Granite City , IL Report  


Today as we set up our pregnancy outreach, we focused on our intention to pray for opportunities to share with an abortion minded mother that the newness of life she is seeking is found only through Christ. Many, many of the women walking up to the slaughterhouse doors were there as routine concerning their reproductive habits, or they felt this was the only way to rid themselves of this curse and to start over. We tried softly speaking to many of the women pulling up or walking through us to get inside; many laughed or told us to mind our business.

            Unfortunately, an unplanned pregnancy is perceived as a curse or the end of a woman’s life as they know it. Many men and women nowadays are out for their own pleasure and unrestricted behavior. Even our youth are promiscuous and having sex with anything that moves. They don’t even blush when found in their sin. It’s terrible to see the immorality that is running rampant in society. Sadly, many use the abortion mill as birth control, instead of using self-control. Women choose abortion as easy as choosing to get a pedicure, and unfortunately more thought goes into their toes than the life of a baby. They use abortion as self-preservation, believing that an abortion will help return their life back to normal and give them opportunity to start anew. They don’t see abortion as the killing of a child, but rather as saving their own life.

            We tried telling abortion-bound women this day how we realized they have come to this abortion mill to get instant relief. Instead, they will get years of regret, torment, and depression. “Taking the life of your own flesh and blood has devastating consequences.” The truth is that most are looking for love in all the wrong places. They crave acceptance and to be valued, and in their efforts they have been promiscuous hoping from one partner to another. The end result is what we witness every day outside this mill: innocent babies being led to their slaughter.

            The truth is that only Christ loves them unconditionally with an everlasting love. Only Christ can accept them as they are. If only these women would accept Christ, really surrender, and allow Him to transform their lives into the beautiful plan that God has for them and their unborn child’s life.

Praise God for the young couple from Missouri that came back out into Daniel’s arms and confirmed they were saving their baby and leaving this mill. Another save stopped by the abortion mill about to bring new life into the world, which is always encouraging.

The Luby generator service company pulled out of the slaughterhouse after servicing the killing machine’s generator. They are prepared to kill babies even if the upcoming spring storms knock out the electricity inside this abortion mill.

            “Heavenly Father, You give us a new song, a new purpose, a new direction, a new perspective. You remind us that the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but Christ came that we might have life, and have it more abundantly. Give us boldness to share this Good News with those at the crossroads. May they choose life for their children and enjoy newness of life in You. In Jesus’ Name we pray.”