Granite City , IL Report  

3/25/2010- 3 saves

             Today’s 40 Days for life intention reminds us that we are the defenders of true freedom. May our witness unveil the deception of the “pro-choice” slogan. So often as we stand in the gap for the least of these, we gently remind the abortion-bound mothers that there is only one choice behind those purple doors: death. When a mother chooses to kill the life growing inside of her, something dies.

As we set up our outreach this very wet and gray day, we looked at the many faces contemplating their baby’s fate; many would have you think there is no other way out of their situation, but we gently offer them another way, another outlet. It’s as if a spirit of desperation comes over some women when they realize they’re pregnant; they feel trapped. They seek quick gratification and relief. We try and softly persuade them that, “You may feel this is a quick answer, but it is a long term problem. It will hold you in bondage.”

Many women regret their abortions. Many are sitting in the church pews suffering in silence. But where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Think about that. When the Lord’s spirit dwells inside of us, how can we choose to take an innocent life? God would never choose abortion. If anything, He would lay His life down, just like His Son did at Calvary . The Spirit gives us the freedom to do what is right, the power to choose what is good. Liberty is no longer feeling doomed to do what is wrong. When we take action on behalf of Life, especially outside abortion mills, we are acting on behalf of true freedom and imparting to those who are in bondage.

            Monsignor Steffen led the charge this stormy day with prayer warriors in tow. A few minutes later, we were so cold and drenched head to toe from the blowing cold rain. Yet, it’s not about our comfort; it’s about sacrifice. Our ceilings are the skies above, and the carpet under our feet is the sidewalk. We don’t have the luxury of climate controlled offices with soft music piped in, but we can silently sing the praises of the Lord in the rain. This is war and we are the first responders in the trenches on the frontlines of the battle for Life.

A mother and daughter from Springfield , Illinois came back out into our wet arms and told us they were keeping their baby. We held umbrellas as we walked them to their car and watched them drive off. Two more couples, at different times, came back out and confirmed they were not going through with their abortions. They thanked us as they got into their cars and drove off the lot.  

One woman could barely walk as she began her late-term abortion. With every step, her face showed the pain. This was just the beginning…

            “Come, Holy Spirit. You are the Spirit of freedom, the source of all that is good, the power to do what is right. Fill us, and fill those who are in bondage today, feeling doomed to do what is wrong. Set them free, and help us to hasten them on the road to freedom, where Your grace overcomes every temptation. We ask this through Christ our Lord.”