Granite City , IL Report  

3/28/2010- 40 babies saved, 2 conversions, 1 salvation


            There will come a day with no more tears. Revelation 21:4-5 “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Today as we reflect on the past 40 Days of prayer, vigil, and fasting we celebrate the lives that were saved from abortion, the hearts that were touched, and the conversions and salvations of many.

            We are so grateful to those who were faithful and obedient to help us in our cause for the child in the womb. Every activity we undertook in defense of the sacredness of life was prophetic in as much as it points to a day when “death will be no more.” With every baby saved, there is hope that even death itself will be conquered. There were some days when we wept over the premeditated deaths of many babies being led to their slaughter outside this abortion mill. Sometimes when we fight it in our flesh we feel helpless, but be encouraged! With the Lord fighting for us, we win.  When we weep we are to think of a day when every tear will be wiped away. “The gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ .” Matthew 16:18. But God’s people have to show up for the battle. When we think about it, in a battle the gates do not run into the battlefield to attack the enemy. Rather, they stand still to defend the city from the enemy attacking it. When the Lord says that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, who is doing the attacking? It is the Church storming the gates! The Church, all of God’s people in Christ, is called to take the offensive, to run into enemy territory and to gain ground for Christ. We do not wait for an invite; we already have a command.

            For the past 17 years our ministry has been storming these very same gates where little boys and girls are being ripped apart in their mothers’ wombs daily. An old football analogy says: “The best defense is a good offense.” Heard of that? Every time we show up on the sidewalk surrounding the gates, we are running right smack into the giant just like little David did in the story of Goliath. He didn’t wait to be invited. Little David did battle with something so big the odds didn’t look very good. Just like with the abortion mill, it appears to be bigger than we can imagine. However, with every baby saved, with every falsehood or lie exposed, the gates of sin will melt in the presence of grace. The gates of death will fall in the presence of the Church.

Throughout these 40 Days we have pushed forward the boundaries of the Kingdom. We cannot turn back! We must keep going forward to rebuild a Culture of Life. We can and must continue to keep our voices heard where injustice and oppression exist. We can bring the giant down!

“Father, we praise You. We have heard the voice of Your Son, and therefore we can make our voices heard. We have done battle with the power of evil, and therefore can have compassion on those still within its grip. May the witness of Your people through the 40 Days for Life bear abundant fruit, and may we begin again each day even after this Spring campaign ends to continue to keep storming the gates of hell until You welcome us into the gates of heaven. We pray for more victories in the victorious name of Jesus Christ. Thank You, Lord, that throughout these past 40 Days for Life we witnessed approximately 40 babies saved from abortion, 2 employee conversions, 1 salvation, and 1 Black American baby is up for adoption. Thank you Jesus!”  

Be encouraged ~Angela