple going inside; I assumed she brought someone. I spoke to the couple again and I heard her ask, “Would you help me?” I looked at her for a moment. My spirit said there was more to this, so I cautiously asked a few questions before I invited her to come over. I told her she could finish her cigarette.

Still trying to figure this out, Liz came over to me and she appeared to be high. I brought her inside the van and had another prayer warrior accompany me. I then asked her what she would do if she is pregnant; I didn’t want to do an ultrasound and have her go inside and kill that baby after viewing. She said she, “didn’t know yet,” but wanted to see. We scanned and prayed a lot. It was inconclusive. She could be very early in her pregnancy, but I advised her to follow-up with a physician. We went over resources we could help her with and gave her our literature as she left. She thanked us.

The couple we spoke to earlier and dubbed “stone-faced” came back out and confirmed they saved their baby.

We remember not to take the insults we receive daily personally, but rather at what we represent, the truth of what we are standing for, and at the demands of the moral law. There are many trying to run away from the truth. They stick their heads in the sand because they don’t want to be disturbed; the “ostrich effect”. But by standing publicly for the cause of life, we have short-circuited that denial and frustrated those efforts to ignore the issue.

“Thank You, Lord, for the grace of being pro-life and of standing strong in the face of adversity and ridicule from those who oppose me. May Your peace fill my soul during these 40 Days, especially when we must endure the opposition of others. May I also remember what You, Lord, endured for me on the Cross to Calvary . In Jesus’ Name we pray.