Granite City , IL Report  

3/27/2010- 3 saves, 1 salvation

In our 40 Days for Life intention, we pray that prayer warriors will replace exhaustion or discouragement with rejoicing over the miracles we have seen thus far and enthusiastic service as God takes us on to more victories. Our scripture reading is 1 Peter 1:6-7: “In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

            This has been the longest and coldest winter we have endured for a couple of years. It drug on into our Spring 40 Days campaign and it took its toll on prayer warriors and volunteers alike. But the inclement weather and the freezing temperatures did not deter us from showing up and interceding for the babies and their mothers. It actually encouraged those strangers and workers who stood inside warm buildings from a distance and witnessed our faithfulness and determination to pray and offer to save a life on many bitterly cold days and evenings.

Today as we set up our outreach to the abortion-bound mothers, it continued to feel like winter with the cold winds and grey skies, although we are one week into Spring. There was a great turnout for our last day of the 40 Days for Life spring campaign. Clergy representation from Monsignor Kenneth Steffen, Fr. Chris Comerford, and Fr. Gene Prendiville led the charge. Our numbers swelled so much that we covered the sides and front walks surrounding this deathcamp. The sights and sounds are quite different when you have so many standing in defense of the little ones. There were many drive-by honks of support. Many visitors across the street came across to inquire what this crowd was all about and what this facility does, or to join up with our prayer warriors.

Finally later in the morning, the sun made its appearance and it felt good; just the sight made us feel warmer. Suddenly a cry for Angela went up over on the emergency room parking lot. We quickly went over and saw the deathscorts on one side of a car and pro-lifers on the other side. Monsignor was at the driver’s side. I looked inside; it was a Hispanic couple. They had a rosary hanging off their visor. The girl looked sad. We tried talking, but they seemed not to understand our words so we sent up an SOS to the prayer warriors, “We need someone who speaks Spanish.”

            A woman brought Felix, the faithful local rosary warrior, over to us. I told him what to convey to the couple, “No aborto. Nina, your baby growing inside you is as beautiful as the little one in the back seat fast asleep.” We showed them a brochure and the resources; we pointed to the ultrasound van. They began talking and we backed off. Too many were crowding around the car. Monsignor was a good visual because they were Catholic.

A few minutes later, they pulled off the lot and onto the street. A group prayer went up as they drove away. We hugged and thanked Felix and the Baptist lady for her help and returned to the sidewalks informing others of the situation and to pray. We then intercepted a couple needing some help. They came inside the van where, to their surprise, they viewed an approx 10 week old baby floating in an ocean of amniotic fluid. Heartbeats were 156 per minute. The father had tears in his eyes. I counseled the girl and asked if she was still going to go inside the abortion mill. “No, not after seeing that.”

We went over resources and began disinfecting the equipment when a shout went up again that the Hispanic couple was back in the same spot. As we came out from the van, the save asked me, “What do you need?” “Do you speak Spanish?” “Yes,” she replied. I briefed her on the situation and she said, “We can go talk to them.” She and her Hispanic boyfriend offered to help us try and save this baby. They went over to the car. I thought, “Oh my gosh, look at the unity; look at the body of Christ right now. We just helped save this couple’s baby and now they are turning around to help someone else scheduled to have their baby killed.” They came back and said that the couple left. “They drove off the lot but not without saying, ‘Thank you.’”

Other prayer warriors on the sidewalk understood along with me and were as touched. We hugged the couple, gave them a few supplies we had on hand, and walked them to their car. They hugged us and thanked us as they drove off.

We regrouped and shared the timeline of events and the babies saved as clergy representation and prayer groups gathered on the sidewalk in front of the ultrasound van for a 40 Days for Life closing prayer assembly and to thank all the volunteers and all who helped to make this spring campaign a success. We went over the victories of babies saved and workers who have since left this abortion facility in the past 39 days.

Just then, a man came across from the hospital needing prayer for a family member who was seriously ill. Monsignor obliged and prayed for the man and his family member. We witnessed to him and asked him if he had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and shared how to go about it. He asked about our ministry and the stats from our 17 years of being on the streets daily. He was touched. “Thank you all for being here and praying for me. I think you all are doing a good thing,” and he walked back over to the hospital. Praise God!

Throughout the morning, we had three babies saved and one salvation. We celebrated the sacredness of life and how important it is to be outside where children are being killed. Monsignor encouraged others to join us on the sidewalk even after the 40 Days campaign has ended, because the killing of innocent babies is still going on in Granite City .

            This is our hope and our victory. Let us rejoice in the opportunity to give that hope to others in our path. Everyone was thanking us for our ministry and left more encouraged after being a part of the unity and life saving work outside this abortion mill.  

            “Dear Heavenly Father, we sing to You a new song, for You have done marvelous things. Forgive us when we allow circumstances to defeat us. You give power to the faint and You increase strength in those who have no might. We rest in You dear Lord, and ask You to empower us again for Your service as You work out Your plan for us and through us. May You receive glory through our victory in Christ, in whose name we pray.”