Granite City , IL Report  

3/26/2010- 1 save

            In our 40 days intention we pray to become vessels of real hope to all around us, especially to those who minister in the pro-life movement.

            It was a cold, but sunny spring-like day as we set up our outreach to the abortion-bound mothers and their accomplices. A Tennessee girl came with her mom and dad. She held her head down; you could tell she didnít want to do it. Daniel told them that we could help her if she chose to keep her baby; she didnít have to go into the slaughterhouse. She listened, but continued slowly to follow her parents inside. This was Day 1 of her late-term abortion.

I never realized that with our faithfulness and obedience how God could use this ministry to encourage others, but He has. We stand daily on the frontlines of a war, in all kinds of inclement weather facing all kinds of fiery darts and adversity throughout the 365 days in a year to be a voice for the voiceless and a hand up to the hopeless. In our over 17 years we have enjoyed over 3500 babies saved and 33 adopted through our efforts. This is hope to others fighting for the cause. They may not have the gift our ministry does, but it gives them hope thorough our sacrifice and our victories.

We appreciate the 40 Days campaign because it raises community awareness and hopefully will raise up bodies to peacefully stand in front of killing places where children are dying. Pregnancy centers and maternity homes are good, if theyíre open and they donít discriminate. But concerned people are discovering that abortion-bound women are not walking into pregnancy centers or maternity homes; they are walking into the nearest abortion mill to kill their children. That is why desperate woman turn to the abortion mill for quick answers and relief. Then, they run into us: real hope.

The abortion mill is not going to inform them of the side effects and risks of elective or induced abortion. We tell the abortion-bound mothers that there is no hope beyond the purple doors. The abortion industry was built on a lie and continues to surround itself with lies. Itís a house built on sand. Real hope doesnít hurt. Yet you have hardened individuals running the abortion mill. They could care less about a womanís well-being. The only thing they are concerned about is Visa or MasterCard, Tuesday or Thursday, and if they have a ride home. These hardened hearts guard the clinics and usher desperate women in to have their abortions, while keeping them from the pro-life people who want to give them hope. But thatís because itís Friday. Sundayís cominí!

            Hope does not mean that we ignore or minimize the evils around us. It means, rather, that we see the whole picture, which is that evil is conquered because of what happened one Sunday morning. We are called to proclaim, celebrate, and serve that victory, waiting in joyful hope for Christís return and the full flowering of the Culture of Life!  

Our efforts did not go in vain, as two young girls from Missouri came back out and accepted our brochure. They confirmed they were keeping their baby and drove off the lot. Praise God!

            ďLord, fill Your people with new hope. Make us vessels of hope to all around us, especially to those who minister to others who find themselves in a place they should not be. Fortify us, Your children, as we engage with the difficult work ahead. Give us peace and joy that comes only from You and that no one can take away from us. In Jesusí Name we pray.Ē